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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm marking my student's test and I saw this in his book. I guess the struggle is real. Wait, is he even up to 18?

not actual photo

NO fewer than six female students, one of them a final year student of the Department of Library and Information Science, Delta State University, Abraka, were last Friday caught with “expo materials” during examination.

An examiner identified as Sylvester Okiemute caught a final year female student of the Department of Library and Information Science with incriminating materials during an examination.

Sources said the student was caught while sitting for an exam on ‘Entrepreneurship and Information Services’ who had been observing her suspicious moves

It was gathered that the examiner, convinced that the student was making reference to a paper he smuggled in, asked her to hand over the paper. The girl denied and that led to a shouting match between the examiner and the student. It was gathered that the examiner dipped his hands into her private part recovered the incriminating materials.

Our source, who narrated the incident on condition of anonymity, said the

student was earlier caught by another examiner and she pleaded with the examiner, who later pardoned her.

She was reportedly given another booklet to start over again, but was caught again, 45 minutes later.

Confirming the incident, the university Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Victor Peretomode, said the university had declared total war on illegality and examination malpractices.

Peretomode warned that any student, no matter how highly placed, found to be involved in examination malpractices would be shown the way out.
1) You spend the hard-earned money of your parents or guardians to rent an apartment and she packs in. She will save the money that has been given to her and use it to better her life! You go dey there dey form ‘married man’  I guess you have never worked for money before so you don’t freaking know what it means to cough out thousands or hundreds of thousands to rent an apartment! I know guys who wouldn’t allow their younger ones stay with them in school, but dem fit pay continuously for an apartment for dem and their girlfriends from 100L to final year. What a pity!!!

2) You start feeding her! Deh say small pikin wey wan carry e papa for shoulder, na big blokos go suffocate am!!!  When you decide to live like a married man, you must also accept the responsibilities of a married man! Simple. How can you be taking care of somebody when you are still being taken care of?  I don’t get it. Most girls who find themselves in such position would definitely pray it lasts till they sit for their degree exams! She buys Brazilian hairs, jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, etc with her up-keep money  And you? You use yours to buy breads, fry eggs and make tea for the both of you! Not forgetting that her friends will still come and eat. When will you have sense then?

3) If both of you are in the same dept., you end up doing assignments for her, writing tests and exams for her! Didn’t God give her brain? There’s a high possibility that she would graduate with a 2.1 and you, a 2.2 or a 3rd class because God must surely punish you for cheating and impersonating

4) You lose your privacy and the opportunity to interact and associate with other reasonable, focused and ambitious students on campus! Your friends take precaution before they visit you. You are stuck with just one person. Why do you think young people are always encouraged to reach out to and make friends with members of the opposite sex far from the

time they would be getting married? I ask you, Papa Lotanna!!! Yes, that’s who you are since you have decided to get married in school without the knowledge of your parents. That’s why I still prefer private universities. Things like cohabiting hardly take place!

5) Foolishly thinking that both of you will get married at last! Most of the guys I knew personally in the university who cohabited with their girlfriends were later dumped or jilted after graduation. Reason: those girls would not want to lose their privacy normally living with a guy from 100L to final year but they decided to cohabit to save their resources and live on the guys’ resources I told you, these girls have plans and you are not part of their plans…just one of the steps on the ladder for those plans to be achieved!!! So when will you have sense, I asked again?

Go to school, study very hard, learn a trade or skill as you are schooling. Make adequate plans for life after graduation. Stop making marriage plans with your that babe that cohabits with you. If you do, you do, you either day-dreaming or living in a fool’s paradise! You are free to have girlfriend because you are mature but don’t allow them cohabit with you!

A word is enough for the wise…peace to ya’ all.
Okay batch B stream two orientation course ended about two weeks ago. Well, I'm privileged to be posted to the capital of the largest state in Naija! (google is at your reach ).

Btw, below are my list of the 10 types of people you meet in the Nysc Orientation camp.

