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Monday, July 31, 2017

Routine beatings. Exposure to the elements. Starvation. Un-hygienic food, and water. Illness.
These were some of the torments the six kidnapped students of   the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, Epe, suffered during their 65 days in captivity, according to two of them yesterday.

They were released on Friday through the combined efforts of the security agencies and Governors Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State and Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State.

“We were blindfolded, kept under the bridge with our legs tied. They fed us eba and crayfish soup,” one of the students (name withheld) told The Nation.

And they were given ‘reddish water’ to slay their thirst, he said.

Yusuf Farouk, Isiaka Ramon, Pelumi Philips, Peter Jonas, Adebanjo George and Judah Agbaosi were abducted  from their hostels- Yellow and Green houses- on May 25 by gunmen clad in police uniform.

The maltreatment soon took a toll on them with two falling ill: they bled from the mouth.

The victim said their abductors routinely beat them and left them in the open, day and night.

Their only shelter was a bridge.

But then they had no blankets or additional dresses to shield them from the elements.
He said: “They were beating us. They fed us with eba and crayfish soup. They mixed the crayfish with pepper and water and then gave us to eat with eba.

“They were giving us red water to drink. The water had a bad taste but no odour. It was polluted. They kept us under a bridge. They gave   us no bed sheets or blankets.”

Their only wears all through were the dresses they had on when they were abducted and the replica jerseys provided by the kidnappers.

That was what they wore into freedom on Friday.

“They were the ones who gave us the replica jerseys,” he said.

The student is now “fine and happy” to be back home with his family after all the trauma.

“I have done my medical check up. I am fine and happy to be home with my family,” he said and paused, his mood changing immediately.

That ended the conversation at the discretion of his interviewer.

A second victim (name also withheld for security reasons) said they changed camps thrice during their captivity, enduring starvation at some point.

One of the camps was made of cut trees and the kidnappers had to erect a tent to shield them from rain.

As time went by the kidnappers allowed the boys to prepare their food, and move around, he said.

His mother commended Lagos Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni and the Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) for standing by them throughout their ordeal.

“Honestly, I do not want to expose my son to any danger. It is true he fell sick in the camp because we were told then,” she said.

“He was kidnapped while he was recuperating from an illness and so, I think the environment they were kept and the trauma made him sick again. He was examined on Friday night and the doctors asked that we return to the hospital. But he is okay now.

Assessment test for N-Power Agro applicants will end August 1.

This is contained in an update/reminder on N-Power website.

The current Agro test only applies to those who registered between June 13 and July 14.

Applicants in different categories in N-Power test which started July 1 have attempted the test. They are Tax, Health and Agro.

Fabinfos reports that applicants under Teach category will be start theirs by August 2.

However, applicants who registered between July 15 and 27 will commence their test from August 17.

The N-portal reopened for registration on Tuesday​ June 13 and was scheduled to close on July 13.
But Acting President Yemi Osinbajo intervened and extended registration by two weeks.

Meanwhile, Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has assured the N-Power teach volunteers in the state that they will be absorbed into the civil service at the end of their service.

The Corporate Affairs Commission is a regulatory body, established to regulate the incorporation, running and winding up of companies, business names and incorporated trustees, in accordance with CAMA.

Corporate Affairs Commission Recruitment 2017 – On this article you will get latest updates on Corporate Affairs Commission 2017 recruitment requirements, qualifications, guidelines and other important updates for free


  • Minimum of B.Sc Degree or H.N.D from a reputable institution.
  • Minimum of Second Class Lower Division from any discipline.
  • Must not be more than 30 years old – i.e. 27 years Less than 30 years.
  • Applicant must have Excellent Communication skills.

Corporate Affairs Commission Important Notice –Corporate Affairs Commission Recruitment 2017

