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Friday, July 28, 2017

1.The Noise makers Crew
These ones have no other job except from playing music.
They take it serious even more than an “official mission”.Immediately PHCN takes the light they put on their generators and continue to ” gbedulize” late into night even during examination periods they are still up all night “gbedulizing”.
I love them for one thing however on Sunday Mornings They begin to play Christian songs by artists like Don Moen, Frank Edwards e.t.c by 12:00 pm however they switch it back to gbedu.

2.The HungerBad crew
These ones carry spoons in their pockets everywhere they go. Some even carry spoons to their lecture halls so as to branch to their coursemates room after classes and get some “base”.
Their nose is very sensitive as they can perceive the aroma of your delicacy 10 blocks away.They arrive at your doorstep in seconds and they devour the meal you had future plans for.

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