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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Kenyan schoolgirl named Hilda Gacheri, who broke the internet a few days ago after their government banned the use of plastic bags in Kenya, has been appointed an Environment Ambassador by Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).
Hilda couldn’t afford a proper school bag after the ban was made. So as she reported back to school, she was spotted carrying her things in a bag made from banana fritters.
Hilda was going about her business unaware that someone had taken pictures of her, uploaded them on the internet and she quickly became an internet sensation among Kenyans.
Her bold move in carrying what some would consider outdated caught the attention of many Kenyans who praised her. One said:
“To me I see a very confident girl bearing in mind the ridicule she would get from her peers being a digital generation. She must be commended for being bold.”
Some people lauded for her courage and creativity, offering to pay her school fees because ‘she fought the odds’. Another offered to buy her a backpack while many more started a campaign to get her recognized by NEMA.
NEMA finally heard the cries and visited Hilda at her school Materi Girls with good news yesterday. She was officially Kenya’s environment ambassador. See the photos from the moment below:


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