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Thursday, October 12, 2017

If success is what you seek in life; business, career, Job, Marriage, relationship etcetera, then you must learn to avoid these four kinds of friends.
Friends are supposed to help us grow, discover those unique abilities and strength we never knew we had. But if you always find yourself slowing down in the pursuit of your vision, dreams or ideas, you need to check the friends you keep.
It’s easier to always blame our strategies and enemies for our failures but oftentimes, our principles may be right but our so called friends may be the ones working against our success directly or indirectly.
This week, I will be sharing with you just four kinds of friends out of many that are hindering your success.
1. The Parasitic
Parasitic friends are those who are always taking from you and not giving back in return. The most annoying part of this kind of friends is that they will spend your money or use your stuff and keep theirs.
This kind of friends always pretend not to have meanwhile, they may even have more than you. One easy way to know this kind is that when you refuse or doesn’t have to give them, they automatically turn you to a bad person. Parasitic friends will never let you go until they have sucked you dry.
In the pursuit of your vision, dreams or ideas, you will have to let go of them otherwise, they may end up taking the little resources that you should have used to take your vision, ideas, talents and dreams forward.
2. The Pharisees and The Saducees

The P&S friends are those friends who always feel that they know more than you. They will always point out a reason or two why you may not succeed sometimes with proofs and their personal experiences to back it.
These friends are too far to see and too sad to see. I used to have friends like this who always told me to abandon my vision and ideas and follow the herd. They always told me that dreams don’t come through in this part of the world. They don’t care about your vision, and can’t fathom why a little boy or girl like you could have such a great vision.
3. The Mockers and Complainers
Being mocked can have psychological effects on people especially if they are your friends. It’s easier to turn deaf to the mockeries of people who are outside your friendship zone.
Complaining weakens great talents. When you hangout with Complainers, in a short time, you may find yourself complaining too instead of strategizing on how to move forward.
Please understand that we need critics in order to be able to perfect our products and services, but when those critics are our friends and are doing it out of hatred then, there is a problem.
4. The Unsupportive
Unsupportive friends are those who never complain or mock you but will never support your dreams and vision. In the pursuit of our dreams, we need all the supports that we can get.
Unsupportive friends will leave you to struggle alone without a little support and are always the first to complain that you’ve abandoned them when you start reaping the fruits of your labours.
Whether we want to or not, we all need friends. Friends who are not parasitic, Pharisees and Saducees, Unsupportive, Mockers and Complainers, but friends who will stand by us through the thick and thin until we start reaping the fruits of our labours.
Succeed You Must!

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