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Monday, June 29, 2015

A funny but shameful news spread across the University environment this evening.
An unidentified female student was reported to have been rushed to the University of Nigeria Medical Centre after the cucumber with which she was “doing” herself got stuck and broke inside her private part. The shameless girl spotted that her roommates were not in and decided to do “a quick one” with cucumber but cried out when the fruit got stuck in her “thing” and she started bleeding profusely.

She was immediately rushed to the Medical Centre to get attention from Doctors. She was told by the doctors to provide her parents contact before she could be operated on but she refused and ran away.

As at now, the identity of the girl has not been revealed.

It is indeed embarrassing to learn that our girls have degenerated to this level of moral laxity.

UNN boys, where una dey?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

 The authorities of the Delta State University, Abraka on Saturday banned the wearing of miniskirts and insisted there must be a reduction of fellowship centres in the three University campuses.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Vincent Peretemode, the three campuses in question have over 80 fellowships which must now be reduced to four. 

He said the fellowships which would hence forth be allowed in the campuses will be the Catholic, Anglican, Joint Christian Campus Fellowship and Our Saviours Chapel.
He also said wearing of miniskirts in any of the campuses has been banned henceforth. So DELSU students take note.
Thing is, every guy in Uniabuja is a Big Boy in his own way. same for the ladies, but this report is focused on the guys, at least for now!

Also, these Five types of Big Boys about to be mentioned is just an idea and you all can dish out yours via the comment box below.. lets go...


These are basically the type of guys that give all their attention to their studies. other students, guys and girls inclusive are always seen flocking around them because they're gurus and they always have one or two things to tell you that you don't even got an idea about. Most of the time, they occupy positions such as presidents, class-reps or the head of whatever organization they in.


These are the type of guys you see repping" the hood on daily basis. Academics don't have their full attention, party is just their thing. They either in school to submit an assignment, meet up with that lecturer who is always taking attendance or showcasing their fresh kicks ( kicks, meaning their cloths, shoes or accessories..). The fuckup thing is that most of these guys have no money in their pockets let alone account. They are always looking for a way to boycott payment of school fees after expending all their money at Gbolaino's Collections. Funny thing is, these are the type guys that run entertainment cliques, clubs and so on... lol! am not even done but lets just move to the next...


These set of Big Boys can be seen in every category meaning they may be brilliant or dull, it all depends. One distinctive character with these type of Big Boys is that they don't joke with starch. The type of starch they use cant even be gotten in Abuja, it has to be from those place where cassava production is!! With their well tailored, ironed and starched shirt, you just unanimously believe these guys are Big Boys.


Whew' these ones are basically wasting their parents money in school. They are the type of students you see in examination hall and say to yourself "so, this one is even in my department??" Anyway, these guys don't care! They probably anticipating a future of that of "Ghost" in the Tv Series, "Power".. by the way, hope you know the season 2 is out..


Before i start, just know i graduated from Uniabuja while in this category..'winks'.. and hope you have seen the movie, "Great Gatsby" by Leonardo di Carpio.. well, to the point, these are the type of guys that have a bit of everything. They don't miss classes and they are always on the top of their academics. they are neat, classy, have selective friends. To an extent, some other students usually regard them as snubs. These types of students usually don't make 1st class but they are always very close. Another admirable thing is, they are hardworking and can keep a balance between every activities they find themselves in. Most of them are Entrepreneurs as they try to think beyond whats being taught in a classroom thereby exposing themselves to the events of the real world.

well things we see on internet every day , and she is in secondary school and a  a teen for that matter

everyday we keep talking about the same thing, why  won't these young ladies learn from other people's experience because i can't really phatom the reason while such a young girl  in secondary school will decide to share her odd pics online?? i keep asking my self to wat end??? and parent shoould please check on their daughters at any point in time
see the photos here >>> PHOTO 1

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What can anyone learn in this kind of Environment?
”Good day, I’m Gozie a serving Corps member in Kano state. My place of primary assignment is Army day Secondary School, Bukavu Barracks. My students sit on the floor to learn. I thought i should share the pictures with you”.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A female student of Delta State University, Abraka, Evelyn Mogekwe, aged 26, allegedly jilted by her partner of seven years, committed suicide.

