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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Oluwaseun Ezekiel, the fresh graduate of the University of Lagos who became the latest victim of Nigeria’s terminally ill health system has been mourned by her friends on social media.
Following the news of her death on the 17th of march 2018, at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, where she had been rushed to after being diagnosed with Cardiac failure, her classmates and friends have taken to their social media pages to pay tribute to her.
According to Enoch Godson on Facebook, Oluwaseun who was a loved one to him lost her life due to the alleged negligence of staff of the hospital.
Oluwaseun, who graduated in 2017, was due to start her compulsory one year National youth Service programme.

See some of her friends’ posts below:

Enoch B Godson blames the negligence and incompetence shown by medical officers at the UCH Ibadan for being responsible for her death.
I write this from a place of inconsolable grief, sheer anguish, unimaginable pain, and the very zenith of fury having lost a dear one so cheaply and unjustifiably in a place that is erroneously believed to be safe but apparently needs saving itself, riddled with egomaniacal doctors with God complexes, nurses like witches, patients attendants who will not attend to you until you have called them a billion times, morticians who will milk you out of your very life savings just to get the remains ready for burial without caring that you were just bereaved, almost everyone there just seemed inappropriate for their respective jobs – such a shambolic and toxic environment! I lost hope in Nigeria for a moment.


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