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Saturday, July 15, 2017

UCHE's account is summarized as thus

On the 31st of June 2017 after coming to school to get his manual being shared, he went home and got ready for a regional vigil by RCCG at sapele road, Benin city. He got on a bus with about 5 others who were his local church members.
After the vigil on the 1st of July, the next morning, he and his church members got on the bus and headed back home. Prior to their departure, church Faithfuls who had vehicles were appealed to by the regional head to help others who didnt have adequate transportation. As Christians UCHE and his group thought it laudable to help. The bus was full to capacity when they departed The vigil camp. According to UCHE, he was tired so he folded his arms and tried to sleep. He was woken from sleep when the bus was almost hit by a trailer. After the driver had carefully averted that, he returned to his much needed rest. He was however startled out of sleep when he heard a cry from someone behind the bus shouting ​"blood"​. A friend sitting at the extreme right of the last row of the bus with an injury to the left part of his head was discovered alter the person sitting next to him (Not uche) found a phone stained with blood on the floor. The injured fellow was immediately rushed to Central Hospital but were redirected to UBTH where he unfortunately gave up the ghost after much attempt by the medical team.

Note: 1)that some of the passengers alighted before and at ring road.
2) UCHe, his pastor, the driver and the other church members did not report any of this to the police until a complaint was written. The driver particularly washed his bus and did as if nothing happened.

The parents of the deceased grieved and not understanding the circumstance of their son's death went to BDPA police station and filed a complaint. UCHE and the 5persons from his church including the driver and pastor were invited and put in a holding cell to answer some questions. They were moved to another police station for safe keeping until they ended up in the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID). It was considered homicide until today when the autopsy reports came in indicating murder.

Note: The commissioner of police told us that According to the LAW, the police has no jurisdiction for a murder case. litigation is the next step. Only The director of public prosecution (DPP) and the law court have such jurisdiction to dismiss, discharge or acquit a murder suspect which UCHE is unfortunately as there is no prime suspect. However There is another way out which is to go into settlement with the complainants so that the case is considered to be ​"no case."​No case, no trial.

I know emotions are high but you will agree that the account and case is complicated so we have to think everything through properly. We have to make informed decisions at this critical time.
There are some gray areas
1) why was the deceased the only one injured?
2) why did he shout or cry out in pain?
3) is it possible he had the injury before entering the bus?
4) why didn't they especially the driver report to the police something that serious?
5) why isn't there a cue of a sharp object in the bus that might of caused the injury as claimed?
6) why can't the deceased said blood stained phone, his Bible and shoes missing up till now?

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