Sources said she was in a very good and cheerful mood in her hostel but her mood changed dramatically after man called her over the phone to end their long term relationship.

She was said to have bought some drugs, claiming she was having a headache and went into her room, leaving a message for her room mate that they might not see her again.

It was learned that a few minutes later, her room mate who sensed danger, raced into the room and found her lying lifeless on the ground. The room mate then raised alarm which attracted other students to the room, but before help could be rendered, she had given up the ghost.

Confirming her death, the State Police Public Relations officers, DSP Celestina Kalu, said police recovered particles of drugs on the ground beside the deceased.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Solve & comment below…


Things have worsened in yaba college of technology after the school has refused to begin the sale of hostel accommodation form a month after resumption.

The school authority has given no reason for it and the students suffer and go through a lot.

Its bad to see students who come from different parts of the country and have no relative in lagos sleep in classrooms to meet up with lectures and assignments.

Most of them have resorted to sleeping in classes.

It is very bad to see students wash their clothes and dry it in classroom to the extent of taking their bath outside classes and all corners of the school very early in the morning around 4 a.m

It has been happening for many years and nothing is done about it.

We need the authorities to see this because it is inhumane

Mods please help out
When youths go to school they are expected to focus on there studies but others end up doing something else


Tuesday, June 23, 2015
The Lagos State Police Command has arraigned a 52-year-old school teacher, Isaac Ikiabeke, for allegedly raping a 5-year-old pupil in the Ikorodu area.

Ikiabeke, who is the proprietor of the school, Brighter Glory School, located on Etunrere Street, raped his victim after school hours.

The victim, five-year-old Pat (not her real name), said Ikiabeke had allegedly raped her 10 times.

She said,

“He has been doing it for some time. He has done it more than 10 times. I am not the only one. He does it with some of us after school hours. I could not tell anybody because he said if I did he would beat me.”

The victim’s grandfather explained that his attention was drawn to the sexual assault by some of Pat’s classmates.

He said he was shocked, as well as disappointed in Ikiabeke, whom he regarded as a respectable man.

He said,

“Pat and her younger sister stay with me and they attend the school. I never suspected anything initially, except that I observed she would be holding her belly and turning on the bed and when I asked her what happened, she would say she was having stomachache.

“It was one of her classmates that told me what the school owner had been doing to her and I quickly went to report at the station, after which he was arrested.”

The matter  has since been brought to the attention of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender.

A police source said that they got complaints from two victims.

He said a three-year-old pupil, who was equally raped by the suspect, was in a critical condition in a hospital.

He said,

“There were actually two pupils that we were told he raped. The atrocity had been going on for a long time before he was arrested.”

Pat has since been taken to the hospital for treatment.

The police on Monday arraigned Ikiabeke before a Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court on one count of unlawful sexual intercourse.

The charge read,

“That you, Isaac Ikiabeke, on June 9, 2015, at about 3pm, at Brighter Glory School, Etunrere Street, Ikorodu, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did have unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, (name withheld) aged five years and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 258 (1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.”

The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge and elected summary trial.

The case was adjourned till August 10, 2015.

Monday, June 22, 2015


This is funny, they put their big UKWU to work by placing that can on it. Looking at this picture who’s got more potential to Win this competition? Is it the girl with the yellow UKWU or the girl with the black and white UKWU?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Before some people start criticizing, we have taken time to shade off the very sensitive part of her body. The lady above we hear is the One UNILAG SUG Vice President. These photos are clearly personal photos she took albeit not right but no one knows how is surfaced online....

People say she got into a mis understanding with Her Boyfriend who shared her photos while some say her boyfriend did, because they had issues. The notorious Queen is currently in Cameroun and one wonders what she'll be thinking by now.

