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Saturday, September 16, 2017

A beautiful Nigerian Lady, Noble Hina General in a chat with us, has revealed how God changed her story, and now, she is a proud owner of an N8 million Toyota camry.
Noble who is from Anambra State, relocated to Ghana to study, and revealed to us that, she had to drop out of college, after she couldn’t afford to meet up with the Financial requirements that comes with schooling.
She then opted to start a Business, and here she is, a proud owner of an N8 million Toyota Camry.

In her chat with us, she said:
“It all started on the year 2013, when I came to Ghana to further my education. But along the line, I couldn’t meet you up because of some financial issues. So I decided to look for work instead of going back to Nigeria. To be Frank after the financial issues, I lost interest in school stuffs..
So I got a job at shalom marketing company at Aburi mountain in eastern Region.. it was a petty work and very stressful. It just going around and advertising our company products.

On the year 2014, along the line, I met Someone that saw the zeal and passion in me and love the way and my strategy I used in the marketing job and decided to help. This was the turning point in my career.. so like play like play, She introduces me to importation business… the rest was history…she really helped me a lot.. am always grateful To her
So many people didn’t believe in me. Today, am a proud owner of Toyota Camry 2014 model worth 8million Naira. This is the least of my God’s Blessings.. I don’t lack , I didn’t depend on any man to give me. Am a boss lady .. am forever grateful to God..
I have few words for people out there most especially the Ladies… don’t always depend on your man to give.. you can acquire more than that man you think that is your everything.. stand up pray tirelessly and find something doing no matter how little it is.. be nice to strangers. You never can tell where your help will come from… That you didn’t go to higher institutions doesn’t mean you are nobody. WHEN GOD ALMIGHTY SAYS YES, NOBODY CAN SAY NO..”


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