  • Use the job title as the subject of the mail.
  • Applicants are to submit only ONE application as multiple applications may result in disqualification.
  • Applicants will be responsible for applications submitted on any other Email address.
  • Only candidates residing in Lagos will be shortlisted and contacted for an interview (Application not complying with this instruction shall be disqualified.)
If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about Corporate Affairs Commission Recruitment 2017, kindly provide us your email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.
I think what I have below are the most difficult course to study in any Nigerian universities.
1) Medicine & surgery: In the field of medicine, it is another world of studies because you will find yourself studying for many years, some may succeed but some will deviate to another major.
2) Law: being a law student is what most of aspirants wants but law is just like medicine you will spend most of your time in school also spending your time reading many books
3) Engineering: the field of engineering is the field of technology, not only being a technician, you must also apply the knowledge of mathematics to your work. that is, it entails lots of calculation. it is said that there is no fine boy in engineering department because all don’t have time for that.
4) Mathematics: we all know what mathematics is all about and what it takes, a mathematician is a professional in mathematics, mathematics. involves lots of calculation thought your life.
5) Statistics: this is another discipline that is just like mathematics, statisticians are applied mathematicians, they use mathematics to solve real life problems, it entails lots of mathematics and some borrowed courses that are not even part of your discipline (eg, economics)
6) Chemistry: you guys may be surprise about this major but chemistry is not an easy course, chemistry is really a broad course, you find out using your time mixing chemicals in the lab and cramming formulars and theories.
7) Architecture: Archi is another discipline that in which you spend most of your time in school, at times you sleep in school drawing and sketching diagrams for planning.
8) Physics with electronics : this course has the combination of both physics and electronics in it. Sounds simple but study courses like this in schools like University of Ibadan, LASU, UNILAG and OAU, then you will know it’s complex and practically diversified. 
A 23-year-old boy has warned young men never to attempt going into an incestuous relationship as his own experience has taught him a bitter lesson.
A 23-year-old student has made a startling confession of how he began an incestuous relationship with his grandmother for the past 5 years now. The shocking story between the 23-year-old student and his 52-year old grandmother has left residents of New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region spellbound.
Sampson Lartey [not real name] in an interview with Bryte FM’s, Asare Joseph disclosed that he developed the habit of masturbating after his colleagues introduced him to the act, revealed that he was once caught red-handed by her grandmother who took care of him while his parents were outside the country
He started having s*x with his granny at age 18 after she caught him masturbat!ng and therefore used that in blackmailing him for the s exual favours.
I was eighteen (18) years when it all started. I lived with my grandmother when I was fourteen (14). My parents were not in the country by then, so I spent a lot of years with my grandmother. She took care of me just like her son, and gave me the best of education.
It was vacation, I was inside my room masturbat!ng. The pleasure in the act made me forget that I had not locked the door. Half through the process, my grandmother who wanted to send me on an errand suddenly opened the door. There I was, masturbat!ng. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty.  She closed the door gently without saying a word.
Days after the incident, the cordial relationship that existed between my grandmother and myself froze. I panicked anytime my eyeballs met with hers. I had my nerves loosened. What have I done to myself? I quizzed over and over again.
I gathered courage and went to my grandmother; I apologized to her for the mess I have created. She told me right in the face that, what I have done is a great offense and she finds it very difficult to forgive me. My heart was bleeding after she made these pronouncements. I was sobbing. She could sense I was frustrated and had regretted ever doing that.
She drew me closer to herself and asked me to calm down. She assured not to tell anyone about what happened and made me promise her it is not going to happen again. I felt very excited. At least I can feel at ease at home’’. He said.
‘’My grandmother sent me on an errand one Saturday afternoon and asked me to bring the item into her room. I knocked at her door and she ordered me in. When I entered, what I saw was scary.
I saw the nakedness of my grandmother. She asked me to come closer to her since I was stunned beside the door. It took a long pause but I eventually went closer. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, but curiosity took me there.
Even though I knew it was erroneous for me to do that, I proceeded anyway. I felt very confused and frustrated but that did not stop me from making love to my grandmother after one act led to the other. And from there we’ve had s*x regularly for the past five years’’. He lamented.
’Though my girlfriend is not aware of my s*x escapades with my grandmother but in a way, it has affected the healthy relationship I used to have with my girlfriend. As a result, my girlfriend has decided to call it quits since I do not give her the necessary attention, care and love anymore’’.
I really want to stop this bad behaviour but am really finding it difficult and it has even again affected my education. My grades are getting worse as the day goes by and all what I think about is my grandmother but nothing else”. He revealed.
 “I feel very guilty for everything I have been doing with my grandmother. I pray no one especially the youth, enter a predicament like this because it is very disgusting and can hunt you for the rest of your life”
On Wednesday July 26, majority of senate members voted for the removal of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Decree from the 1999 Constitution. This has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians.
While some welcomed the development, others expressed their concerns about its consequences in the lives of youths and national development.
Mrs Ene Ede, Gender Advisor, National Democratic Institute, said, “My problem with Nigeria is that sometimes people can take advantage of lapses in processes.”