The photos were released by a UNILAG students blog called schoolangle We decide to put this up as a warning to our dear Female STUDENTS. Never take Un cla d photos of yourself as you never know who what will be of your phone anytime and also never let a guy catch you Un cla d on camera be it your boy friend. See Photo Below

She wants to be like maheeda so she has been going o n twitter getting attention see photos here

This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our Ladies should try to caution themselves and not send videos and pictures See Photo Below
 photo 3 PHOTO 4
This is a warning to ladies to stop trusting people blindly. Read the lady’s story below:
A friend of mine reached me and invited me to come to Benin City for an event. I have known him since 2011 so I though nothing of it. Like no harm can be done after all we go way back and stuff. So I booked my ticket from Lagos and I flew to Benin on the 13th that was a Sunday, and it was the day of the event.
After the event we went to chill at a hotel in GRA Benin. He had a Suite there…
We were with other friends, we all talked, laughed, gisted and all until about 10pm. Everyone started leaving gradually, I wanted to call a cab to take me to my own hotel, but he kept on insisting on dropping me. I was like it is even better, I would save my cab fare.So I had to wait for everybody to leave before he could drop me. Every body finally left and I was about to stand up to leave but he kept on insisting that I should stay and I kept on saying it was late that I have to travel back to Lagos the following day because of work.

Then when I stood up angrily to go and get a cab, he pulled me and slapped me and asked me 2 sit. I thought it was a joke at first because I just couldn’t believe it. Then I took my phone to call out and he seized them saying I am not going anywhere. He tied me up in his hotel, stuffed my mouth so I couldn’t scream. He rapéd me over and over. He said his baba said I was the perfect candidate for his rituals and for his upcoming elections to take place properly next year. I was shocked, I couldn’t even believe it.
I have heard stories but never thought I would have seen it first hand. Every 2 hours of everyday I was rapéd, mishandled and rough handled. I was helpless. I wept and cried all to no avail because no one could hear me. Then on Tuesday evening he went out and came back and rubbed something on his manhood and said that it was what his baba gave him to use on me when sleeping with me. That I would loose my womb and my good fortune.I begged, I cried, I did all I could but he refused. At night when he tried to rapé me with what the baba gave him, his manhood wasn’t functioning, he tried and tried but it just wasn’t getting up then he started to hit me and tried again but nothing and he left in annoyance to go and meet the baba. He was so much in a hurry he left the door open. He didn’t lock it with the key. I was there waiting for him to get back.
Around 9am in the morning an hotel staff came, they knocked no one answered and then they went down to get the other key only for them to find out the door was even opened from the beginning. And there I was. They helped me out and all. The names he used in filling the hotel forms are all fake. He is still at large. The police are on a hunt for him. His wife is in police custody.
So I want to use this medium to reach anyone that knows anything about him. He calls himself honourable. I just really thank God for life because this is someone I thought I knew and I was certain. God saw me through, it’s not because I am too fine or too holy.
This should be a warning to everybody. “You can only be sure of yourself, no one else”
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

What will you do if you are forced to strip Unclad before your professor and students in order to graduate from school?

Imagine that to pass an exam, you have to be Unclad in a classroom. Not only in front of your whole class, but also in front of your professor! At the University of California, this Unclad final exam is in fact a course requirement for a class in the visual arts department.

But Unclothedness isn't enough for the students of the upper-level course, as they must also perform 'a gesture that traces, outlines or speaks about your 'Intimate self(s)', according to the course syllabus.

Professor Ricardo Dominguez has defended claims that the final exam is a 'perversion', saying that he has not received a single complaint in 11 years

Click to read more and see more photos, videos, and the professor himself. Share your opinion after reading…

This excited lady wore this outfit to school on her special day. What is your take on the dress?

Friday, June 19, 2015


Girls can be funny at times…See battle between runs girls. According to the source, she found photos of her friend on her sugar daddy’s phone sent to him by her asking him if her friend has things as edible and inviting as hers’.

