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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Choi!…Who do we blame for his!…Hehe…

To be an engineer from futo no be come chop....this is how we write it...futo exam na you and GOD dear to make first class and second class in futo no be's exam ....anyway that is why we never celebrate until we write our final exam that final day.....

Friday, April 29, 2016

Whenever I look at this Caption, I laugh hard That moment When you're graduating and you can't even remember what you studied

Ameh Ugwu Micheal, otherwise known as Alhaji and his little 'corper'

A19-year old student was arrested by police in the southern province of Hau Giang, Vietnam, for allegedly filming several female classmates while bathing and blackmailing them for money. Duong Ho Vu of Can Tho University was caught red-handed on Tuesday, April 26 while he was withdrawing VND500,000 one of the girls had sent him, they said.

According to Thanh Nien News, Vu had demanded that each of the dozen girls should pay him VND5 million, failing which he said he would post the films on the Internet. He admitted to the police he had secretly recorded the girls bathing naked between mid-March and early April when the students stayed at a national defense education camp.

He hid inside the women’s toilet and filmed on his mobile phone. Only one of the victims agreed to pay him and only VND1.5 million. He was arrested while withdrawing part of that money.

Source: Thanh Nien News

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

See what a guy wore to school today for project defense

Monday, April 25, 2016

This is the shocking moment high school teen Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was allegedly attacked and killed by a group of bullies in the school bathroom. The picture, taken from cellphone footage, shows the 16-year-old being forced to her knees by a girl who has grabbed hold of her hair. The police are investigating and that the assault may have been filmed by one or more of Joyner-Francis' attackers. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Most Beautiful University In Northern Nigeria Here

There are Universities in Nigeria with inviting views. Some of these Universities would the most costly if there environs determines their school fees lol….
Northern Nigeria especially the North Eastern States are seen as one of the least expected Place for SUCH a beautiful place. GOMBE STATE UNIVERSITY has drawn alot of attention from alot of people seeking nice and conducive learning environment which can be compared to anyone abroad especially Africa. Just take a look and what do u think?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

NYSC Camp Nigeria – “NYSC Camp Requirements : Things You Must Take Along To NYSC Orientation Camp”, you should have an idea of what I intend to write about. If you have been thinking this article would be about things you need for personal use and survival at the NYSC orientation camp, then you are incorrect. If that’s what you want to read about, I will surely drop an article on that soon but to start with let me write about this. I used the word “MUST” because they are required at NYSC Orientation Camp.
NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2014 Batch B, NYSC Batch B 2014, NYSC Redeployment, NYSC Call-up Letters Batch B 2014, NYSC Redeployment, NYSC camp requirements
NYSC Camp Requirements are the things You Must Take Along To NYSC Orientation Camp, they are compulsory and you will not even be registered in NYSC Camp if you don’t have them with you. That’s why I decided to address this issue first, we will address the issue of personal effects you should take along to NYSC Camp in another article.
If you are going to the Nigeria’s National Youth Orientation (NYSC) Camp soon after you have known your NYSC Posting through your call-up letter, then there are some important documents and items you must take along – these are the NYSC Orientation Camp requirements we are talking about. Failure to go with them will deny you participation in the orientation course.

NYSC Camp Registration Requirements:

These are the requirements for registration at NYSC Camp, you need to take care of this first before you start thinking of what to eat, what to wear, etc. Make sure you have them before you embark on your journey. You can still get food and cloth over there but not your certificates.

Official NYSC Camp Requirements :

1. Your final year Student ID Card
2. Notification of Result from your School (Original and Photocopies)
3. Passport Photograph (Take as many copy as you can but you will only need a few)
4. Your original call-up letter (This will be taken and not returned to you, take photocopies along too). 
The forms that will be handed to you and attach your passport are very easy to fill. Fill them correctly. After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year.

NYSC Increase Corper Allowances is good news definitely.

Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, the outgoing Director-general of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), on Monday announced plans to increase allowances of corps members soon. Olawumi said this in Abuja while handing over to the new director-general of the scheme, Brig.-Gen. Sure Kazaure. He said the management of the scheme had drawn the attention of the Federal Government to the need to increase the allowances. Olawumi said there was positive signal that the federal government would grant the request.

The director said: “We have brought to federal government’s attention the urgent need to increase some of the allowances due to corps members and recent response suggests a strong ray of light at the end of the tunnel. 

“The major challenge I had as director-general of the scheme is the increasing corps population which was accompanied with dwindling financial resources.

“It is rather unfortunate that we could not execute some major programmes and activities due to paucity of funds. 

“The scheme was not able to handle some of its programmes especially the sports and cultural festival in 2015. 

