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Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Nigerian campus babe has publicly cried out for help on social media to pay her school fees and house rent, adding that if she doesn't get help, she's entering the streets to sleep with men.
Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram blog page and shared the story of a Nigerian campus babe who is set to go on a 'banging' spree.
According to the final year student of a Nigerian University, she is seeking for help of N350,000 from any individual on social media so she can take care of her project and house rent, adding that if she didn't get help, she would sleep around with men to achieve her aim.
Here's the e-mail she sent to the Love Doctor;
Joro Mofin however replied her and said; "Dear poster, nobody owes you anything in life. I'm sure there are people who had it worse than you and they still got by. By sending me 25 mails and saying you'll sleep with men that's emotional blackmail and self pity. 

"You didn't provide any evidence or proof of your needs in the mail. All you emphasized on is your body count. Please wake up."

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