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Friday, October 20, 2017

What Is UI Book Of Life?

Alot of people have been asking series of questions as regards book of life, some questions are;
What is UI book of life?
When is UI Book of Life going to be out?
How can i access the UI Book of Life?
Who will publish UI book of life online?
What’s the contents of UI book of Life?
What does UI book of life all about?
The ui book of life as it fondly called amongst the students is a document that is used by the university senate in the consideration of students’ result. It details the name, department, faculty, level and CGPA/GPA. This document gets circulated even before the official release of either the semester’s or session’s results.
The speaker explained the implication of the book of life in the house resolution sent to the University’s Vice-Chancellor where it was stated that the leakage does not only questions the integrity of the 67-year-old institution but has more negative effect on the students.
“The leakage largely questions the administrative and security competence of the university management as no excuse is likely to be genuine enough to avail the University of that Liability thereby casting a negative shadow over the strenuous effort of over 67 years that have gone into building of the premier image,” he said.
“This damage, as grave as it may seems may still be less compared to the harm that might come to students as a result of the leakage of their results and other personal data online which in turn may be used by Hackers and other evil-minded individuals through social engineering to have access to more unauthorized data on individuals. When this happens, it may lead to psycho emotional and economic harm.

University Of Ibadan, UI Book Of Life For The 2016/2017 First Semester Results


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