“You may not be aware that series of letters that have been written and necessary follow up to the appropriate authorities on the need for proper funding of the scheme. 

“This is especially important now that the current corps population has risen to 260,000 per year,” Olawunmi said.

Olawumi therefore advised his successor to make the welfare of corps members and staff his top priority to boost their morale for effective service delivery.

“On Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, I assumed duty as the 16th Chief Executive of the scheme during which I pledged to be transparent, fair and just to all toward the uplifting of the scheme. 

“To actualize this, I wrote out my vision for the scheme which aimed to increase the impact of the NYSC scheme and expand its value to critical stakeholders. 

“I could not have achieved much if I did not get the loyalty and support of the staff; whether I fulfilled in my duties or not I leave it for you staff to judge me. 

“I urged you staff of the scheme to continue to support the new head of the scheme to enable him consolidate on the successes and achievements so far recorded. 

“Your role in the sustenance of the scheme cannot be overemphasised as this has over the years contributed to the development and progress of the country,” Olawunmi said.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Ugandan lecturer stripped unclad in protest after being locked out of her office by her boss at Makerere University. She claimed her boss was forcing her to teach at the university while she was only contracted to do research work and not teaching. She later went on Facebook to post the video and captioned it

. “I have thrown my clothes outside Prof. Mamdani’s office. I am naked as I cry out for my office." She also chained herself before the university gave in to her demands and let her back to the office. She was initially removed from her office after she refused to teach in the MPhil/PhD program....

Monday, April 18, 2016
She testified that she met her husband 14 years ago and bore him three children, adding that their major  quarrel was  based on the fact that she didn’t know what he’s doing for a living.
“We fought most times before I left  home because I don’t  know what he does for a living. He goes to his village three times a week and I don’t know the reason for this since his parents are dead and when he comes back, he would say he does not have any money.

“I would go to my sister to borrow money for him for his next trip. Yet, he will come back and curse me and my family and he  doesn’t come home until midnight.
“My husband does nothing for a living. Please dissolve the marriage so that I can start my  life all over again,” she said.
In his defence, the 44 year-old husband stated that when he met his wife at the  University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan, Oyo State,  things were going on well for him and it was with his money that he trained her in the university.
Solomon said that after a while,  he started experiencing  financial difficulties  and he couldn’t  complete his education.

“I want to perform my obligations as a father and husband, but I am handicapped,”
 he said.
The case was adjourned.

The 2 minute long clip shows the teacher sitting on the toilet seat with the grade 12 student on top enjoying.
The incident allegedly occurred in the male toilets. An eye witness said : “These two have been an item for long now with the maths teacher, and she passes every test. Now we know how.’.
Another eye witness said: ‘Kodwa he is married, she is happy being side bae. Everyone knows he is promiscuous.”
Student teacher relationship is prohibited and if convicted, the teacher might lose his teaching post. The principal of the said school refused to comment saying this was an internal matter.

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Linda, 17, an SSS 1 (Senior Secondary School class 1) student who is still struggling to walk, was with her cousin, Rahila when the boys appeared.

Her cousin escaped but Linda was unlucky as she was dragged by the six men to a river bank. The men raped her turn by turn before the cousin could raise the alarm.

Two boys were captured at the scene of the incident by the parents of the victim, when Rahila, the lady who escaped reported the matter to the community. Others were arrested by a vigilante group in the area and handed over to the police.

The boys who carried out the dastardly act are: Abubakar Abdul Danjuma, 18, Jamilu Moh'd ,14, Shamsideen Moh'd, 20, Garba Hamisu, 13, Isah Dauda, 17, and Abdul Rasheed Dahiru, 17.

Pulse gathered that the boys, who are still under police detention, were taken to the Mohammed Dabo Lere Memorial General Hospital in Saminaka for tests in other to ascertain their health status.

Meanwhile, the rape victim, Linda has called on human right groups to come to her aid following the incident she said has battered her image in the eyes of the community and school mates.

Linda said her parent’s condition is frustrating the case from getting public attention adding that even though the Police Division Officer in the area appeared to be objective in the pursuing the case, the boys were granted bail.

It was gathered that the Police Commissioner in Kaduna has asked the DPO in Saminaka to produce the boys and bring them to Kaduna.

Pulse gathered that the parents of the raped girl have been asked to bring N30,000 for the transportation of the boys from Saminaka to Kaduna Police command.

Narrating her ordeal to Pulse, Linda said: “On Tuesday April 5, 2016, iIwas with my cousin, Rahila James, aged 14, a JSS1 student. We were sent to go and buy vegetables for lunch at about 1pm. On our way, some boys from Unguwan Jumare appeared and started molesting us by touching our breasts forcefully.”

