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Sunday, May 28, 2017

There was drama today in the Main Campus of the University Of Uyo, Akwaibom during the early hours of the day.
The year one students in the Faculty of Engineering of the Prestigious Citadel were having their Physics 121 lectures when suddenly, a boy spotted a snake on the roof of the lecture hall.

This caused uproar, chaos and screens especially from the girls whobtook to running in order to save their lives.
However, irrespective of the scary looking snake, two courageous students took it upon themselves to kill the snake and afters series of trials and hours, the snake which carefully hid itself amongst the timbers, zinc and other structures of the roof was hurled down and stoned to death by the ever vibrant gingering and swaggering Engineering students of the State's foremost higher institution.

No sooner than the snake was killed by the students than the security man assigned to that building appeared from nowhere to take the glory.
As a result of this, heated violence erupted between the security agents and the students over the Snake.

The security man who tried to use a machete to carry the dead snake was stopped by the angry students who shouted: "bring back our snake, we no go gree ooooo, that na biological specimen oooo," amongst other chants.

In defiance of the students demands, the Security man still carried the snake making one Engineering boy to stone down the snake, an action that annoyed the Security man who chased the student with the machete.
Upon seeing one of them being chaesd the entire students decided to assault the security agents over what the considered as gross misconduct in the school's premises for the purpose of self aggrandizement on the part of the security man.

It took the swift intervention of the Chief security officer, the lecturers present and other security experts to return normalcy to the place.
As at 11:20, the ever articulated Engineering students decided to embrace peace and shove their sword.

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