“Altering the constitution to delete certain decrees can mean various things. My fear in this is that it may be taken advantage of, imagine if someone is not in support of gender equity and then he decides to suggest something that is against women, how do we now balance this?”
“We are also suffering from religious and ethnic bias in this country, so the most important thing for me is inclusiveness.”
“If the process is transparent, inclusive, accountable, gender sensitive, responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people and driven by the people then, it is good,” Ede said.
Mr Abdulrazak Salawu, the NYSC, FCT Coordinator, said deleting the decree guiding the NYSC from the 1999 constitution would expose the scheme to unnecessary dangers.
Salawu said it was because the NYSC decree was in the constitution that allowed it to be sustained through the years, making it grow and evolve in its activities, including addressing youth unemployment.
He urged the NASS not to toy with the NYSC decree.
Salawu said altering the constitution would give room for individuals and groups to ‘toy’ with the mandate and guiding principles of the scheme which had sustained it.
He said it would be an hindrance to the growth, development and progress of the country and youths which the scheme had tried to support.
“If the NYSC Decree is deleted from the constitution, it will cause a lot of problems because we are not easily objective in our decisions in this country.”
“An individual can just choose to be subjective for his or her own interest. If we do this, we will be toying with the lives and the future of the Nigerian youths.”
“NYSC is the only youth development programme set up by the Federal Government that has been sustained over the years.”
“We should not toy with the future of the youth. NYSC is currently playing a pivotal role in youth development, implementation of government policies, promotion of inter-tribal marriages for national integration and unity.”
“Everyone is a stakeholder in this scheme because it involves all and do not forget that even developed countries and most African countries are coming to Nigeria indicating interest in the NYSC.”
“Nigeria is a consultant in youth development for most African countries as they wish to duplicate NYSC in their various countries, so we need to be careful with how we handle this.”
“Our doors have been open and continue to be open for us to engage in Public Private Partnership (PPP) with individuals, agencies and organisations interested in youth development.”
“So, all stakeholders are already involved in the scheme.”
He urged NASS not to ignore the role and contribution of the NYSC to the growth and development of Nigeria which may be affected if the decree guiding and guarding it was altered.
Alhaji Isa Hussaini, a media consultant, welcomed the development, but, said that the process involved in amending the constitution was often not easily managed.
He suggested that before deleting the decree from the constitution, the constitution be strengthened in a way that no individual, no matter the position, can change the law.
According to Hussaini, when the NYSC decree is deleted from the constitution before it can be amended, there should be public hearing involving stakeholders.
“I think having NYSC in the constitution is good but the world is evolving and things are changing, we also need to change with the times and amend the constitution in line with the dynamic nature of the society.”
“I think it is better to remove it from the constitution and set up an act of parliament to guide the institution.”
“The law should, however, be strengthened in such a way that no President or individual can come in to make changes as it suits him or her.”
“The NYSC has really helped parents in terms of keeping their children engaged, training them in various skills and providing monthly stipends for them.”
Mr Tony Madaki, a lecturer at the Nassarawa State Polytechnic, Keffi, urged the NASS to only amend the relevant section of the constitution but leave the scheme in the constitution, as it is relevant to the growth and development of the youth and the nation.
“The scheme has always been protected by the constitution and I think this should remain so.
“For me, I feel that any relevant section of the constitution that needs amendment should be amended, but the NYSC decree should be allowed to remain in the constitution.”

Reading is an exercise for the brain, and the brain needs to be exercised for it to function efficiently and effectively, when one starts reading, the brain becomes activated. But, what
happens when you stop reading.
  1. Your Brain Starts To Lose Its Sharpness
Reading plays a major part in stimulating cognitive activity which often leads to a sharper and more focused brain. If you are already an eager reader, your brain is already super sharp and your cognitive ability is far much better. However, when you stop reading you might reverse these gains.
  1. You Feel Something Is Missing
For those who have made reading a routine in their life, may not be able to live without it. It will take time for you to adjust and perhaps even when you decide to go back to reading, it will not feel as good and exciting as it once did. But mostly, there is always that feeling like something is missing in your life.
  1. You Lose Inspiration