On seeing this betrayal, friend decided to help her friend ask the whole word the question, so she splashed the picture and the question on every social media network she could lay her hands on that moment SEE PHOTOS  PHOTO 1

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hmmmm,for all you young ladies that let your “boyfriend” video you or take snapshots of you during s ex,this is a lesson for you ooooo

This Bowen University undergraduate did not mind being videoed and snapped while she performed oral s ex on her boyfriend…unfortunately,the said boyfriend leaked out the photos and video….the result?The female student got expelled…and disgraced….because the photos are still flying around…and the video?/


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ghanaian female student studying at Ghana university as‎ been expelled after her nude pics litter the social media,the said lady was believed to have uploaded the raunchy photos

online by herself in a bid to attract men , the young lady posted the photos on are facebook wall,the school finally got to know about it and got her expelled ,wonders why
ladies goes nude coz of money


Friday, June 12, 2015

Why We Ladies Sleep With Different Men – Student Opens Up

Here’s a message I got from a lady who said she want people to know the reason for their action:
Please sir, Mr valentine, I just want to tell you that it’s not our fault that we go about servicing all kinds of men for the sake of money.

Many guys do yahoo and armed robbery to survive but ladies can’t do all that and since we are aware that these men will always need women to enjoy their money with them, there is nothing bad if we make ourselves available for you men and we get paid for our professional services.

Or can you people stay without a woman for one month? We are just helping men with our body
Times are hard. My parents can’t raise enough money for my school fees and my accommodation in school, so how will I feed, buy clothes, make-up and look good like other girls if I don’t help my self? Many ladies are doing it here in my school and even other schools. It is condition that caused it.

People should understand that everything has changed!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Nigerian Professor Produces Antivirt, An Anti Viral Drug For Treating HIV AIDS. Despite doubts in some quarters about the authenticity of his claims, Professor Maduike Ezeibe of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State, has insisted that his recent therapy

for the dreaded HIV and AIDS is real and effective.
The discovery of the therapy, Ezeibe said, was a major scientific breakthrough in the search for a cure to the global pandemic.

He said after 19 years of hard work, he was able to discover the therapy and his research was eventually published in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research.

The Professor of Veterinary Medicine, who obtained his first degree in same discipline at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1986, Masters in Ruminant Medicine, and doctorate degree in Canine Medicine all in UNN, said he moved to MOUAU on leave of absence.

Speaking with Southern City News in his office, he said his research into the therapy known as ‘Antivirt’ (Anti-Viral Therapy), dated back to 1994 when he took the challenge to be part of the global solution to the HIV/AIDS scourge ravaging humanity.

Ezeibe said his work had been published by the American-based medical journal known as The Health.

He said he decided to publish his research work on the therapy so as to prove anyone who would doubt that a black man could develop HIV/AIDS cure, wrong.

He boasted that the experiment remained authentic and verifiable in any part of the world.

According to him, two essential minerals – aluminum silicate (kaolin) and magnesium silicate, used in the production of the therapy, have large deposits in Umuahia and parts of Abia State.

This, he said, would make the therapy cheaper and more affordable than the old anti-retroviral therapy.

He added that the therapy would take an average of two to three months to cure HIV/AIDS patient.
Two students, a male and female of a University in Anambra State (name withheld), have reportedly died in a hostel room located near the school.

The female student is from Imo State. She visited her male boyfriend and they went in together on Saturday but never woke up until their doors were forced open by the
police after a neighbor raised the alarm.

The male student was 300level student of public administration.

They allegedly died after s ex romp and their neighbors never knew until their bodies started decomposing.

The guy allegedly drugged the girl to have access to free sex which resulted to her death and he equally took the pills and lay beside her.

Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) from Awkuzu removed both bodies and deposited then at an undisclosed morgue.

The Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), DSP Uche Ezeh while reacting to the incident said investigations were ongoing to ascertain the veracity of the case but confirmed the incident while charting with Daily Independent Metro.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The above girl simply wants to be called electrifyer she is a Unical graduate,

she said she wants to use our blog and share her very ssexy photos for us to see, and we at Reportng we are glad she chose us so we will help her Share the photos!

