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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The overall best graduating student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Akoka, Lagos, western Nigeria, Korede Akinpelumi, has revealed how the death of his father in his final semester on campus spurred him to academic greatness.

The 21-year old Chemical Engineering graduate, who had a total of 4.96 Cumulative Point Grade Average, CGPA, told P.M.NEWS in an interview, that he lost his father midway into his final exams in school.

Akinpelumi stated that the tragedy did not deter him from continuing with his quest to excell academically.
He said rathe it propelled him to ensure that he finished on a high.

“I had always known that I would do well in the tertiary institution because I was the best student at the International School, Lagos, ISL, and expectations had been high when I got here.

“In my second year here, I was already on a 5.0 so I thought I just needed to do a little more to end my first degree as one of the best placed students.

“However, I lost my dad in August last year, midway into my final exams. It was the most challenging period for me throughout my stay in UNILAG because he had such a huge influence on my academic quest.

“So, for me to still come out with a 5.0 grade that semester, despite the challenges, it was just God. That was the defining moment for me at the University of Lagos.”

Asked what he will do with his really impressive grades, the second of his parents’ three children, stated that he was not thinking about what comes next. Instead, he is looking forward to how he will handle what comes after graduating.

“I am really not bothered about the next thing that happens. I am only particular about how I respond to what comes next. Quite a number of offers have come already and I am just trusting God to know which of them I should accept.

“I would not like to mention names now, but offers from institutions and companies of repute have come. So, I am just seeking God’s guidance to know which one to go for.

“About two to three companies have already shown interest in me to work with them,” he said.

University of Benin remains the best and most academically challenging federal tertiary institution in Nigeria. Forget the online hyping of UNIILORIN, UI, UNN, and OAU.

If you think you can play your way through the school, be ready to spend as much as 8 years for a 4 years course.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This another video of students doing  things inside the class, If you are just hearing about this kind of thing welcome, but to many of us this is not a new thing.

Almost every week young students smash themselves inside the school compound or after the school hours. This is a perfect example of what students do now in schools. Watch Below

According to rumours making the rounds from the Lagos branch of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp, 6 youth corps members were reportedly caught gang-banging inside the camp resident.

Reports gathered from a twitter user with the handle @kherlifa shows that a married woman was among the 6 corps members allegedly involved in the Fun of serial intercourse.
As for the married woman, displeased @kherlifa disclosed that ‘what will her husband tell his people? So sad.’
According to @kherlifa, grapevines have it that her husband’s joystick is small so she decided to get someone with a bigger one in camp.

This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our Ladies should try to caution themselves and not send videos and pictures that shows their body or allow the guys to take their pictures while doing it.

This our own time is just too b@d, years ago no girl would ever take her ***pictures, talk less of sending it to one guy but now, they snap and share*** pictures like its an ordinary selfie, check out what this pretty UNIBEN Lady sent to her guy.

W@RNING! this can make your banana stand at attention




There has been a heated debate on social media today after a teacher of a national school in kiambu,Kenya posted photos on her Facebook account which was termed unprofessional.

The debate prompted the employer to terminate her services immediately.

When contacted for comments,she said she did not wish to comment on the matter since she has appealed the decision to sack her in court pending hearing on 23rd April 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Is it a crime or mistake?.. A father who slept with and impregnated his student without knowing she was in daughter does not know how to tell the baby he is bother father and grandson.
According to report , A former teacher at a school in Mpumalanga, South Africa, Alfred Mokoena, is in a dire straight and has been cracking his head on how he would tell his son that he is also her grand father, reports African Eye News Service.

The retired teacher dilemma stems from the fact that four years earlier, he had taken advantage of a 16-year-old girl who was his student and had gotten her pregnant, not knowing that the girl was actually his daughter from a fling he had some years back.

According to Mokoena who has apologised for his behaviour, he only regarded the girl as his student, not knowing that she was his biological child.

The ex-teacher said he only realised he had been having sex with his own daughter following DNA tests that were conducted after the baby was born in 2012.

iHear him:

"I took advantage of my daughter because she was my pupil and respected me as her educator. She was young and was supposed to believe whatever I said to her.

