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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We gathered some pictures of some NYSC members rocking outfits that will have you raising eyebrows and wondering ‘why is this not the usual uniform?’
Many people might condemn them for daring to defy the norm by changing the dress code and not sticking to the usual military-style uniform provided by NYSC, but you can’t deny they look good doing it.
The ladies took their outfits to a whole new level by changing casual to stylish, thereby making the otherwise boring uniforms look very attractive.
We decided to bring you seven ‘outstanding’ outfits worn by ladies who decided to make a statement with their uniforms.
1. This lady chose to pair her NYSC t-shirt with a matching jacket and short combo. The stylish lady had her hair done up in a bun, and she wore a pair of sneakers with stripes to complement her outfit.
She sure looked good in it.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the shorts and matching jacket
2. This beautiful lady below simply bought materials with a smoother look compared to the normal khaki handed out at the NYSC camps.
She adjusted her shirt to show off her cleavage, of course she didn’t wear the usual white T-shirt underneath.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the off-shoulder top
3. This beautiful young lady chose to trade in her pair of khaki trousers for a pair of short shorts. She however managed to comply with the rules by wearing her NYSC-allotted t-shirt and khaki boots.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the short shorts and actual NYSC t-shirt
4. This lady chose to make dungarees instead of a pair of combat trousers. She however paired it with her NYSC t-shirt and rocked her sneakers without a pair of socks.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the 3/4 dungarees
5. This young lady is every bit a ‘slay queen’ as she pulls off the ‘I don’t care if I get into trouble’ look.
She wore tight fitting khaki trousers and matching oversized shirt, which she even paired with white heels. She sure slayed!!!
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the pencil trousers and oversized shirt
6. This right here is one lady who ‘doesn’t send anybody’.
She surely doesn’t look like she cares about getting into trouble as she rocks her ripped jeans with an open-back sleeveless t-shirt.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the ripped trousers and sleeveless t-shirt

7. This beautiful young lady wore her khaki trousers with a white off-shoulder crop top. She sure looks like a beauty queen.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the crop top
8. Even though she dressed ‘appropriately’ in her NYSC uniform, she however defaulted by wearing a cold-shoulder white top with her khakis.
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with a cold shoulder top
9. This lady is bad like that. Not only did she wear a crop top with designs on it, she paired her outfit with a pair of fringed heels. Daring anyone?
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with a colourful print crop top
10. This one takes the cake. She really deviated from the usual khaki trouser, and instead opted for a skirt. Looks like she was trying to prove a point?
stylish NYSC outfit
The one with the skirt
These ladies sure slayed these outfits, but whichever one you choose to wear, be sure there’s no soldier near you or someone from the NYSC office, to avoid ‘stories that touch’.

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