1. The Clowns

These are the extremely funny ones, mostly warri guys. They always have something to say to get people's ribs cracking. You will never see them been serious for once, all they do is find someone or something to make fun of. They never get tired of talking. Don't bother confronting them for anything because you will end up as their topic and have so many persons laughing at you.

2. Error-Prone

These category are the otondos that always get it all wrong on the parade ground. After been corrected severally, they still get confused. You see them turning to the right at the command of 'left turn'. When others are at Attention, that's when they have their hands behind at Ease. Thier hands will never rhyme with others during quick match and when they halt, their legs always bangs last.
They are the kind of people that still hangs their 'head dress' in the air even after the completion of the 3 hearties to the Governor.

3. The Scroungers

They can beg to borrow your destiny. They never possessed anything of their own instead indulge in the habit of borrowing every possible thing from you, and then you will have to beg before they return it. These set of persons lived in school hostel and are used to the hostel lifestyles, so they never bothered to come with basic needs with the assurance of getting it from others. Its when you just finished locking your box and set to go out that they will come and be like; 'bros abeg I need toothpaste' .. abeg I fit use your towel? 'bros I go like borrow your comb' .....
and also they are never with 'change' ...always asks for N20 to buy table water.


These ones are the first to complain about how terrible the food is and yet they never missed a meal. These kind of people will join the platoon set to leave the parade ground first, so that they can get their plates washed quickly and gets to the kitchen before any other person does. You see them forming a que even when the water to make eba is yet to boil.
They already exhaust thier money to Mami at the first week of Orientation.

5. Shunters

This kind of people can be so annoying en, you been standing in sun for hours and then you see them coming from nowhere to join the long 'line' at the front. Shunting is in their blood, even where you have just 3 persons on a line, they still find a way to chance the last person. Some do it politely by begging to join......and some will just be like 'guy I dey here before o, I went to blow my nose ni' . .....who be mumu

6. Womanizer

These are the no dulling guys. They are in camp to hunt for girls and their aim is to woo as many as possible so that as they are serving the father land, they will be servicing their rooster as well cheesy

7. Photo Freak

The ladies are more in this category. They prefer spending all their money on photograph to feeding their tummy. They never get satisfied with selfies no matter the amount of shots taken

8. Do-nothing crew

You begin to wonder if this kind of persons were forced to be in camp. They don't participate in anything, be it the fun aspect and the boring parts. They hardly go for parade and lectures and always complain about the Nysc scheme being a waste of time. You will always find them laying on their bed in the room even after the soldiers has chased everyone out. They have their drugs and fake medical reports to cover up.

9. The Old youth

These ones don't want to be left out of the fun in camp, so they leave their children and wives at home to take part in the orientation. They do every possible thing not to look old specifically their 'skin' hairstyle. And then you see them very quiet. They prefer not to be noticed.

10. Feel free to add to the list!

Monday, February 27, 2017
23- Regent School Maitama N1.35 Million Abuja
22- Bloombreed High School N1.5 Million Port Harcourt
21- Lead British International School N1.5 Million Abuja
20- Norwegian International School N1,843,750Million Port Harcourt
19- Nigerian Turkish International College N1.6 Million Abuja
18- Greenoak International School N1.9 Million Port Harcourt
17- International Community School N1.9 Million Abuja
16- Charles Dale Memorial International School N2,040,000 Million Port Harcourt

15- Dowen College, N2Million Lagos
14- Chrisland College N2Million Lagos
13- Atlantic Hall N2.27 Million Lagos
12- Corona Secondary School N2.55 Million Agbara Ogun State
11- Hillcrest School N2.65 Million Jos
10- Loyola Jesuit N2.8 Million Abuja
9- Meadow Hall N3 Million Lagos
8- Greenspring School N3.185 Million Lagos
7- Whiteplains British School N3.6 Million Abuja
6- Day Waterman College N3.7 Million Abeokuta
5- Lekki British International High School N4 Million Lagos
4- American International School N4.3 Million Abuja
3- British International School N4.48 Million Lagos
2- Grange High School N4.5 Million Lagos
1- American International School N5.5 Million Lagos
Looking at this yansh, reminds me of our Secondary school days when we always looked at our fem@le teacher’s Ukwu whenever sh-e was writing on the board, lol. See another p!c below

Sunday, February 26, 2017

These two fellows graduated from the Faculty of Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiww University and this is how their schoolmates congratulated them. The guy on the left doesn't look like he found it funny. Lol. More photos after the cut...

