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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A woman can be beautiful, intelligent and ambitious, but all these good virtues can be nullified by one or two negative traits. The following are some of the traits affecting such ladies:

1) The ‘Socialite mentality’
The ‘socialite mentality’ is a disease that seems to have afflicted most 20-something year old ladies. Signs of this malady are manifested by sudden realization that they are the ‘hottest’ in their area.

2) Anti-family
Any responsible man holds his family with highest regard. He will go out of his way to create time for his parents and take very good care of them at all cost. Before considering a lady for a serious relationship, a man will first try to ascertain her view towards family.

3) Lack of ambition
If you wish to have a guy consider you for marriage, then you should at least get focused with your life. Get your priorities straight, have ambitions, work towards achieving your goals and take your studies or job seriously. If all your ‘future plans’ happen to be on where the next coolest party is then don’t expect any guy to take you seriously.

4) Extreme materialism
Since the days of the cave men, women only mate with those who can provide and protect their families. However, it’s totally wrong to stick with a guy just because he can afford to sustain your expensive lifestyle only to disappear when his cash flow recedes.

5) False sense of importance
Such a lady has a bloated ego and false sense of importance. She thinks she is doing a guy a favor by being with him. He is, therefore, expected to be grateful that he should provide whenever she asks.

6) Selfishness
When a lady is selfish a real man will know; she doesn’t care how much you earn and how much you have to work to earn that money. All she’s concerned about is buy this for me, buy that for me. Such a lady can never be a good wife. Even if she’s dating a married man he will soon run away from her.
Ladies, over to you. Live right if you want the right man to take you serious and keep you as a wife.


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