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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

 The Army is one of the largest and most important government organizations in the United States. Its function is to defend the American people from aggressors with a force of qualified, skilled, and dedicated Soldiers in the world. These Soldiers protect America’s freedoms while serving at home and abroad, and they are always prepared to defend the nation in times of need.Today the Army is made up of over 600,000 Soldiers, including active duty,Army Reserve personnel,Enlisted Soldiers and Officers.
A U.S. Army Soldier is the embodiment of physical and mental strength. As a Soldier, you will be prepared to serve whenever and wherever you are needed.
  • Education level (Graduate/Undergraduate).
  • No criminal record.
  • Physically and mentally fit.
  • No visible or violence tattoo.
  • Marital/dependency status.
  • Age (18-45) .
  • Proof of citizenship.
  • Original copies of birth certificates.
  • Affidavit of support from parents (court documents).
  • A direct-deposit form from your checking account (signed by a bank official).
  • Valid driver’s license or current state identification card.
  • Original college transcripts or high school diploma
The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Test (ASVAT):
This is a series of test to determine weather you have the mental aptitude to enlist. Below are the ASVAT test areas
  • General Science – measures knowledge of life, earth, space and physical science.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning – measures ability to solve basic arithmetic word problems.
  • Word Knowledge – measures ability to understand the meaning of words through synonyms.
  • Paragraph Comprehension – measures ability to obtain information from written material.
  • Assembling Objects – measures ability with spatial relationships.


We offers over 150 different careers in a wide variety of categories.  The key to your career path is your ASVAT score, which helps us to identify the Army jobs that fit you the best.
  • Basic pay.
  • Personal allowance.
  • Family allowance.
  • Bonus  pay.
  • Inbound visa costs & the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge.
Eligible Regions: Open for all Commonwealth Countries.
Read the application instructions and complete the online applications. Applicants must submit the application form and all required documents stated on the webpage.
SPONSOR:United States Government.
  • All application must be online application and endure to provide all the necessary documents needed.
  • We will  reach you through the mail address you have provided on the online application.

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