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Friday, January 12, 2018

A young guy, identified as Bright Ugochukwu narrowly escaped death last December.
Ugo took to his Facebook page to share his testimony on how a stray bullet came from nowhere and hit him in his left chest very close to his heart in his bedroom, while he was asleep.

Only fools says there is no God. Brethren, please follow me in thanking God for saving my life when the devil tries to snatch it away from me. As God has promised never to allow His children to be defeated.
The devil wanted to end my life before the year runs off in 2017 but as usual God is always there to fight and protect me.
Around 11pm on 15th December 2017 after some usual activities at the church, i lay down on my bed to sleep, suddenly a bullet pierced through the zinc and pvc and landed on my left chest close to the heart.
I hardly breathe at that moment, I just remain calm and continue to reassure my self that nothing will happen to me and my mother started calling out for all the saints in heaven to intervene on my behalf.
It seems they held an emergency meeting for my sake and started praying and pleading to God to save me. God didn’t forsake me at this time, he answered my prayer and all the prayers offered for my sake.
Chest X-ray revealed that the bullet didn’t touch the heart, no ribs were damaged and no fractures seen. I pray that He continue to heal and protect me and my family and also the people that have trust in Him. Glory be to God now and forever more …AMEN”


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