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Saturday, July 8, 2017

With no reservation, we the Stream 2 of Batch A 2017 PCMs, the youths and general public wishes to know the reason for the undesirable silence of your office towards the already supposed call up, orientation and service of the PCMs,  it is rather very bad that with the Economic situation of the Country, the policy still encourages unreasonable wasting of youths who have much promising future.
Its no news that getting a tertiary education in Nigeria is almost as expensive as life itself,  our individual plans in life has onset been ravaged by the self centered policies of our so called leaders,  its pitiable that the Nation as a whole has failed to realize that the prosperity of this Country rests solemnly on the youths whose future you toss-about,  With no cause for prolonged interaction we wish to state our plight,  as we are already tired of the sick system and falling leadership wheels of Nigeria.
Instead of setting in place plans to savage the future of Nigerian youths, You continually and intentionally set huddles to limit us.
In one accord we say ‘we are tired’.
The NYSC was created to front the youths of this Nation to the world at large, unit Nigeria,  create opportunity and many more,  but now it serves as a means to tie us down..  Our Degree in the university is useless without the Nysc certification yet no adequate and reliable procedures are made available to set us on track.
After six months of graduation, one year, two years as the case May be we are wasting in the streets waxing cold.
Its either the Nysc is scrambled and the monetary value accrual to individual Corp Members are paid at once so that we can utilize our time as young people.
The frame work and setting of the country’s built on corruption where people in economic strategic position forms sections, cliques to Favour there own people and there by setting an ethnic and tribal groups instead setting an even,  deserved and equitable system, and it has continued to menace into the new generation. We have much to talk and act as youths of this Nation.
For now sir, we call on you (DG of NYSC) and all other arms of Government to break your silence on the issue of the NYSC overdue call up and orientation, we are not stupid neither are we illiterates,  we are young graduates with great potential(s). If you fail to turn in and respond,  WE WILL BE COMPELLED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS  in this case because it is our future which is at stake..
We anticipate your response..

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