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Monday, October 23, 2017 since the news went viral about the UNN first year student who accidentally had her private part wounded while masturbating with a cucumber, that particular word 'cucumber' had become the most trending and the most popular word both among students and staff having metamorphosed into expressions like:

Please, let us go and cucumbate

Cucumber is the sweetest fruit on earth

Please, avoid cucumbers that are too long etc.
It went to a peak when Social Work students had to go round the school protesting against the use of cucumber and inviting students to come to their service instead of going to the point of using cucumber.

The one that annoyed me personally is when some rude boy use. the unfortunate incident to make jest of some girls who do not have boyfriends as though it had now become more trendy to fornicate with clear eyes.

I implore everybody to use their tongues and count their teeth. The way everyone shouts out the girl's issue as if they are all saints makes me think twice about our generation.

It behoves my thinking when I think that we hear terrible news of immorality and rape and child molestation every day and yet people only make jest of them instead.

I think we should seek to get closer to God and seek the help of the Holy Spirit at this trends

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