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Friday, September 22, 2017

The unemployment plaguing Nigerians is one of the reasons many are emigrating to developed countries.
What though are the job opportunities available in these countries?
A publication by the Guardian in 2016 revealed that most of the jobs undertaken, were jobs Nigerians would deem beneath them in their home country.
However, there were also some good jobs in the mix.
Below is a list that contains most of such jobs:-
1. Factory work
Nigerians, and by extension Africans can be found in most factories, doing the grunt work and heavy-lifting to earn their keep.
2. Farming
A farm in the US is not like a farm in Nigeria, so most of this Nigerians will gladly do the work in better conditions, for better pay and with machinery and equipment.
3. Taxi drivers
Many of the Taxi drivers from Nigeria are people with a university degree, who have to get some sort of certification to be employable and so have taken to driving taxis to keep body and soul together.
4. Mortuary assistants
Washing dead bodies in another man’s land is a running joke among Nigerians that reflects the reality. Many Nigerians work in mortuaries to earn a living.
5. Registered Nurse
For many Nigerian women, this is the dream job, even their male counterparts are joining in the fray.
They earn an average of $66,220 about N23 million annually, with top nurses making as much as $96,320 (N34m) and some earning less than $45,630 (N16m).

6. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Knowledge of ICT or IT as it is more commonly called is one quick way to get a job. Seeing that it does not require as much certification as conventional jobs, young Nigerians are plugging into the system and landing stable, well-paying jobs.
7. Teaching
For those in the literary circle, landing a teaching job in colleges outside the country is another way to job security being exploited. Many have been able to apply for a PhD and teach while they get it in lieu of paying tuition fees.


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