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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Nigerian single mom furious at her daughter’s lecturer for saying all single moms are prostitutesA Nigerian lady identified as Rita Egwu has taken a swipe at a lecturer who likened a single mother to a prostitute during a university lecture
According to Rita Egwu who is a single mother, the comment by the lecturer left her daughter crying.
Below is what she wrote;
This is what a lecturer went to class to teach our children we sent to school to learn. This fool had to spoil my daughter’s day and made her cry by saying single mothers are prostitutes. If I pray that GOD visits him with evil now people will say I am wicked.
I asked her to forgive and pity his ignorance. A prostitute has sent her daughter to study law in your school right? In a class of about 200 students it didn’t occur to you bigot that many will be orphans or offsprings of single parents so that you watch your dirty mouth?
Piece of scum!
May what happened to us happen to your direct children too. You need to learn the hard way. Ode!


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