Hope you enjoyed them, stay tuned for more hot photos


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


it was a dirty sight on Monday at Ozar secondary school, Asa in Ukwa West LGA of Abia State when a female student who was sent home by a teacher Mrs Njoku to barb her hair,regrouped with her mother and elder siblings to attack teachers and students who were busy with their duties
The JSS two student,Precious Nwadike had earlier been warned by same teacher two weeks ago to barb her hair but she did not heed to the warning. On arrival to school on Monday, the student was asked to go home and barb her hair,she left immediately only to return two hours later with the mother and four of her siblings who marched straight to the staff room while also commanding the teachers found in the staff room to come out.

Furthermore, the mother of the student,Mrs Nwadike held a teacher,pulled her cloth ordered the sons to cut her hair.The intervention of another teacher, Mrs Osuagwu provoked the sons and one of them,Uche almost strangled But the quick intervention of students,and that led to a free for all fight as Mrs Nwadike and her children were fully prepared.

Correspondent Izuchukwu Nwaokoma reports that a youth corp’s member had to alert the military personnel. Their quick arrival at school calmed the situation and doused the tension. As at the time of filing in d report,Mrs Nwadike and children are now cooling off at Obehie police station,Asa.

Correspondent Izuchukwu Nwaokoma reports that a youth corp’s member had to alert the military personnel. Their quick arrival at school calmed the situation and doused the tension. As at the time of filing in d report,Mrs Nwadike and children are now cooling off at Obehie police station,Asa.
University Lecturer caught sleeping With female Students in his Office..
This is a leaked video of a lecturer caught on tape abusing a female student in his office. The lecturer was chatting with his female student on how he could help her improve her grades

and totally forgot to turn off the laptop camera and after he discovered what has happened, he deleted the video from video folder on his laptop but forgot to do same in the recycle bin. He later gave his Laptop Out and the Video found its way out courtesy of other Students.


Monday, June 8, 2015
A 31-year-old teacher working with a private school in Ibadan, Oyo State, Adebola Adetola, has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command after the family of a Primary Three pupil (names withheld) reported to the police and accused him of having s ex with their daughter.
The pupil, whose parents said will clock 10 in July this year, was said to have opened up to the parents on Thursday, June 4, on what had been going on between her and her teacher, leading to his arrest on Friday, June 5.
The teacher, who attends a popular Pentecostal church in Ibadan, is due for wedding with his fiancée in August.
But the suspect told Crime Reports that he did not commit the crime he was being accused of, though he admitted that the girl used to play in his room and would sleep on his rug after school hours.
Speaking with Crime Reports, the girl, who said the suspect was a teacher in her school as well as her after-school lesson teacher, stated: “I used to help Mr Adetola to carry his things to his house. He used to teach me and four others lesson after school hours.

“One day, when others had left, he asked me to sleep on the bed and remove my pants. He removed his boxers and raped me from the back. He shook and a whitish thing came out of him. He wiped it with toilet roll. Since then, he had been doing the same thing to me. It had been on for some time before my mother discovered on Thursday.
“He used to give me N5 and would also buy biscuit for me. I was using the money to buy sweets (candies) from my mother’s shop.”
The girl said she did not tell her mother of her experience because the teacher warned her against it, threatening that he would beat her seriously if she did.
Explaining his side of the story, Adetola said the girl was his student, adding that he was also very close to her parents. “She used to come to my room and would sleep on my rug. Her parents are well aware of her closeness to me. I have never slept with her, not to talk of cleaning her up as she claimed.
“It is true I used to buy things for her and give her money, but I had no ulterior motive for doing this other than the fact that I was close to her family. I was surprised when police came to my school this morning to arrest me for defilement.”
But Crime Reports learnt that the suspect’s mother told the police that her son once did the same thing to his niece 10 years ago.
Confirming the arrest, the state Police Public Relations officer, DSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, said that police had commenced investigations into the case.
Nawaaa ooo for some chic of this generation, they don't shame again see the pix she uploaded online and was bold about it as if its nothing , i mean what was on her mind she uploaded it???

Sunday, June 7, 2015

First photos from Davido's graduation ceremony today are out. The Hip-hop star graduated today from Babcock with a 2.1. Big congrats to him.