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Saturday, August 5, 2017

This video will really bring out the bring out the human emotion in you. According to a source, the girl in the video is allegedly a 15-year-old Junior Secondary School student, who willingly gave herself to 8 Men who took turns to sleep with her as initiation process into their cult group.
The girl who has been identified as Chioma, was visibly moaning with excitement as the guys gang-banged her. It is also shocking to note that,  none of these guys even wore a condom.
The 2mins 31 seconds Video Starts off and the action had already began;
Man 1: This Girl They very sweet ooo
Girl: Moaning
Man 2: I never release oh
Man 1: You for release na
Girl : Moaning
Man 1: Commot your boxers na
Thrusting in and out sound
Man 3: who is seriously banging the girl in a doggy position finishes up and nuts on the bed,
Man 4: Then takes over, and turns her body position into missionaryMan 1: She Has The Power
Girl: Please stop am tired
Man 1: Chioma will you s**k my d**k? should i come?
Girl: Moaning, Please stop am tired
Man 1: You are not tired
Lil Yatchys Peekaboo song at the background then fades off
Please share this till a full scale investigation is launched, and so this crime against humanity and kids won’t be swept under the rug.
Note: We didn’t paint her photo, to make the necessary investigation by relevant authorities easier.

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