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Thursday, November 30, 2017

I actually was browsing the internet when i saw this funny and ridiculous letter a JAMBITE Wrote to JAMB concerning the sore he had in his result.

Please read and also see the reply he got

Dear Jamb
My name is Yaniel Yogene ,i am came from Nigeria, From Bayalsa state.
I writed Jamb and scoring 90. That was a big fat lie, I say is a big serious fat lie because I doing lesson for 1 months and I count my book very well.

I supposing to getting 95 in Inglich and 90 in Litirachure but you gaven me 15 in Inglich and 20 in Litirachure.

Did me not didding my CRS very well? Did Jonah not staying in the lion hole and Elijah sleeping in the shark belle?
Did Daniel not calling down fire with Baal and and Samuel leding Israel from Egypt?
Did something very fast fast because i can not took that mark. In facts, I supposing to be scoring 280.
Thanks you in cooparation

Letter Replied By A Jamb Official Goes Thus

Dear student,
You need help! I've forwarded your name and number to all the pastors, priest, popes, archbishops, bishops and even native doctors I know. Just be open minded. your change is coming. Please ask your parents to report to our office immediately for counseling.


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