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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Below are 10 Countries It’s Easy To Get Their Visa – Number 3 And Number 6 Is So Very Sure
We’ve all felt it. That desperate, cloying urge to escape. That semi-primal need to flee our home country and all its madness and never look back, and instead devote ourselves to relaxing on distant beaches / becoming a kung fu master (it’s a tough call). And we’ve also all felt its accompanying feeling: that sad realization that our dreams are but beautiful illusions, and cruel, cruel reality is gonna drag us kicking and screaming back into its stifling embrace any minute
Or is it? While moving abroad permanently may not be the easiest thing in the world, it’s also not as hard as it at first appears. In some countries, gaining residency is so easy that pieces of cake and falling off logs look fiendishly complicated by comparison. Desperate to escape the madness of Washington or the reaching claws of the IRS?
Here’s where you should go.

10. Ecuador

A land of boiling volcanoes, soaring mountain peaks, and old pastel colored colonial towns, Ecuador is exactly the sort of over-romanticized stereotype of Latin America you’ve always secretly held in your head. It’s got beaches. Islands. Mayan ruins. An adorably underperforming soccer team. It’s got a remarkably low cost of living, and the US dollar as a currency. Sounds great, huh? Well, get this. This little slice of south of the border paradise could be your new home for as little as $800 per month.
That’s not costs you gotta pay out. That’s all the income you have to prove you have in order to move to Ecuador. Technically, this is a requirement for Ecuador’s pensioner visa, not a general one. However, Ecuador doesn’t set minimum age requirements on pensioner visas, and those claiming them don’t need to even prove they have a pension. You’ve just gotta show that $800 will be landing in your bank account every single month for perpetuity and you’re in. This kinda begs the questions as to why they call it a ‘pensioner visa’, but who are we to argue? The low requirement means people with trust funds, compensation pay outs, royalties, and cuts from banking heists are all able to net an easy visa (probably, don’t quote us on that last one).

6. Canada

Like the hippy younger sibling to America’s hard-working grownup, Canada always takes a contrary liberal stance to the USA. That includes on immigration. While America is currently experimenting with making immigration as unattractive as possible, Canada is casting its arms open wide to the surrounding world. Luckily, that includes to you, provided you can prove you’re worth having. Canada’s immigration rules run the gamut from excessively liberal to utterly draconian, depending entirely on how skilled you are. For those with the skills or education level that Canada needs, there’s an express entry program that’s so swift, it probably amounts to kidnapping. You fill in an online form, which assigns you points for stuff like education level, industries worked in, and whether you are both able to speak French, and willing to put with living in Quebec (of course we’re kidding, Quebecers. Just look at the city you guys get to call your capital!). If you hit a high score on these, plus other stuff like whether you studied in Canada or have Canadian relatives, you’re probably in. All you gotta do next is pony up about $500 CAD ($390 in real dollars). But what if you’re an uneducated, unwashed slob? Well, there may be hope. Canada has one of the highest proportions of foreign-born citizens in the OECD. Why shouldn’t they take you too?
5. Belize

An English-speaking nation in Central America, complete with ultra-low cost of living and the sort of beaches you’d expect to see young David Hasselhoff running down in slow motion? Yeah, this is an actual Place That Exists, and its name is Belize. Wedged awkwardly between Mexico and Guatemala, this pint-sized slice of paradise is barely larger than Wales, and comes with a population smaller than Bakersfield, California, with the added advantage that it’s not actually Bakersfield, California. So, what’s the trick to setting up shop in this land of palm trees and crystal waters? That’s the best part. You can apply for permanent residency in Belize after only a year there. To stay there for a year, all you have to do is arrive on a 30-day tourist visa, and keep renewing it every 30 days. When you hit the 50 week mark, pay $1,000 and, after jumping through some bureaucratic hoops, you should be in. Just be careful of the requirement some departments have that you leave the country for two weeks every 6 months. Doing so will reset your year-long countdown.


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