* Juanita Amazu -HRM

 * Abdulahi moji -Microbiology

They're not only but HOT, FINE, S*XY & BEAUTIFUL, they are also Brains  and well brought up with norms & morals! 

Check Out Their Male Counterparts Here

* Omokharo princess         Colnas
* Maria ciafias -Architecture

* Nkiruka essien  Micro-biology
* Oke Damilola      Economics
* Lilian  Economics

* Divine Hannah     Banking & finanace
* Anita joseph Oge    Architecture
This blogger claims to have sampled the comments on Nairaland and arrived at a list of courses that no one should spend time or money studying in Nigeria.
“Please don’t find solace or justification because you know a single person that has studied one of these programs and became successful,” the blogger writes, “it is not enough reason to do it.”

Citing reasons as extinction, low employability, stifled career advancement, bureaucracy and nepotism as reasons why these courses are ‘not ideal’ for studying, the blogger listed the courses as follows:

  1. Animal Physiology
  2. Developmental Studies
  3. history
  4. Anthropology
  5. Philosophy
  6. General and Liberal Arts
  7. Humanities
  8. Religious Studies
  9. Mass Communication
  10. Archeology
  11. Photographic Arts
  12. Sociology
  13. Counselor
  14. Food Science
  15. Sport science
  16. French
  17. English Literature
  18. Media studies
  19. Geography
  20. Film Studies
Do you agree with this writer?

This is devastating! Miss Mimidoo Ikima was yesterday around 11:55pm operated on at Madonna hospital makurdi. But it wasn’t successful, she died thereafter.

She is a graduate of benue state university makurdi, department of Political Science, she was treasurer of the student union. May her soul rest in peace.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

1, 2, 3 or all? Lol

So this is allowed? You can wear skirt for NYSC if your religion forbids trousers?
Here are 7 words Nigerians use every day which don’t exist. These are the kind of words you type into your phone or computer and it draws a red line underneath it. Please read on and educate yourself.

(1.) GO- SLOW Although the word ‘go-slow’ appears in the dictionary, it is wrongly used by many Nigerians. The word go-slow means a form of industrial action in which work or progress is deliberately delayed or slowed down. It does not mean congested traffic, so it is wrong to use it in that way.

(2.) INSTALMENTALLY There is no such word in the English dictionary, this word exists only in the Nigerian edition dictionary (if such a book exists). The correct thing to say is ‘in installments’

(3.) OPPORTUNED How many times do you say ‘I was not opportuned to come’? The correct variants that exist are ‘opporteune’ or ‘opportunity’. The word ‘opportune’ has no past tense.

(4.) CUNNY “That guy is very cunny”. This is wrong, the word is ‘cunning’, not cunny. If you want to refer to someone who is sly or deceitful, use the word ‘cunning’, ‘cunny’ simply does not exist.

(5.) WAKE-KEEPING I’m sure most people will argue with this, but argue as you may, what you will find in the dictionary is ‘wake- keep’. (

6.) SCREENTOUCH PHONE Oyinbo people made these devices and called it ‘touchscreen’, by the time the phones go enter Naija, we rename them ‘screen touch’

(7.) DISVIRGIN No, you did not dis virgin that babe, you deflowered her, you took away her virginity, but you certainly did not disvirgin her, because the word ‘disvirgin’ simply does not exist!
No course studied in the higher institution seems
easy, but some are brutal and can snuff life outta
However, don't get afraid of them. They're
actually interesting. So grab a packet of popcorn as I take you through them.