“Despite our resistance, my cousin escaped but I was dragged to the bank of a river. They pushed me inside and followed me; I wrestled as they struggled To Molest me. They closed my mouth in order to prevent me from shouting so as not attract passers-by. Consequently, I was weak and they took turns To Molest me,” she said.

“Seeing what was happening to me from a distance, my cousin ran home to alert our people. Some of the boys later left me and stood by the bank of the river. As I managed to go out of the river, they pursued me again and tore my clothes and forcefully raped me again.”

“On sighting someone who was approaching the scene, they took to their heels. As I managed to walk back home, two of them followed me from behind, one of them raped me while his partner watched for passersby. As Rahila, my cousin got home, she narrated the story to one of our elders, Baba Isa.”

Baba Isa followed Rahila to the scene and when the boys saw him, they made attempts to flee but he stopped them. Upon interrogation, the boys told the elder that they were only begging me over what they did to me.

“I could not recognize any of them. It was Baba Isa that recognized them, thus, my dad and Baba Isa reported the case to the vigilante men but they advised that the matter should be discussed at their office. The boys were arrested and taken to the Divisional Police Headquarters in Saminaka,” Linda said.

It was gathered that the parents of the boys are requesting that the matter should be settled outside the police station, but the victim, who said she is traumatized because her friends and neighbours laugh at her, is asking the police to ensure that justice is done.

“I cannot walk freely,” Linda said adding, “I have no one to speak for me. They are putting pressure on my parents to forgive them. I am the victim and not my parents. They are using emotions to beg my parents because my parents are voiceless. I beg for a voice to speak for me. Please sir, I beg you to use your good office and prevail on the government to ensure that justice is done,” Linda said with tears in her eyes.

“They want to use their connections and stop the case from getting public attention. I want the whole world to hear so that other innocent girls may not fall victims to these randy boys,” she added

Linda who commended the police over the way they’re handling the matter, called on human right groups to come to her aid.

Now that they have hung the jungle boots and folded there khaki away, life has just begun as a Nigerian graduate. You know all the dreams and ideas, they had while in school and waiting to hit the ground running with after NYSC, well, the time has come to make it happen. Your destiny is in your hands now and you have o make the best of your time – And because life doesn’t always go through the pattern we dream of it, Yarnvibes has put together 6 things most of these ex corp members will definitely go through…

Getting ready to trek: We all know the jobs in Nigeria are fewer than the available number of graduates hence the struggle to grab the few available ones are too real for those people who have no ‘oga at he top’. This isn’t the endurance trek -NO! This is the one where you deck up in your best shirt, skirt/trousers and the traditional brown envelope, head out early to make that appointment for your first interview and subsequent ones or to submit our cv anywhere and everywhere just in case there is an opening.

Parents don’t care anymore: Now you are going to realize that your parents who provided for your every single need back in the university, will no longer do. they are either focusing on your siblings in school or easing off the stress of child rearing. So, all they do now is pray and hope you get a job, so you too can come and take care of them.

Nigeria as a student is different from Nigeria as a graduate: Now you are going to realize that life is not a bed of roses. Things have changed and you are now your own boss. Life is going to step on your toes, there will be times when it looks like your dreams will never come true or that God doesn’t answer prayers anymore but you are going to gave to keep moving.

Uncles don’t really care: Sadly, you are going to find that, that uncle who ave you a pat on the back and said ‘send me your cv when you graduate so I place you somewhere’, would now tell you that he has very little power to do anything for you. The sadder part, their child who also just passed out of NYSC the same time like you, wouldn’t have a problem getting a job.

Bills won’t pay themselves: Now you are now an adult. Like your parents say ‘we won’t always be there for you, a time will come when you have to stand upon your own too feet.” Now that time has come, and you are standing on your own two feet without a job in a sight and bills o pay but keep strong, there is God.

No more allowee: This is the moment where you realize that the constant N19k which you were paid as a corper and took for granted, will no longer come your way. This won’t matter to you, if you get a job immediately (which we hope you do) but would start to look like the whole world is against you, when you check your account balance and the little you saved up is about to finish.

