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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Congratulations on getting called up! Where were you posted to? Lagos, Abuja? Rivers? Delta? Anambra? Etc.
Was it where you wanted? if yes then CONGRATS!

If NO? then relax. Calm down. You can always redeploy. plus, it cant be that bad. You might end up enjoying it.
WHITE SHORTS: As many as you can wear. I bought just 3 during my time and i regretted not buying 10. Honestly, because the ones provided by NYSC were CRAP! It never fits unless you’re a size 4. But if not, buy enough because thats what you wear everyday!
WHITE TSHIRTS: also the same as white shorts, buy as many as you can buy. Dont worry it cant be a waste because you can always rock it after camp if you buy quality ones.
WHITE SOCKS AND RUBBER CANVAS: Well, as you already know everything is white for a reason! they said its easy to identify humans in white so you wont be able to hide or get lost. Even in the dark, your white will always sell you out. So buy rubber canvas because it easy to wash and dries off quickly. For me I dont even bother washing, I  just wipe with my makeUp wipes and Im good to go.
WAIST POUCH: Very important. In camp, it will be your beast of burden. Thats where you will put your money, cards, phones, chargers, ear phones, shades, keys, snacks, anything at all you want to carry around. Most importantly, you can jog around and march with it and also parade with it. Slay queens, if you like carry handbag because you want to show off designers. You go hear nwii. Waste pouch is the only easy thing.
BEDSHEET AND PILLOW CASE: You can take 2. or 1.  I took just one and almost did not wash it because before i knew it, 2weeks was gone FIAM. I just pitied the destiny of the bedspread and washed it, then used my wrapper while i let it dry. You can carry 3 or 4 depending on if you want to be changing sheets all the time. you should keep laundry money tho.. because you wont have time to be washing bedsheets all the time.
SLIPPERS: Slay queens again, i dont mean fenty or channels slippers. Just normal rubber slippers because you wont even where it often, just during bathe and then night time. Because everytime you are on canvas and socks. when i left camp, my legs were fresher than my face because it was always covered up.
TORCHLIGHT/RECHARGEABLE: This one is highly important too. even though i didnt use mine much because Lagos camp always had light. But you have to buy it because you dont know how your camp will be right?
PADLOCK: Get small padlocks for your bags. Unless you want to be a customer to thieves
TOILETRIES/ANTISEPTIC/DETERGENT: You already know things in this category. Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Bath soap & Sponge, Detergent & Bar Soap, Toilet Paper, Towel, sanitary Pads & Tampons, Shower Cap,  Bleach, Body Cream & Lotion, Perfumes/ body spray, combs and hair needs, Makeup & accessories
HANDKERCHIEF: Well, buy as much as you can. unless you are posted to the north, then you can buy maybe3 or 4. But if not north, my dear take enough handkies o. You go sweat tire o.
MOSQUITO NET: You should buy. Mosquitoes in camp  are usually the hungry and homeless ones. So they will feed on you without mercy. They are not the domestic mosquitoes, the are wild and have no chill.
BUCKETS: In some camps. you wont be allowed to buy bucket from outside, Eg: Lagos camp. So they would prefer it if you buy inside. But anyhow, make sure you buy at least 2(for storing water) depending on the your camp. Again, Lagos camp had 24/7 water so we didn’t need 2. then very important, buy a small bucket for convenience. Unless you dont mind an infection.
PLATE/SPOON/FLASK/BOTTLE: This will be for food. You would need the plate for food collection, then the flask for food storage if you have to. The flask is not really necessary though. ME, I used one stone to kill 4 birds. I bought a big bowl plate that has cover, I used it for food collection(for days i would collect food), food storage, and also to drink tea or any provision. So no need for flask. As for water bottle, dont bother, unless you are a slay queen that wants to show off cute water bottle, or an ajebo that likes carrying water around. but which ever one, you will be too tired to carry a water bottle around if it wont fit into your waist pouch. Purewate or bottled water sellers are everywhere.
PROVISION: You dont want to depend on Camp food. Take your favorite snack or beverage oo. You will need them. Camp food no be here o. Some people purged for one week before their stomach adjusted to camp food, LOL
HANGER/PEGS: This is for laundry. their are usually people who do laundry in camp. a lot of them. if you want to be making use of them, hold money oooo, because that thing drains money like mad. LOL. for the first 3days i used laundry vendors until my pocket lost weight. OMO! I had to start doing my laundry myself. But if you have money its something i would advice you do. it saves time and energy.
BLACK UNDER WEAR FOR LADIES: You k ow that any color that goes under white must show itself, unless its black. so please buy black panties and bras. You dont want to be arrowed because your underwear is doing shout out to others.

CASH: Lagos camp had ATM machines though so  we didnt have to carry too much cash. And that helped because we didnt have much case of stolen cash. But just incase, make sure to carry enough cash. LIKE! ENOUGH. But be careful with it because thieves.
Anything you dont buy outside will be sold in camp! Camp is another country! They have everything for you there for sale. The only thing they probably dont sell is human bodies. which, if you check well sef you might find. So be ready to spend cash!
As for the Documents you would need:

2. Registration Documents: If you’re a foreign graduate, take along the original credentials you uploaded (to the NYSC Portal) for physical verification / evaluation.
3. Green Card: It contains your bio-data. Print and bring along your signed copy.
4. Final Year Student IDENTITY CARD
5. Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from School
6. PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS: Now make about 10 copies of every document required. There would be photocopiers in camp at mammy market but trust me, it is double the price and it saves time.
9.CERTIFICATES\LICENSES: For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.

10. STATIONERY: PEN, PAPER, GUM. Yeah this saves time and lots of unnecessary begging.

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