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Monday, September 11, 2017

Everybody wanted to know, people kept calling, both those I
knew and many others i didn’t even know, some feigned
concern, but I knew better, they merely wanted to be the first
to tell the story.I was scared, very scared…this isn’t
happening to me, not now of all times, I thought to myself.
It all started years ago, after i had gained admission to study
Accountancy in the University, it was my dream course, my
parents were very happy for me. I had written the same exam
the year before but couldn’t gain admission, and now I had
finally gotten it.

The following day, I went to the village to tell my dear
grandma, she was so happy for me, she jumped and danced
around, singing “Jehovah emewo ya” {God has done it}…my
daughter will finally become an “ackantant”,she said this while
at the same time holding my hands and hugging me so tightly
that I could hardly breath, I was lost to the smell of her cloth
which smelt heavily of smoked fish.She literally slept with it,
she kept it under her bed in a metallic crafted container, “I am
keeping it safe from the reach of human rats” she would say,
each time when asked, and by human rats we knew she
meant Afam {Afam was the boy we brought to stay with
Mama in the village, he was an apprentice, learning bicycle
repairs in Uncle Emeka’s Shop }
Uncle Emeka was my favorite uncle, and he would often refer
to me, as his favorite niece. Whenever we came to visit mama
in the village during Christmas, Uncle Emeka would load a bag
full of mangos and give me to carry home with me, he knew
how I loved mango.
Before I left the village, I went to see Uncle Emeka to break
the good news to him. He was full of joy, and praised God
passionately for me, after which he dipped his hands into his
pocket and gave me the sum of two thousand naira, “ezigbo
Ada, use this to buy something for yourself, i am so proud of
you Ada, my own Accountant” he said happily.
The night before the very day I was to leave for school, Mum
and Dad called me to the living room for some advice ” my
daughter, we are very proud of you, and we are glad that you
have now gotten the opportunity to proceed to the university
with your mates to study and make something of your life “,
said my dear father with eyes full of joy and a deep sense of
fulfilment “but my daughter we have to tell you this now”
mum interrupted “you have to be very careful,the University is
a world of it’s own, you are going there without us to direct
you, nne you must ensure that you stay away from bad
friends, inugo?”

I didn’t understand why they were going through all this
trouble just because I was leaving for the same university Oge
and Peace were already in {Oge and Peace were my bunk
mates in secondary school and they had gotten admission the
year before} I could remember the stories they often told me
about life in the university, particularly the lifestyle of some big
boys and girls who appeared to live larger than life, I couldn’t
wait to see all these for myself.

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