Many people especially writers, need to keep reading a lot. Likewise regular people, when you stop reading you lose inspiration to do things, creativity in thinking and it dampens critical thinking, it lowers focus and concentration. A person’s literacy skills can be diminished as well if one stops reading, and it can be a contributor to reduced learning skill
  1. You Start To lose The Informative Touch
When you stop reading, you will start to lose the informative touch you used to have. Most of the time, informed people often get that knowledge from reading. Reading is the best way to stay with the trends and to know what is happening around you. Stopping or not reading at all will limit the flow of information that you used to have and soon enough, you will lose the edge in this world of information.
  1. Reading has entertainment value. Not reading can make one miss out on this amazing advantage of reading, as reading is a form of entertainment. When one does not read the brain becomes stressed. Reading is not only fun, it is much more exciting than watching a movie or a TV show (although they have their many benefits as well), a good book can keep us amused while developing our life skills.
  2. There are books with humorous content which we can find entertaining, there are books that inspires us to do things we have not done before or things we have stopped doing that involves tasking the brain, reading adds more information to the one we have stored which no one can take from us.
    Reading is important and looking at the benefits you get, everybody should develop a culture of reading something at least once or twice a week. The internet has definitely changed how we read. Access to books and publications is now easier and while there are most people who would prefer the hardcopy pages, the most important thing is the information. Start reading today. And yes, you can start with we established that reading makes one knowledgeable. Today we are going to be learning the benefits of having knowledge. Knowledge can be derived by reading, researching, sourcing for information and facts, asking questions, analysis etc.
Knowledge is intellectual understanding, the state of appreciating truth or information. Knowledge provides us with the power to help others, in various ways. It is also something that is good for our own self esteem.
Knowledge can include skills, experience and education. At best, it includes all three. Knowledge can be practical or abstract, Knowledge helps us to find the way to solve a variety of issues.

Power refers to the ability or capability to do something. It can also include the strength to influence the actions of others. This can mean physical strength or persuasive power.
  1. Knowledge liberates us.
Knowledge sets us free, and makes us less dependent on others. Freedom is essential for real power. Of course, being truly free means that we do not use our power to control other people against their will.
  1. Respect.
True knowledge commands more respect that mere empty authority within a hierarchy ever could. With knowledge, we can influence other peoples’ decisions and help them to enhance their lives. No matter who you are, or how old you are, if you have knowledge that is useful to other people, then those people will respect us.
  1. Self-esteem.
Being knowledgeable can really give us a feeling of self-fulfilment and confidence. Knowledge is something that – no matter what happens we can rely on, if we find ourselves in situations, knowledge can enable us to find a solution to the issue that boosts our self-esteem even further. With the knowledge of what we know, we won’t be afraid or shy to speak in places which will further boost our self-esteem.
  1. Positivity.
The process of seeking and finding knowledge teaches us to have a positive attitude about life. It teaches us to be motivated, determined, engaged with the world and self-reliant. It also fills us with enthusiasm and joy – after all, humans love learning new things and the process of finding out new facts is a wonderful end in itself.

“Knowledge is Power” as Sir Francis Bacon said, and it is always best to use our power for good.
The parents of the recently rescued students of Lagos State Model College, Epe have cried out stating that their children are behaving strangely.

Recall that the six students were abducted and kept by their abductors for 64 days before regaining their freedom.

The parents explained that their children are beginning to exhibit strange characteristics as some were reported to have become prayer warriors.

Most of the parents who spoke to TheNewTelegraph stated that they have been warned not to speak to journalists adding that there are security agents tailing their every move.

The parents also reported that they have been warned not to trouble their children into revealing their ordeal in the hands of their abductors.

Two of the fathers of the six students – Agbaosi Judah, Jonah Peter, Philips Pelumi, Adebanjo George, Yusuf Faruq and Ramon Isiaka – expressed worry over their children as one of the fathers explained:
“There is something wrong with my son; but I really can’t place my finger on it. We’re still observing him. Medically, they are still treating them. There is no way the children will go to such a place without any possible ailment in them, although we give thanks to God. 
“My son was a once a free child and lively, suddenly, he is withdrawn and exhibiting strange attitude. We are noticing some strange habits.”
When asked if he would allow his son return to school, the father said: 
“It’s in the hands of my son, not me. The decision belongs to him alone.”
The second father also expressed worry over the behaviours exhibited by his son as he stated that since about midnight of Friday when his son was released, his son had been exhibiting signs of fear and psychological trauma.