1. Engineering: the name of this course speaks for itself already. The dudes that study this course eh.....*winks*. It undeniably houses all heavy weight courses in engine faculty like chemical engineering, mechanical, production, petroleum...etc..any guy you see rushing to lecture hall with a punching calculator, they're engine boys o.

2.Medicine: What makes this course challenging, is because you'll be forced to read(jack) like your life depends on the degree of knowledge you obtain from their heavy an bulky textbooks. Some of them actually do go for thanksgiving, when they pass their MBBS exam, that contains Anatomy,physiology and biochem.

3.Biochemistry: people usually think that it's a combination of biology and chemistry. If you're one of such, abeg, it's a wrong impression. You will actually get familiar with Bio molecules and giant Organic structures, that will choke you up. This course requires much logic.
What makes it challenging,is that you'll have to

learn a lot within a short duration. Metabolic pathways might seem frustrating atimes...*winks*. Another thing about this course is that their lecturers are always sadists, due to long years of studying brutal carbohydrate and enzyme structures.

4.Chemistry: I call this course the power,because these dudes can mix chemical concoctions of Ammonia and HCL and blow everywhere...chem guys, I dey joke o....Its actually one of the most difficult in physical science, because you'll make friends with differential equation in physical chemistry,which will leave you wondering if you're studying maths or chemical reactions.

5.Pharmacy: Its already obvious.don't know where to begin with this course.It overlaps critical aspect of chemistry. You hear stuffs like pharmacokinetics, drug metabolisms etc.

6.Architecture: the funny thing about this course is that it sounds cool and friendly,but when you get in,you know that not all that glitters are gold. You'll get familiar with geometric drawings,optics and so on, which atimes is usually a pain to the Bottom.
Recently, students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) went on a protest over the increase of school fees. The protest degenerated and led to the shut down of the institution.
7 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2017
With the ongoing economic hardship in Nigeria, many are worried about the rising cost of education. What are the most expensive universities in Nigeria, in 2017?
7. Ajayi Crowther University (N200,000 – N695,000)
Ajayi Crowther university is a private university located in Oyo state Nigeria. The religious studies facuty of the school pays as much as N200, 000, while the faculty of law pays between N670,000 and N695,000.
6. Covenant University (N790,000 – N814,000)
Covenant University is located in Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria. It is a private Christian university, affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide.
The architecture and engineering programmes are among the most expensive with their fees running into N814,000 or even more.
5. Afe Babalola University (N700,000 – N1,500,000)
Afe Babalola University is a non-profit private university located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. It was founded by the lawyer and philanthropist, Afe Babalola, in 2009.
The students of the management and business faculty of the institution pay as much as N1, 577,000.

4. American University of Nigeria (N400,000 – N1,590,000)
American University of Nigeria is a private university in northeastern Nigeria that offers American style higher education programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.
The tuition fees of the institution ranges from N400,000 – N1, 590,000.
3. Bowen University (N470,000 – N1,850,000)
Bowen University is a private Nigerian university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.
The faculty of Agriculture students pay as much as N530,000, while the students of medicine pay around N1,850,000.
2. University (N300,000 – 3,000,000) University is a private Christian co-educational Nigerian university owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria.
Most of the faculties pay between N300,000 and N480,000, but the medical faculty students pay as much as N3,160,000.
1. Igbinedion University (N600,000 – 3,000,000)
Igbinedion University Okada, established in 1999, is regarded by some as the premier private university in Nigeria. Located at Okada in Okada, a town near Benin City, Edo state.
Computer science and Nursing students, pay about N600,000 and N700,000 while medicine students pay N3,000,000 which includes tuition, accommodation and other charges.
Below is a video of students speaking up about university admission problems:

Friday, February 24, 2017

I.G Yusuf, IBB University Lecturer Caught pants down Trying To have sex With A Student (Photos)

I.G Yusuf, a lecturer in English department Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University caught trying to have s ex with a student.

