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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today, 4th of June 2017, the Obafemi Awolowo University Department of Student Affairs has prohibited all forms of religious activity in the halls of residence.
The release did not fail to advice students to either perform their religious rites in the privacy and of their rooms or go to their various religious grounds.
The ‘Special Release’ written solely in Upper Case, read thus:
“This is to bring to the attention of all students that all religious activities is hereby suspended in halls of residence until further notice.
Any student that fails to comply will face immediate disciplinary action which may include revocation of studentship and expulsion.
Students are advised to pray in their individual rooms or move to the religious centre”

The school’s DSA has spared no second in executing this order. Some reports suggest that some members of the school’s DSA and security, went into the two major hall mosques (Awolowo hall mosque and Fajuyi hall mosque) and laid waste all the temporary structures in it after sending the Students out of them.
The religious centre is fifteen to twenty minutes walk from the ‘Awo’ hall which is the most populated hall of residence on campus. Embarking on such a walk five times everyday might be more of difficulty than ease for most Muslim students and a lot of Muslim students view this as an attempt to stop them from observing their daily prayers.
Disturbingly, there have been no reports of similar demolitions in any of the several ‘hall’ secretariats allocated the Christian fellowships.
It should not be forgotten that the Dean of the DSA, G.O Akinola, has never been the best friend of the Muslim students since her arrival in office.
Once, she called the hall mosques a brothel. Might this be a ‘diplomatic’ step she is taking to eliminate those “brothels” from the school?
There have been countless claims and accusations of a ‘christianization’ agenda going on in the school, with the faculty of pharmacy not having any Muslim lecturer and many departments having just one or two Muslim lecturers.


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