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Monday, July 9, 2018

From street to school: Joseph the plantain seller passes entrance exam, begins school (photos)10-year-old Joseph, the boy who was photographed dozing off while hawking plantain late at night has started school after passing his entrance exam in flying colours.
Though public schools in his state of origin – Akwa Ibom – is free, the former plantain seller was enrolled in a private school so he could get quality education.

Williams Uchemba who posted on his IG page that Joseph has passed his acceptance exams and has began school, wrote;
“I was just informed that Joseph passed his acceptance exam and has resumed school, the principal said she was shocked at the speed he answered the questions and got them right..I was told the government schools is free but I realized that the state of the govt school was not really impressive and conducive for kids to learn effectively, so I decided to put him in a private school where I believe he will get the best for now…We’ve attended to his mothers hospital issue and the doctor said she will be discharged this can we claim they are future of tomorrow when we destroy their future with our own hands…Joseph is a great leader( I can tell) and in few years you will say I said so but he is one out of many leaders on the streets of Nigeria and Africa so let’s get these our young leaders off the roads and put them in class rooms, because the boys and girls they are today will determine the men and women they will become tomorrow.. I have made some plans for some of these other kids on the street but that will be for later..a big thanks to my team @queen_stephaniejames @unilagolodo and everyone else one on ground for bringing out their time and energy to make this happens God bless you guys.. @williamsuchembafoundation”
See photos below;


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