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Thursday, November 30, 2017

1- Jamb Cut-Off Marks on entry into a Polytechnic is Lower than that of a University.
2- University Graduates are the Lecturers in a Polytechnic.
3- The Curriculum in a Polytechnic and a University is totally different.
4- Polytechnic Graduates Can never attain the Level of a Professor.

5- Polytechnic Graduates Must have to Undergo another 2 Years in the University to get a Degree and be Really Relevant. 
6- There is Discrimination even in the Polytechnics.
7- Polytechnic are not Upto standard in terms of Infrastructure, Curriculum and standard Lectures wit P.hd, Profs and the Likes.
8- Requirements to enter the Polytechnics and University Varies even in terms of S.S.C.E
9- Polytechnic graduates cannot get some political and F.G appointments like Directors, Perm. Sec.. Etc.
10- Wats the Point of going to a Polytechnic to Study courses like History, Public Admin, Law. Etc, where wil yu work?!


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  1. Fuck you and your reasons, a graduate is a graduate, polytechnic or university. Polytechnic even products are smarter than university graduate

  2. I know more than 2 profs that re from the polytechnic. I am from the polytechnic and I am doing my MSC and I ve friends from the polytechnic doing their PhD. So do proper research or u shut down this misleading page