This lecturer had been pestering and threatening one of his students for some time but eventually got what was coming to him when he was set up by the girl and her boyfriend.

According to Twitter user @bebeBADaxx, her mom sent her this picture
of how a parent showed up to a mother-son dance in a school.

This has got to be wrong on every level!

Curviest girl in Unilag who is an engineering student wore this outfit to church today and people have been talking about it saying the pastor would loose concentration. Share your thoughts, is it a wrong choice for church?
OMG!!! S*x Scandal In The NYSC Camp....
An eye-witness account of how married female corpers hide wedding rings, play love games in Tsafe Camp,Zamfara’s three weeks orientation programme of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members are often regimented.
Participants in the scheme face hectic drills by soldiers and their steps are closely monitored by eagle-eyed soldiers. Sadly, some female corps members still break camp rules, as they turn the camping exercise to a free s*x carnival.
Life in the orientation camp is fun, although occasionally ‘marred’ by regular sessions of drills, mind-blowing and strenuous activities like the Man O’ War drills, endurance trek, camp fire night and the regular early morning parade.
Some girls were so carefree that they actually succeeded in having s*x on a daily basis, frolicking with male corps members, and even some soldiers (don’t ask me how I got to know, lest I start mentioning names with genuine evidence) and a few camp officials who do not want to be left out of the corpers’ rush.
To my utmost chagrin, some of the teenage Aboki boys otherwise known as Almajiris that at times helped out with chores especially fetching of water, also ate the free love dishes served by my fellow female comrades. It was difficult to believe that those female graduates actually had it with these muscular teenage boys and, they too, in turn, were willing to service as many females as are willing to pay as low as N500 or more

About one week into the orientation exercise, two girls were reportedly decamped having been caught making love with the abokis. This news was confirmed by one of the soldiers as he was literally advising female corps members to hook up with responsible soldiers who would provide them the luxury of a decent place to be laid as against doing it with the abokis on a dusty grass.
He said one of those girls caught and decamped was a married woman as the camp authorities called her husband, thinking it was her father, to inform him of what his daughter did on camp. So infuriated was the husband that the poor man went through the stress of removing all her belongings from his house, all the way from Kaduna where they both lived, to Zamfara State before picking her up from the camp to her parent’s house.
Other offences that could make one liable to be decamped includes: lunacy, which I know by now many people would have screamed God forbid, fighting and injuring fellow corps members (hence sharp objects were seized from our belongings prior to venturing into the premises), stealing, breaking any of the outlined camp rules all of which have escaped my memory and, of course, infidelity (which we all know is done with the wrong person).
Source: Sunnewsonline

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Nigerian Facebook user, Jennifer Belle Aise, who took to her page to brag that she drugged her young nephew with weed for failing to greet her , has revealed it was only a prank..

Sharing a photo with her nephew, she wrote;
I know my attention has been drawn to an online news circulating about my last video I posted yesterday…
I want to state clearly that it was a total joke which I deeply regret…..
I just wanted to be funny n make a joke out of the little boy while he was dozing….
The truth is that I have never touch or smoke weed in my entire life not to talk of drugging my little boy with weed.
I repeat IT WAS A JOKE but a stupid one
I regret my action or post and I take responsibility fr the backlash such mistake will never happen again…
After eaten his food he started feeling dizzy and he was really funny so I decided to take a video of him
Believe me he is my little brother and I can do such stupid act, I heart him soo much
Hope you all believe after reading this that it was a joke….
This faceless 19-year old female student of an unspecified federal university seems to be having a perfect life outwardly and nobody will ever imagine her engaging in this s*xual act at the dark corners of her house.
Relationship adviser and blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the present predicament of a young lady secretly indulging in the chronic act of masturbation for over 3 years.
She admitted her inability to close her eyes every night without engaging in ‘self-help’. From her conclusion, this dark secret of her life seem to be affecting her relationship with male folksl
Read her story below:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

bride (1)

