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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A yet to be identified female graduate observing her National Youth Service Corp programme in Abuja caused a stir when she came in a vehicle worth over N20 million.
A Twitter user shared these photos of a female NYSC member who came for her clearance in a Porsche Cayman car in Abuja yesterday.
He wrote
“Somebody came with this to come and do the same NYSC Biometrics! I am going back to Yola! Abuja, thank you! I now have exposure! ”

The starting price of the exotic car is N20.5 million and it goes way higher than that depending on the year it was made.
The identity of the young lady remains unknown but there are rumours that she is from an elite family.
This further buttresses the point made by people that serving in Abuja is very intimidating as one would have to contend colleagues who are from very wealthy families or have spent most of their lives studying and living abroad.


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