He said;
“He is just looking at everyone and doesn’t even talk. That sad experience, I must tell you, was too much for those children and I feel sad about it. 
“In fact, because of the situation, his mother had to take him away from the house to avoid further pressure on him.”
Speaking to TheNewTelegraph on whether he will allow his son return to school, the father said;
“If you were in my shoes, would you allow your child to return to such a school? Anyway, that is not the issue for now, my prayer is that he should recover fully first, after which we can think of which school to go.”
Another of the released school boys’ mother said;
“My son told me that they were threatened only once. He said they had many fun times and not too pleasant ones too with their abductors. He said that the men sometimes showed care and affection to them. 
“As they moved from one creek to another, the children were taught how to swim by one of the kidnappers and how to manoeuvre water body in the creeks.” 
“We were told not to ask them questions unless they naturally tell us their stories. Psychologists said we should not bother them with issues bordering on their traumatic experiences in the creeks. They don’t want them to continue to have the fear. 
“In fact, one of them (kidnappers) gave my son a belt which he was using. We had to remove and throw it away. We promised to get him another belt. We told him he couldn’t take anything from the kidnappers. 
“He said that the kidnappers never maltreated them. The only time they were threatened was when the kidnappers shot into the air. 
The following day, the kidnappers explained that they were threatening them for a purpose.”
Another of the parents, Mr. Agbaosi said;
“I was surprised when my son, Judah, knocked on my door Saturday morning and requested that we should come out for prayers. 
“Before his abduction, he was not the type that likes joining us in Morning Prayer. Saturday morning, he just walked straight to my room, knocked on my door and asked his mother and I to come out for prayers. 
During the prayer, he prayed for everybody, including his teachers and colleagues in school. 
“After the prayers, I asked him when he had become a prayer warrior; he replied that the kidnappers taught them how to pray in the creek. 
He also asked me if I would allow him to return to the school, I told him the decision would be between his mother and I.”

An 18-year-old final year Senior High School (SHS) student in Ghana whose name was only given as Alex has narrated how the craze for money and material wealth made it possible for an old man to lure him into occultism.
According to Adom News , the young boy claiming to possess demonic power on Asempa FM’s mid morning show, Abrabo hosted by Maame Akua Austin said he now wants to quit.
Narrating his story, the young boy said he got the evil power when he met an old man on his way to church Sunday morning.
“Just as I was about to enter the church, an old man approached me and asked for me money for food, when I gave him my offering, he gave me a chain made with cowries and asked me recite anything I need and it will be done”. He also said due to my parents, I should always go the cemetery, forest or the beach to do the ritual” he noted.

The naïve young man said he happily accepted it but when he turned to thank the old man, he had vanished.
Alex said his life took a different turn after that encounter and now an occult, has marine and dwarf spirits.
“At first, it was very exciting using the powers because I use it to help my friends lure girls who hitherto did not given in to their proposals, help people to defraud foreigners which is popularly known as sakawa and disappear any time I want” he stated.
But now, Alex said his education and future is at risk because the spirits don’t allow him to rest. What he never did, the 18-year-old boy said is to kill people for rituals.
“I can be in class and disappear because the dwarfs need me and the same time the marine spirits also need my services. I’m now confused and need urgent help” he bemoaned.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Sarkin Gobir Adiya, a member of the traditional ruling family of the Sokoto Caliphate - who has done the country proud in the United Kingdom. Dr. Zainab Adiya is the daughter of the influential business mogul Prince Ibrahim S G Adiya (the grandson of Late Sultan Muhammad Tambari). Dr. Adiya obtained her PhD from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) on 10th July 2017 and have worked as a demonstrator and support invigilator in the same university.

During the course of her Ph.D., she has two Journal papers published in highly reputable international journals. She presently has 1 journal paper under review and 1 more to be submitted soon in addition to a number of conferences and seminars and her work was represented.

Dr. Adiya was the African representative at working international fair and member Nigerian Student Society Electoral Committee (2017/2018 election) all in the University of Leeds. She is a senior member of the America Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and the United Kingdom Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCS).

Her newest research project involves coupling sorption enhancement and chemical looping in conventional steam reforming process.

Congratulations to the Princess of the Caliphate, who is now joined by her family in wishing her God's guidance and blessings.

Incase you have younger ones seeking Admission into the University or you yourself seeking Admission, Below is the list of the Universities in Nigeria with the Fastest Academic Calendar.






7. UNN


10. NDU

This List is 95% Accurate , You can Sure let us know which School is not suppose to be in the List.

