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Monday, August 14, 2017 

Two Youth corpers currently in camp with the Batch A Stream 1 in Plateau State Orientation Camp, were found having se x in a gutter.

In the cold early hours of Tuesday May 30, while in Plateau camp, two corpers snuck away from the crowd. Away from where any other human being could find them, awake or asleep. They didn't sneak away to brainstorm interesting ideas in service to the fatherland.
They went to have s ex. Because why the fatherland will be served under the sun and in the rain, carnal desires too, will be served. So they found a cozy place in a gutter, and started to get busy.

In the heat and intensity of the moment, they didn't notice the soldiers on parade, walking in on their ohhs and aahhs.
All libido was drained at this point, and replaced with the shame and regret of getting caught.

It's Blame Time!

According to reports circulating on NYSC Whatsapp groups, the single male Corper in question, blamed the devil.

But you see the woman, who is apparently married, owned up to it. Bravely. She simply blamed the cold weather.
Considering it actually rained a lot towards the end of May, her excuse is accurate. She also added that this se x thing is not something she'd easily stay away from for too long.
At the time of reporting this, there has been no official statement yet from NYSC confirming the incident. There's also no statement saying that they are reviewing the NYSC camp instructions, to make it easy for people who can't do without sex for 3 weeks.
In more simpler terms, they'll be dealt with according to camp regulations. By NYSC regulations, they have now been dismissed from camp, to give them more than enough time for se x.


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