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Thursday, September 14, 2017
1. Going to class to get sit as early as 6:30 ( that matter nor be hear ooo... I just want to sit on the front row).
2. Buying all sort of materials just because they told you you need it but @ the end you end you not reading them....

3. Attending multiple tutorials that at the end you get confused of what they are teaching...
4. Attending almost all parties and social event in school just to feel belong...
5. Going for night class almost everytime just because some people tell you, if you don't you might fail...
6. Wooing any fine girl that comes my way... this one was really fun shall...
7. Was eager to tell everyone the number of A's I had... ( guy how far ur result, guy I got 12A's... geee... you be scholar ooo)

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