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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Two Nigerian Facebook slay queens have taken to the platform to call themselves out over a guy, who at the end of the day, doesn’t want to have anything to do with the both of them again.
It all started when one Favour Bae II took to the platform to call out her friend, accusing her of trying to snatch her boyfriend away from her.

Favour had taken to Facebook to write,

See enemies wen dey call themselves frnds back stabbed want make me n bae get issue but we still together u soon die for jealously like kill ur life see eh anybody wen know say e nor be better frnd make e carry e stupid head go one side nor near me I love u boo BOYFRIEND SNATCHER AHSAWO DOWN fuck u Mhizz Melody Blu
Then her friend Melody, also responded as thus…
Favour Bae II ogun kill u weytin i wan use ur so cal bf do……. abeg make una read….Me Nd the mumu boy chat
Na me tel u say make u dey follow sugar daddy make ogun kill u

Melody’s response came with screenshots of the chats she had with Fhavour’s boyfriend – the gentleman had taken to Melody’s inbox to confront her over the allegations against her, his girlfriend (Fhavour) had made to him.
In the chats, Melody was quite surprised that he’d even confront her when she doesn’t know him, let alone know what he was talking about.
In course of their conversation, Melody revealed that his so-called girlfriend is actually a th*t and that she dates men old enough to be his father.
As they concluded their convo, the boyfriend, whose name is ‘Seyi’ said he’d broken up with Fhavour and has blocked and would be blocking Melody too as he doesn’t want to have anything to do with their drama.
Screenshot of the chats below:


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