The incident of 25th July 2017 where some Boko Haram Terrorists ambushed our troops including members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) escorting some staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as well as that of University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) on oil exploration in Borno Yesu District of Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno state is unfortunate and highly regrettable. Most regrettable also is my earlier release on the said incident about the rescue of all NNPC Staff. The error in the statement was not deliberate.

The Nigerian Army in this present dispensation is reputed for timely dissemination of information on activities of our troops in all theatre of operations. We have strived to keep the public informed on our activities with no intention of distorting any fact. Our troops have doubled efforts in the pursuit of the Boko Haram terrorists while search and rescue is still on-going to secure the safe return of the remaining civilians.

So far the search and rescue team has recovered additional bodies of 5 soldiers, 11 Civilian JTF and 5 members of the exploration team.

Contrary to reports in some media, 6 members of exploration team out of 12 that went out are still missing, while one of the NNPC staff returned to base alive.

On the other hand, our pursuit team also recovered 2 of our own Gun trucks and an additional Toyota Buffalo Gun truck from the insurgents. In addition, the team also made the following recoveries; 4 Rocket Propelled Grenade Bombs, 4 Rocket Propelled Grenade chargers, 6 AK-47 rifles, 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun, 1 General Purpose Machine Gun,1 Anti-Aircraft Gun Barrel, 1 Rocket Propelled Grenade Tube, 4 Dane Guns, 8 Tyres and 2 Tyre Rims.
Other items recovered include 1 Pumping Machine, 2 Tyre Jacks, 1 Super Battery, 5 Reflective Jackets, 3 Toyota Hilux, 4 Jerry cans filled with PMS, 1 Motorola Radio, 1 Geographical Positioning System (GPS), 21 empty Jerry cans, 2 Shovels and 3 Food Coolers. Troops also recovered 122 rounds of PKM ammunition, 213 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ammunition, 1255 Anti-Aircraft Guns ammunition, 4 boxes of API 12.7mm ammunition, 1 AK-47 Rifle Magazine, a Digger, 2 Bows and 13 Arrows, 2 LLG Bombs, assorted drugs and assorted working tools.

The Nigerian Army condoles with the families of all that lost their loved ones in this unfortunate incident. Search and rescue efforts are on-going. We are counting on the goodwill and support of the populace in volunteering valuable information that could help in the search and rescue operation.

What the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists are doing are pure criminal activities of kidnapping to gain funds. This has been noted and will be jointly addressed in conjunction with other Security Services.

The Nigerian Army remains resolute in the fight against terrorism and would not relent in its effort to safe guard lives of citizens, properties and the territorial integrity of the country.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman
Director Army Public Relations

Chinedu Orakwue, the father of 14-year-old schoolgirl, Obiamaka Orakwue, who was raped to death by unidentified persons in her home in Abule Ado area of Lagos, has disclosed more details about her untimely demise..

According to the father of the late teen, his daughter’s head was smashed against the wall after she had been raped...

Chinedu, who said he was not around on the day the incident happened said his daughter went to bed sound only to be found dead in the morning.
According to him;
“She was murdered in our home here on July 10. Before I left, she was fine and there was no cause for alarm. 
“Her mother said she said goodnight to everybody and went to bed early because she needed to wake up early for school. 
Her mother slept in a separate room. In the morning, they were expecting her to be up from her bed. 
“When her mother called her and got no response, they entered her room and found her in the pool of her blood. They smashed her skull after raping her to death”.
When asked how the culprits entered her room, Chinedu replied;
“They entered through the window. We have a backdoor through the kitchen but it was not touched. 
“They removed the window glass, burglary and went in. They scaled through the fence to come in because the gate was locked.
Two of her elder brothers went to call the police. 
“The police came, took notes and took the corpse to the mortuary.”

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Religious war is currently looming in Imo state as the Clergy of Anglican Diocese of Orlu has raised alarm over the planned acquisition of the former Orientation Camp which according to them originally belonged to Anglican Communion, otherwise known as old TTC, and Ama Nwanyi, some 100 years ago.

The Umudi Chiefs at the Traditional Ruler's Palace expressed their great shock over such "gross criminal act" in the church take over of their land.

Aisha Yesufu, Co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls movement has surprised her daughter in the most beautiful way ever.
She presented her daughter, Aaliyah by gifting her an iPhone 7 for making 8A’s in her WAEC exams.
She shared the video on Twitter with the caption:
I have always told my children that effort is what counts most for me. I surprised my daughter with the gift she wanted if she GOT 8 A*s
The video shows her daughter break into tears after she was presented with the gift.