And the only question on your mind is “We thought Buhari was going to give unemployed graduates 5k, where is it now” LOL!!!!!!!!!
Late Miss Regina is one of the unsung casualties of the crises that erupted at the University of Port Harcourt, Monday, which left at least one person died.
The Bio Medical Technology undergraduate who was Asthmatic allegedly died as a result of Tear gas sprayed by men of the Nigerian Police Force during the students protest over the increment of their school fees and other sundry policies. May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

A male student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state witnessed a rain of slaps for allegedly touching the body of a female student who was fast asleep in a lecture theatre in the middle of the night.
An unnamed student of the Africa’s most beautiful campus, OAU took to a popular online Nigerian forum to narrate how a  male student was embarrased by another female student in a physical assault over an allegation that wasn’t confirmed.

Read the interesting account givern by the news poster below:
“It was a surprising moment as the power supply in OAU campus which is mostly very regular throughout the night went off last night, 14th of April. Probably due to the rain. Students who were to study waited patiently in the lecture theatres expecting the light back but all to no avail. As a result most of us decided to sleep. Still hoping for the light to be back. Most students were on break so we were very few.
Hmm…… It happened early this morning at AUD II lecture theatre about 4 hrs (around 3:30 am) after the light went off. Every where was dark except some students reading with their phone touch lights and weak lamp . The rain had stopped already.
I was lying on our very comfortable lecture theartre seat ready to sleep when I heard a very loud shout from a girl. Initially i thought she was “sleep talking” but I latter thought maybe she was possesed by demons or something. She stood up from where she was sleeping and started raining slaps and beatings on a guy whom she claimed was touching her body while she was sleeping.
The beating was so intense that people had to beg the girl to stop. “Yes I caught you…why are you touching my body while I was sleeping!” she shouted angrily and unleashed another round of hot slaps on the culprit’s face. The funniest thing was that the guy couldn’t utter a single word which meant he was guilty.
Unfortunately it was all dark in the lecture theatre and I was unable to see the face of the victim and the guy. Except the weak light from phones and lamps casting partially.
The awful incident was so funny. But to me I don’t like the way the girl slapped the guy or if it were you as a lady would u have done the same? Guys, can you be watching like a slowpoke like this guy here as a girl kept on slapping you multiple times?”
It was earlier reported that a student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Chinwe Ugoh Vivian-was declared missing few days ago. According to reports, she was last seen around the school premises on Friday. Fresh report has it that she's been found and has returned home safely....

Her brother simply identified as Joshua reached out to National Helm to give details of what happened. According to him, his sister left school in Ondo state on Friday for her home in Lagos with plans of attending a wedding on Saturday but never reached her destination.

She was said to have boarded a roadside bus having gotten to the park late (around 4pm) . She later discovered she entered the very wrong vehicle after passengers started falling asleep one after the other. This happened after passing so many police checkpoints.

According to her brother, she also joined other passengers to fall asleep and woke up close to a bush in an unknown location.....not knowing what those men of the underworld may have done to her and why they dumped her there. She had to trek till she got to the main road and met a good Samaritan who helped her and used his phone to contact her people.

She was found on Sunday and finally returned to her base in Lagos on Monday morning. She is filled with praises that she came out from the bus alive and not in body parts...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A couple of lovers have been caught on camera in compromising situations as they engaged in very steamy public show.
A shocking video has emerged showing two couples getting down and dirty outside their facility buildings where their peers were hard at work.

According to Dailystar, the lovers threw caution to the wind by going at it in public. The candid footage was filmed in China with a student filming clearly in complete shock at what he is seeing.
It is believed the daring escapade is unusual for the country which is usually conservative about s*x and could indicate a loosening of attitudes among the new generation.
The video is the latest in an explosion of recordings of outdoor s*x.

Just remembered the 1st day I sat for the exams... Time flies.

A female student exposed herself during a secret heat pleasure session with her boyfriend in a her school’s female hostel, leading to the couple facing a disciplinary action.
The unnamed girl (highlighted) being led out of the hostel
A couple in the Kenyatta University currently stand a good chance of being expelled by school authorities after an immoral act was accidentally exposed in the heat of the exercise.
According to media reports, a s*x hungry male student was said to have pleasurably drilled a 2nd year Kenyatta University lady at Nyayo 4 Hostels occupied by females until she carelessly screamed and drew the attention of nearby students engaging in their private activities.
The students initially mistook her loud moans as a cry for assistance as they rallied round to her rescue only to locate the position the noise was emanating from and sight the student in an awkward lovemaking position with her partner.
According to an eyewtiness;

“A second year female student early this morning was shagged today nearly to death by her boyfriend at Nyayo 4 hostel at the Kenyatta University hostels. The school authorities have now tightened the ‘ten to ten’ (10am to 10pm) rules to protect ladies against such immoral acts”
Rumours have it that both parties are currently facing a disciplinary panel for their actions while an explicit video clip of the duo is making rounds among students.
See more photos:
Outrage caused by the incident