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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Am not here to Write about how to put on pedicure or manicure neither am I here to write about how to wear the latest pencil Trousers, am here to write about how you can be irresistibly attractive that goes beyond Looks that can better your Life and your Relationship with your spouse or others

Been irresistibly attractive goes more beyond facial looks, before I proceed I will put it to you that “your the best and only you in the universe so don’t ever wish you were somene else” beside if you don’t acknowledge yourself as being the best who will? If you love yourself someone else will love you, if you hate yourself someone else will hate you, the way you lay your bed that how you lie on it

Here are ways to make you irresistibly attractive either to your partner, intending our supposed to be partner 
1. Simplify your life it easier said than done, simplicity is the hallmark of great achievements, we think alot, wishing to be one person or the other, complicating your life makes you emotionally unavailable, try been simple and be yourself, i promise you everything will fall in place.
2. Eliminating External Validation Eliminate the need for someone to validate your thinking.  In other words, don’t be motivated by the recognition, opinions, or support of others.  That constant need for validation may slip into a dependence on others for motivation.  Don’t be guided by what you might think you need to do in order to be popular socially with a certain group of people, or what specific things you think people need from you.  Stay in touch with your own genuine authenticity and best-self.  Be driven by what you are truly passionate and inspired about.  Assume and expect the reality that not everyone is going to like or agree with you.

3.See Everyone for Who they Genuinely are
 “Do unto others What you Wish them to do to you” am not sure you will be happy if someone judge or writes you off without constructive criticism, Continually develop the highest degrees of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and emotional maturity to effectively interact with those who may drive you crazy.
( practical example here on NL if someone abuse you on the forum and you reply back politely I use to see alot of likes for such an individual for his intellect) try exhibiting that,as for ladies avoid nags and see if your spouse won’t be over joyful and grateful of you “Don’t Ever Take Things Personally”

4. Never stop learning and growing as a person.  Engaging in constant and never-ending growth and improvement accelerates the continuous development of your mind, body, and senses. When others see the progress they will become more drawn to you, and will want to be in relationships with you because they will receive a sense of certainty and reassurance that their own growth, momentum, and progress will be supported and not interrupted.

5.Carve out your own reality and personal blueprint for living. 
 Most of us have adopted a version of our parent’s blueprint, or we have adopted what we perceive to be a popular blueprint for relationship ,there is nothing wrong with that but you need to create your own separate reality and blueprint for living in order to make the most of your life, and attract the people who can help you create and maintain the relationships you truly and genuinely want to have. 

I know it will be tasky applying this principles especially if any or all of this is new to you, and applying them is outside your comfort zone.  I promise you that the experience is definitely worth the investment of time and effort, and you will ultimately reap many exciting rewards that life has in store for you!


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