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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We have received reports concerning a young and vibrant Unilag Student, Ariyibi Ayomide who committed suicide by drinking sniper after she was allegedly set up.

Apparently, some belongings belonging to her colleagues in the same hostel where she resides were missing, and then she was fingered…. They searched her bag, only to find the items in her bags.. She was disgraced by other students in the school.

Ayomide then called her mum, a staff of the university, who later came to settle the matter.. Her mother paid N2,000, the value of what was found in her bags.. The mother then instructed Ayo to pack her stuffs home, which she did… She was “disgraced” while on her way home, as she couldn’t hold her heads up high.
Ayo arrived home, with her mom returning to work, only for Ayomide to drink sniper. A very poisonous substance.

Ayo was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

She was a 100-level student of Unilag from the faculty of business administration in department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management (ER & HRM).

Read the Full Story Below:

An incident happened in her room (Amina Hostel) which involved the missing of belongings (which includes make up and clothes) of another girl in d same room. On Thursday, some of the belongings of the fellow room mate was found in Ayomide’s bag (scattered in three different bags – make up in one of of her bag, clothes in another bag and clothes in another bag making 3 of Ayomide’s bag).

As a result the roommates disgraced Ayo and called her many names (relating to a thief) and disgraced her publicly. Ayomide called her mum and her mum came down next day (Friday) to settle the issue. The make up was valued at #2000 in which Her mum paid. After that, her mum told her to pack her bags and follow her home which she did but as she was going the room mates shouted on her and called her so many names.

Her mum took her home and went back to work (her mum is a unilag staff). Ayomide was the only one left at home when she took sniper in the afternoon. Her mum came back in the evening and saw her child in a critical state. So she asked what happened to her; Ayomide just stretched her hand to do bottle of the sniper she took.

Immediately her mum gave her palm oil but results were not forthcoming. So she rushed her to a medical centre at ebute metta, still results were not favourable, she was then taken to Luth (Medilag).

Ayo gave up in LUTH around after 7 yesterday.

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