I am sorry for the fact that I didn’t even bother to look for her all these years while I knew I had a child who lived not so far away from where I live."

Mokoena lived in Swalala village and taught at Shabalala village, where his daughter Nonhlanhla Nxumalo who is now 20, lived with her mother and stepfather.

Mokoena said he initially denied impregnating the girl in 2011 because the information would ruin his reputation as a teacher.

His daughter, Nxumalo, confirmed that she wasn't aware that Mokoena was her biological father when they were still seeing each other.

"I didn't know he was my dad. I just knew him as my teacher until I fell pregnant. It was when he asked for DNA tests that we both found out we were related.

I was shocked and wouldn't have made it if my family hadn't supported me."

She said her biggest fear was that her son would become disabled because of all the things she heard about children born of relatives.

"Now he is four years old and I am convinced that he is well because he can talk and walk.

My only problem is how will I tell him that his grandfather is his father? That's the only thing that worries me."
The culture of the west is gradually gaining ground in Africa. This is the video of a Benin girl servicing 2 guys in a very dynamic ways, Mehn! she is very good at it.

This girl must have been watch videos teaching her series of methods on how to handle guys so that they can come back asking for more, she really proved it here, but unfortunately the video found its way to the internet and can be seen on many blogs.

We got the video for your view, download and watch it here


Sunday, April 26, 2015

This is the latest invention by a student,this mask was made to deceive teachers/lecturers

Put this on while sleeping,and yoy won't be caught. There are different kinds of color of this mask

According to info, her name is Morka Grace popularly called 'The Str!pp£r' and she is just in 100L in UniBen  and she is already sharing her Nak£d Pictures with random guys for fame.

I wonder why girls of nowadays  indulge in such irresponsible act..


With the increased quest for postgraduate education by Nigerians, getting admitted for a Masters or PhD in a Nigeria university is now becoming a task. Gone are the days when graduates had a secured job placement immediately after school. Getting a masters degree in now a ‘normal thing’ right after NYSC, and there are those who never stopped their education till they obtained their PhD
Doing your masters within record time in a Nigerian university could be another issue altogether, as many postgraduate students are frustrated in their postgraduate programme. This would help you decide which Nigerian University has the fastest postgraduate [especially masters] programme. You can add your suggestions.

The Private Universities: There are over 20 private universities in Nigeria, but the more significant ones in terms of quality includeCovenant University, Babcock University, Madonna, African University of Science and Technology, Lead City, Ajayi Crowther and a few others. This universities, all privately owned offer the shortest time to obtained your masters degree. In a private Nigerian University, you should obtain your masters degree in about 10 months. Generally, they begin their session in September and end in June.

University of Ilorin: University of Ilorin has made a name for itself as the only federal university in Nigeria whose academic calender has not been broken/altered in over 7years. This has made the school a go-to place for postgraduate studies in Nigeria. Getting admitted for a masters in UNILORIN is very competitive, because of its reputation. Depending on other factors like you thesis supervisor e.t.c, you should obtain you masters degree from UNILORIN in about a year.

University of Lagos: It is one of the most expensive federal universities to do your masters, but if you work hard, favoured by your thesis supervisor and choose a modest research topic, you should be through in about 14 months. While there are many variables that could extend it for longer, you would not be frustrated by your masters degree programme, except you are just so unlucky.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka: UNN is generally overlooked as a place for postgraduate studies because the school is not located in a city. UNN is one of the fastest place to obtain your masters. Infact, in engineering and sciences, you can obtain your masters degree in less than a year. It is usually tougher in the faculty of education, where you will have to make many presentations and seminars plus challenging thesis proposal.

For a hard working student, with other positive variables in place, you should be through with your masters in 18 months.

University of Ibadan: Ibadan has become an Harvard of some sort to many prospective postgraduate students. Getting admitted for a masters in Ibadan could be very tough, but the programme is not so herculean. Once you scale through the course work, you are expected to present your thesis within 6 months. Plus or minus, you should be through in 18 – 21 months.


University of Calabar: This school is overlooked by people but it is one of the best bet in terms of quality education at the PG level. They have a good staff strength and the admission process is meant to select the best which in turn makes them spurn out only the best as well. 