what do you think guys is this Hot or WHAT

el rufai (1)
You can be smarter than your interviewer if you practice the most common interview questions and pay more attention to tricky interview questions that can throw you off balance.
During a job interview, employers sometimes ask tricky questions to trip you up, not out of maliciousness, but to get an accurate sense of your candidacy.
Interviewers know that you’ve probably practiced all of the most common interview questions, so they try to stump you with trickier ones to get a better idea of your background, your communication skills, and how you’ll perform should they offer you the job.
That’s we have put together 5 unavoidable trap questions you’ll definitely be asked in your next job interview, and best answers to build on.
1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
This is another job interview question that employers ask. One of the best answers to give will be:
‘I see myself at the other side of the table, attaining greater height in this organization’
‘From my research, I noticed this organization have no branches in places like X and Y states, I hope to be one of the top executives in those states’ in the next 5 years.
Your response shouldn’t show self-centeredness. Some people have replied with things about how they wish to travel out of the country, having a perfect vacation, building houses and other dreams that don’t add value to the organization they intend to work in.
2. What is your dream job? Tell me about it

Most people are inclined to respond with one of two options. They either say the job that they are applying for, or they mention a job that is unrealistic or totally unrelated to the job description to which they are applying.
The important thing to do when asked this job interview question is to put the emphasis on the type of work environment you are looking for rather than any specific job.
Avoid saying that the job you are applying for is your dream job. The interviewer will know you are not being truthful.
Avoid saying something that might give the impression that you will one day leave your job for another.
You might say something around:
I have always been a people person. I like to make people happy and find valid solutions to concerns and problems. My dream job would be in a workplace where I’ll have the opportunity to use my problem-solving skills (or other relevant skills) to the organization’s advantage
3. Tell be about a problem you had with your boss
This is a trap interview question. Interviewers want to know if you’ll speak ill of your boss. You have to be careful when answering questions about your previous boss.
True, your boss might have been awful but you don’t need to say so. What if the employer knows your former boss personally? It is always smart to be considerate and diplomatic when answering this interview question.
Instead, discuss the strengths of your previous boss.
You might respond with:
No, I’m a hard worker and my managers always seem to appreciate the job I’m doing. I’ve always got along well with every manager I’ve had.
I must say that when I first started out in my previous job, my manager and I had a different expectation for the workflow for each day. But once I talked to him about it, we realized our goals were very compatible and we were able to work successfully.
Note: Tailor your response to fit your personal circumstances.
4. Do you have any outstanding debts?
Ah! This is actually a trick question, one that your interviewer should NOT be asking you
Why Would You Be Asked This Job Interview Question?
When an employer is considering candidates for a new job, they want to make sure that they are hiring the most responsible, professional and hard-working person. Handling money and debt properly is a very good indication of how responsible people are, so employers will often avoid hiring people with bad debt.
Make sure to consider it carefully. If you have no debt, you have no reason not to answer. If you have debt, however, that’s when things get a bit tricky.
Take responsibility for your debt, but show that you’re handling it like a responsible adult.
There are few ways you can answer the question:
  • “When I was still an undergraduate, I was unprepared to handle financial responsibility and thus ended up in debt. I have been working to repair my debt, and will be out from under debt in XX number of months/years”
  • “I got in debt X-number of months ago, but have worked to keep up with paying my debts over time. It will take X months to clear my debts but I don’t think my past should affect the decision to hire me.”
5. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
By asking this interview question, recruiters try to know your behavior and what kind of person you really are.
Knowing what you plan to do when you are retired, gives them an idea about who you are or what you set out to accomplish. For example if you’re applying for a creative job then say you’ll write a book on topics related to your job.
If you say something like ‘I wouldn’t retire, I’d work here’, the answer is just plain silly. Any experienced interviewer can spot dishonesty a mile away. Instead, you might say that you would do some volunteer work in a relevant industry.
The Perfect way to go about this is to prepare a well-thought out and honest answer. The answer should be sensible rather than fantastical and deluded. It should be related to the job you’re applying for.
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