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Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Nigerian Facebook User, Mazino Oyolo shared on Facebook, the definition of a primitive Nigerian… using “Davido” as an example.

He wrote:
A primitive Nigerian is one that makes money without a university degree and begin to claim education is scam
He boastfully glorifies his ignorance all because he has made money.
He thinks people pursuing secular education are fools but doesnt know that he is a mockery of his own slow mindset.
He thinks money is all the ultimate and as long he has it, he is better than anyone else. Imprudently, he fails to realize he is a product of education.
He learns how to read and write through his primary education and also got some basic sense in secondary school.
He probably also has a WAEC result or maybe has F9 all through. No wonder his remarks about education is always derogatory.
He will cite examples of Davido and others who made it without education because his premonimal mind thinks higher institution is the education.
Because his intellectually unreceptive mind forgot that Davido and the others went to primary school and secondary to acquire basic education.
He believes as long he can buy good shirts, chains, wristwatches and cars, he has everything in life.
With his slow level of comprehension he doesn’t know that money cant buy him class.
Money can’t buy you class. Only those sound in mind will understand that. Education doesn’t gurantee success but it expose you to civilsation and affects your way of life.
Argue with your sense and with your money.


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  1. Mr Mazino can u just hear yourself well.Tell me what headache do u have with Davido,come to think of it,there are lots of graduates outside there,qho can't even meet up their daily needs.Also both literate and illiterate are struggling to meet their ends meet all in the name of (money)And also u are saying he is less concerned about his education but you who is educated,how much do u have in ur account,u said he is not educated but heI still travelling around,meeting influential people,how many influential people have u met in ur life or the way he speaks and interacts with them,are u d one helping him out.So why not face ur own problem rather than interfering in other people's life.Or is it a crime to be a celebrity or can't they av their own personal life again.pls let peace reign and let him live his life