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife: This is another premier institution in Nigeria. They are known for the concessional entry method which makes admission fast and direct. Their academic calender is well suited towards an exactly 18 months graduation pace. It is a truly remarkable institution. However, it should be noted that the masters programme itself is herculean in nature especially the point where the thesis or dissertation is written. However, with a good supervisor, the student will scale through in record time. 

This young man was caught yesternight in the female hostel. He was caught in kogi state polytechnic female hostel dressed up as a lady. What he was doing there couldn't be ascertained at the time of this publication.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


These University girls go out with each other and even do their secret stuffs inside their hostel and sometimes would go to a hotel. Watch one of their videos inside the hostel below...

Friday, April 24, 2015
DRAMA IN THE LECTURE HALL TODAY (ED 411) - Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri

A lecturer handling a group that comprises of the department of History, English language and Geography in Ed 411 made a drama that has brought him to lime light today.

It started few minutes to the end of his lecture with the group when he called the names of two students – one boy and one other girl. The boy was outside due to space while the girl stood up. The most annoying thing was that the guy came in from outside to answer a rather surprising call from the lecturer.

Standing next to the girl, the lecturer disclosed that the guy copied from the girl in the previous exam holding the both answer scripts up. He then concluded that both of them should start preparing for carry over.

Ironically the day’s lecture was on “punishment” were the Dr. of Psychology had just explained three types of punishments namely: proper, doubtful and undesirable punishments. After his verdict the students unanimously chanted “undesirable punishment….” (It is an extreme form of unjust punishment that does not necessarily result in any positive behavior).

On a more serious note; was the lecturer right? If you are the girl that was copied from what would you do? If you happen to be the boy that was disgraced what will you do?
Do You Take POSTINOR And The Rest? Then Read This

This is a lovely post from JovialMum's Blog;

Most ladies are the ones killing themselves but you don't know.

Your so called boyfriend, will give you pills to take to prevent you from getting pregnant, you will take all sort of drugs Like POSTINOR and the rest  to stop you from menstruating so that you will enjoy your self. Hahahha. I laugh you in swahili.  Just know that if you are among these okpoko ladies who take such drugs, you have  50 percent chances of suffering from ovarian cancer and other cancers.

I Repeat A guy who has your interest and safety at heart will never give you such pills. rather he will get married to

You are enjoying and don't know the damages you are causing to your self. Tomorrow now you will start going from one prayer house to the other looking for fruit of the womb, while your so called boy friend then who damaged your womb will be enjoying with his new wife cos definetely, he won't marry you.

When you take those pills, don't you notice any changes in your body? That's the same way it affect your systems and reproductive organs.
Don't let any guy deceive you cos  they don't worth it. Sex is sweet but a little mistake will destroy your life. Protect your self and enjoy in future.

No matter how much a guy loves you, when their is no cry of a child in your home. Something is missin.  Protect your womb and stop all those pills now.
Don't say I didn't warn you. Get married if that place dey scratch you too much, 

Finally Health is Wealth

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My daddy told me that this was the last Jamb that he will register me for, because the other 8 Jamb i had written were nothing to write home about.

The girl I sat with in this one was very fine and a runs girl, within 5 minutes answers had entered her phone, she then told not to worry, we’ll use them together. Within 30 minutes she was through and gave me to copy. As a sharp warri boy i spent 15 minutes to copy.

. We then submited and went outside. She started gisting. I said, Thank you very much, please what is your name sef. She replied, Lilian! I said, Nice name, i’m Ofego. She said, Cool, so Ofego why do you want to study Medicine? I replied, No o, it’s Theatre Arts i want to study o. She said, Ha, but the answers i gave you are for Medicine o. I said, My courses are Literature, C.R.S, History and English. She said, The answers i gave you are for Maths, Physics, Biology and English.
I fainted! 
Enjoy the rest of you day!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What is wrong with most of the ladies?,

