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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Corps member shares more details about family of 5 battling mental IllnessThe female corps member who shared a story about a family of 5 battling mental illness has shared another write-up, revealing more details about the family.
This time, Progress Oberiko reveals how the family of 5 feeds, where they live and the husband’s life before his mental illness.

According to Oberiko, they don’t beg for food, rather the man approaches people and tells them the exact specification of what he wants. If he asks for money, he tells you how much to give him. He never accepts money out of sympathy. Meaning if you give him money to go buy something, he’ll reject it. He doesn’t collect money, except he approaches you to request for it.
He is also rumored to be an ‘Evangelist’ before his current situation, and has 7 children, but 2 were taken by the wife’s family.
She also said she noticed they have a lot to do with the number ‘7’. If he requests for money, it doesn’t exceed the number “7”. It must be ₦700. Give him ₦1000 he’ll reject it. He also has a family of seven consisting him, his wife and his 5kids.
And the highlight of it all is the Wife is currently pregnant.

Read the full writeup below:
A conversation ensued between him and his wife one day and it turned into an argument, people were listening; “You this woman, Shey u see what you have caused us, it was you who made us end up like this!” And the woman retorted “When I was telling you, you didn’t listen, done blame it on me o, it was also your fault too”.
And they quarrelled and argued just like a normal family would do, but Las Las, they still did the trekking together, one big family!

How do they feed? They beg. And their pattern of begging is bizarre. The man does the approach. He approaches you politely and tells you the exact specification of what he wants. If he requests for money he tells you how much you’re gonna give him. And it doesn’t exceed the number “7”. It must be #700. Give him #1000 he’ll reject it.
If you are giving him foodstuffs like yam, it must be 7tubers, else he’ll reject. And from my findings, they have five kids although the two older ones were taken away by the wife’s family. From my deduction therefore, he only accepts the figure ‘7’ because he has a family of seven consisting him, his wife and his 5kids. How amazing!
From gathered info, if out of sympathy, you give him money to go buy something, he’ll reject it. He doesn’t collect money, except he approaches you to request for it.
He guards his family with power and might, you can’t even try to get close cos he becomes very aggressive at that sight. He doesn’t sleep at night, he makes a burn fire and sits awake protecting his own. It amazes me how he has succeeded in schooling his kids because he only communicate with them in clean English language.
Findings reveals that the man hails from one of the villages where I carried out one my personal CDS projects (distribution of sandals and socks for primary school children), Ukpah, Bekwarra in Cross River State. While the woman is ‘Igbó’ from Ebonyi State.
He’s rumored to be an ‘Evangelist’ in his erstwhile life before the transformation.
Some people say they’re aren’t really mad like MAD cos he speaks to people, he engages people in educative conversations.
A friend of mine told me how he got engaged in a conversation with this egregious personality who requested for lunch for his family from him and ended up telling him deep details about the Bible, he said he was amazed at the intelligence, precision and authority with which he spoke, every sentence he made, he quoted with corresponding verses and chapters from the Bible. Every single event he talked about, he mentioned the exact date and narrations back to back.
And he rounded up the conversation by saying that he and his family are the only ones fulfilling the “EDENIC PROMISE”, in essence, he and his family are living the life which we Christians lost in the Garden of Eden and according to him, this load is too much of a burden for them because we “normal” people have abandoned that responsibility to him and his family alone.

The hut you see in this post is their home, under the rain, scorching sun and even mosquitoes they are there. They wander around town and come back whenever they please. But my surprise is that amidst all the long trekking under the sun, rain, and the unconducive environment, his children never fall sick, nothing like typhoid of pneumonia had been heard to have befallen them. But if it were to be you and I living in such condition, ‘Hospital’ for be our second bedroom. God is awesome!
If you see the way he discuss, plays and cracks jokes with his wife, love go hungry you.
His kids run around him calling out “daddy”, “mommy”. He cooks, fetches water from the stream and does the chores.
Those children! Those children! God have mercy! They’re but children.
I got to find out the wife is pregnant at the moment, when I visited today.
I needed to nose out more details about this egregious situation so I took a step forward and had an interview session with the immediate family of this man, it’ll shock you how he lived before and how he eventually was plagued by this situation.
Wait for it.
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