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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A beautiful Nigerian Lady, identified as Oliora Kelechi Kella, has shared on Her Facebook her love story, about how she met her husband, who apparently, was her junior in Tertiary institution – Imo State University.
Now, they are happily married.. Oliora is presently being celebrated on social media with people keying into her romance story.

Here’s what she shared;
(I came into Imsu alone but I graduated taking one of its produce along with me). HAPPY CONVOCATION TO US!!
I came into Imo State University in 2009 with the pursuit of having an MBBS in medicine..(my father’s dream) and travel out afterwards to settle with an American based husband.
But I was too ambitious I wanted to do many things at the same time!! I opted for Microbiology and got enough chance to follow up my passion in politics and the oil sector.
Though I seem like a tough politician in school, I was too decent to keep the imsu kind of relationships..and I vowed never to have any. Most importantly, I needed to secure my covenant with God till am married..Yes!!! (u read right).

I had the best kind of God-friends Ihunanya Anyanwu Amarachi Anyanwu whose repute I imitate since I got into the University, so there was no time to keep up with the bad ones..
I newly elected Director of Projects, Imo State Students, thanks to Hon Barclay Williams Odionye and was on my way for a prayer session at ETF block, Imsu which I was taking the lead of the day when I met my husband, the president of the association I was elected into. He kept looking at me like we’ve been friends for years.
I left him on the friends zone for months and used him as my lunch ticket.. he kept buying.. Seriously I didn’t see any thing that could make me date him and worst I was ahead of him in year verses 300L boy. I even disliked him, Lol. I didn’t know when I fell in love with him, it just happened I couldn’t stop my heart.. I graduated and needed to leave town but he insisted until after he married me.

And like play like joke, we are married 3/3 done.. Traditional, Court and white wedding all settled. I matriculated alone but today we are having our CONVOCATION together also serving our fathers land together in Lagos… I thank God I studied in Imsu, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met my husband… So, Don’t dull, enrol in imsu today.
Special thanks to my loving parents and siblings for my Education.


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