A group of Unilag student took to facebook and posted their pr!vate na k€d photos for just reason known to them, but whatever reason it is, this is a total madness. See after the cut.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015
FACT ABOUT UNEC GIRLS: Unec is a school dat is filled with beautiful and determined girls, if u are very observant, u will notice dix things about Unec girls,
1. Unec girl will tell u about boys that asked her for se x or asked her Out and she refused, but she will not tell u about the ones that asked her for se x or asked her out and she agreed.
2. Unec girls hate entering boys hostel, daz why when ever u asked any unec girl to be ur babe, the first thing she will ask u is, " where do u stay ?" Once she noticed dat u stay in d hostel, she will HARDLY accept u, daz why most of them fall inlove with Off campus guys.
3. Unec girl dat come from poor family always use the most expensive things, and na Them form pass.

4. Those that are not bornagain are more intelligent than those that are born again.

4. Those that are not bornagain are more intelligent than those that are born again.

5. Those who don't have boyfriend in school, always have a guy who is fooling them Outside.

6. Unec girls don't like Cooking ooo.

7.Unec girls don't like kiss and tell, dea like living a secret life.

8. Most Unec girls Uses bleaching Cream
9. Their character in School and outside school, is not the same thing

10. Most of them don't have their own say, they will like to tell their roomate of their close friends and hear what they will say, and then come back and give u an answer.

11. There are easily influence.

12. Unec girl will follow u, once u have money or car.

14.Unec girls can talk.

15.Unec girls respect guys who are president, or guys who are real born again, or guys who are very intelligent.
N:B you can add urs and I still stand to be corrected
According to this twitter user @Davydhabba, this is how the General Hospital Otukpo in Benue State looks like. Is this for real?

See more photos after the cut...

A 17-year-old female student of the Niger Delta University, Ammassoma, Bayelsa State, was last week attacked by a suspected all female cult fraternity on the campus because she refused several entreaties to join the fraternity which is said to be involved in lesbian activities and drug related crimes in the school.
According to Punch Newspaper, the cult group reportedly led by a final year student of the Education Department in the school, had at several times, invited the girl who is said to be the daughter of one of the lecturers in the school and a first year student of the Economics Department, to join them but she always refused such invitations due to her strict Christian background and faith.

Angry at her refusal to be a part of the group, they allegedly attacked her at Hostel “F” of the institution and injected her with a strange substance after subjecting her to severe torture. A close friend of victim said the victim was attacked at about 4am last Tuesday in her hostel room.

“She was tied to a chair and severely beaten by four girls. Her hair attachment was forceful removed and she was injected with substances that made her behave in a crazy manner for days. When the attackers saw that the girl had fainted, they brought her out of the room in the early hours of morning, and they were apprehended.”

The Students’ Senate Disciplinary Committee is said to have begun investigations into the matter with a view to bringing the culprits to book.

This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our Ladies should try to caution themselves.

and not send videos and pictures that shows their body or allow the guys to take their pictures while doing it. See photos in the next page


Monday, April 20, 2015

Correct packaging. Make sense. The first time I saw dis combo, it was in OAU. The producer does it in two sets. One is garri-groundnut-sugar.

The other is garri-sugar-milk.

That went for a token of #50. Make very much sense.

Just get dat, with two sachets of water and u're filled.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Students can just do without trying give excuse for not reading or not passing their exams

They just keep firing all manner of girls not knowing the kind of demons these ladies have in them, all in the name of helping them to pass.

A source said this happened in a private University in the Lagos/Ogun axis and the lecturer is not a new comer in the business; meaning he has done it to others girls in his class, especially the ones with empty brains.

7TON won’t disclose their details but this is a caution to both the men and ladies involved, that is not the way to go. You guys could just be toying with your own lives and generation. Be guided!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This is precisely what some University Angels do at whatever time they don't have anything to do, they take pictures that show their body and as opposed to keeping the photos safe they impart the photos to their Friends, who might later discharge the photographs later on.

Below are photos in form of video of female universities understudies that were discharged online by the people they shared with.

Watch and Download video on the next page

Continue to Next Page

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The world is truly evolving as a 15-year-old can now undergo plastic surgery.
Disturbing images of a 15-year-old Chinese girl has caused an online furore since hitting the internet. The teenager involved who goes by the name Lee Hee Danae is said to have undergone major cosmetic surgery and has her pictures being circulated on social media.
The girl who is from the Henan province in central China reportedly underwent the procedure to win over an ex-boyfriend. She has been labelled ‘too beautiful to look at’ and ‘snake spirit’.

