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Friday, September 21, 2018

OH YES,No doubt about the fact that every University in Nigeria have beautiful girls, but in these article, we are centering on those of them with the most exceptionally beautiful girls.
And now we present to you the top 10 Nigerian universities with the most beautiful girls.
Number 1(UNILAG)

The school has made it a routine to always select the prettiest of girls from queen College Yaba every year during UTME. They are not just pretty, they are also intelligent. I may not have the final say on this, but if I give you a chance to carry out the same research I have done, your best result won’t be too far from the one listed above.
Number 2 (Ahmadu Bello University)
A school of intelligent, pretty and innocent northern girls. You can hardly find such array of beautiful muslim girls in any other campus, and the school contains more of Northerners.
Number 3(Anambra State University)

The school is one of the schools were they never lack beautiful girls(chicks), so if you are single and searching, what are you waiting for please go straight to Anambra state university.

Number 4(University of Nigeria Nsukka)
The school is also known as the school of lions and lionesses. These lionesses are so pretty, intelligent and homely that you would be tempted to take them home and mother them…

Number 5(Covenant University)
The expensive school have beautiful ladies. The girls of convenant university are perfect combination, they comprise of both beauty and Brains.


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