Lee has since amassed a shocking following of 400,000 followers on her Weibo account-a Chinese social media platform and has over 24,000 likes on one of her comments on Chinese internet portal Tencent.



Monday, April 13, 2015
According to the gist, from some female students. A male porter(name withheld) in company of another female porter(name withheld) were taking their usual round through the hostel in the morning, on Friday,10th April, when a 100 female student(name withheld) was taking her bath outside.

It was learnt that as soon as the male porter saw the Unclad girl, he told the girl to bring her bucket. At that point, the girl manage to cover herself with her towel and ran to her room The porter in response ran after her, and in an attempt to stop her, he held her towel, pulling it away from her. She was now Unclad for the second time. So sad...

In the female hostels, before porters go for their rounds, a warning is usually given in the form of a ringing bell warning those around to be at alert. But it was learnt that the girl in question didnt hear the bell ring

This is a video of a Unilag guy and a Unilag girl doing it in their hostel,this is why we keep telling that Our Ladies should try to caution themselves and not send videos and pictures that shows their body or allow the guys to take their videos shots while doing it.

Anyways as usual,the video is available on the next page,link available below


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well We are Truly In the End times,, Secondary students now want to see things Meant for Grown ups… The world is Truly Getting More Rotten by the Day

I often wonder where Nigerian youths copied this nonsense from because even students in universities in America, Asia and Europe do not engage in this trashy act as we do over here!!! Yet, we still call them agents of immorality?

I just feel, deep within my heart, that girls who cohabit or cohabited in the university do not deserve any dime as bride price paid on them! They should just follow their would-be husband to his house, free of charge and continue where they stopped in school!

A girl cohabits with a guy for 4 to 5 years in school; this means the dude would bleep her through out those years (free of charge o!), she would perform wifely duties for, cleaning, washing, providing emotional wifely support, etc (free of charge too o!).

Now, what's still left in such a body?  If she can bleep a dude for years without any dime paid on her, coupled with the numerous wifely duties, then what's the need of paying a dime on her as diary or bride price? If that bloke that bleeped her for years didn't pay a dime on her where families would meet, eat and drink and pray, why should I pay a dime on her head? Worse of it is that this dude enjoyed all what he enjoyed free of charge! Now, why should I be requested to pay for same?  Common, that's not fair! What's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander!!!

From Delsu to Lasu, from Uniben to OOU, from Uniport to Unical, from UniAbuja to is the same story! Any girl who cohabits with a dude in school who has never paid a dime on her has lost her feminine value! She doesn't deserve anything paid on her!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


The sad scene above happened in calabar, where some UniCal boys decided to take a revenge on a girl who has been playing men and collecting their money.

So they planned and kidnapped her. The only way to get a revenge is for them to humiliate and molest her in front of camera while they upload it for people to see. And finally, they succeeded! I guess this will serve as a big warning to all those girls out there, who now takes social networks as a means of Playing pranks with men. You better stop or live to regret it one day. Bewarned Well, Just watch the video and see for yourself!

Friday, April 10, 2015

After viewing this picture I can't stop laughing, this is one reason most marriages don't last "FAKE ASSETS". Oya readers caption this pix............ t

ongue tongue tongue Mukina where did you offload those goods you were carrying in front and back before I married you

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nkem is very popular on IG because of big behind and the way she flaunt them. She took to her page to post bikini pictures of her body and when peeps called her out for flaunting a stretch mark body, she said she doesn’t care.
WAEC 2015/2016  May/June English Language Essay, Obj, Oral, Letter Writing, Comprehension Answers Live here

We now have the full questions and answers with us now.

Thursday, 9th April, 2015
English Language 2 (Essay) ———- 8.30am – 10.30am
English Language 1 (Obj) ———— 10.30am – 11.30am
English Language 3 (Oral) ———– 1.00pm – 1.45pm
Still Processing the results......Please Check back Later