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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Falola Ajumobi, who was adjudged the Best Graduating student at the recently held 27th convocation ceremony of the Rivers state University of Science and Technology, RSUST, says one of the things he had to do to achieve his academic feat was to distance himself from women. He said he doesn't even shake hands with women. Huh?. Falola, who graduated as a Petroleum Engineer with a CGPA of 4.82 says he was also very religious while on campus

"There is no way students of the opposite sex would not have passed glances at me. But I am a very religious person; I don’t shake hands with ladies and right from time, they know me for that. So, the only thing is that we greet from a distance. That does not mean that we do not crack jokes because that has made them to know me" he told Punch

Monday, March 30, 2015

females students in their hostel
Checkout what these University Girls are Doing in their Room after returning from Lectures….

Watch Video Here

Sunday, March 29, 2015

She took the pic by herself but somehow her friends leaked it and it’s causing serious ripples. The babe is from

a good home and her dad, a church man, is in shock after her saw the pics online. His daughter is a decent girl while at home but a very “rough babe” in campus. Parents, watch your girls!
Maths is usually dreaded by most students, but, a former lecturer has been branded the 'world's hottest maths teacher' after students discovered his instagram account.

According to Dailymail, Designer model,Pietro Boselli, 26,from Italy, was teaching a mechanical engineering class at University College London when one of his students tried a simple search for his name on Google.

After discovering his 6ft 1in lecturer's Instagram, which has more than 46,000 followers, Arief Azli tweeted: 'That moment when you realise your maths lecturer is a top
designer model.'

Other students soon followed suit and posted pictures of him taking classes, with one saying: 'This is why I never miss a class'.

Mr Boselli, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, was crowned the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014.

According to his LinkedIn, he worked as a teaching assistant and then lecturer at UCL until June 2014 and is now represented by Models 1.

He was even awarded the Undergraduate Faculty Excellence Scholarship for the most outstanding academic achievement in his first year at UCL, before going on to get a First-class honours.

The fashion model was discovered at the age of six by renowned designer Giorgio Armani who saw potential and said he should be a model.

Hundreds of fans have taken to social media to say they would have concentrated slightly harder in lessons if Mr Boselli had been their teacher.

Saturday, March 28, 2015
Well. when it comes to beautiful girls. well Nigerian universities definitely don't lack. well here I present to you all the top 10 Nigerian universities with the hottest babes.
1. University of Lagos ( no doubt about that)

2. University of Benin
3. University of Calabar ( lot of calabar and aka ibom chicks)
4. University of Nigeria Nsukka
5. University of Port Harcourt
6. Obafemi Awolowo University
7. Yaba college of technology (forgive me its not a uni but I must mention)
8. University of Ibadan
9. University of Ilorin
10. Funaab
that's all I have

Friday, March 27, 2015

A woman savagely beat a teacher in front of her students after claiming that the teacher was having an affair with her husband. But instead of the students and other members of staff to stop the fight, they stood aside, watched the fight, filmed it and uploaded the clip on Youtube. Dang!!

35 year old Laelia Paredes Flores, stormed into the classroom in Huimanguillo in south-east Mexico, and attacked 32 year old Marcella Villalpando Tovar. Tovar was kicked, punched in her face and stomach and jumped on. And her students didn't do anything to stop it. In fact, another woman can be heard off camera encouraging the beat down. Wow! See the video

Student Miriam Gracia Adomo, 16, said:
"The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor.That’s when I ran to get help. But when other teachers came they just stood around watching. It was really terrible, terrible."
After the act was widely condemned, a school spokesperson released a statement saying;
“The woman claimed that our teacher was having an affair with the husband of one of the student’s dads and the mother took exception. We are appalled that this attack happened in our school and that nothing was done to stop it, and we shall be carrying out a full investigation.”
Watch the video below...

This student was spotted at the Fajuyi hall of residence of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile - Ife today rocking that skirt.

Some said he wore it in celebration of 'International Women's Day'. Nice of him to celebrate him is his own unique way...:-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some people can be very deceitful and wicked!

I had to type very fast,,, so sorry if i made any gramatical errors

NOTE!!! It took me time to narrate my experience,, So please try and read to the end and also learn.. as It happened This Week!!!

Ok let me go straight to what happened..

A room mate of mine stole my 2 ATM cards (first Bank and Gtbank) cards and made a withdrawal of N120,000 around 5:16AM on sunday morning at an atm spot(Hall 1) not too far from my hostel (i stay at hall 3) in Uniben.. (he got to know my pin because the pin i use to unlock my phone is the same pin i used as my ATM pin of one of my cards (firstbank))

So that morning i did not receive any alert because my phone was down because we get power supply problems on sundays.. As usual. we all eat together from one Plate ( the whole room) and the thief also joined us..

that evening..the guy asked me to follow him to drink pepper soup and palm wine outside campus with some other of his friends.. at first i was surprised because.. i never followed him anywhere before and also he asked only Me to follow them. i decided to follow him anyways cos its hard to reject free things. So i decided to use that opportunity to also withdraw some money for the week cos i was left with just 2h...

After taking my bath and dressing.. i checked my bag and couldn't find my ATM cards.. Ah!.. i searched and searched and searched.. for almost 30MIN and couldnt find my cards.. by then the Guy was calling me to tell me that they were still waiting downstairs that i should come.. So i told him to Go.. few min latr he called again then i told him "Guy someone has taken my cards i cant join you guys please Go without me"

Then i decided to put on my phone so i could call my bank to block the cards... Lo and Behold!!! i got 12 ALERTS N20,000 was withdrawn 6 times from my first bank account and also Atm charges of N65 was taken 6 times making it 12 alerts.. so then i called firstbank and Blocked my card.. also i called GTB (took them 40min to answer) to block my Gtb master card too..

Immediately i On my laptop and logged in my online banking and found out that the fraudulent withdrawal was made few meters away from my hostel.. and also that nothing was taken from my GTB (because i used a different PIN)

Being an experienced person and also an ICT expert i was not worried at all..i knew the person was going to be caught.. but different thought passed through my mind.. My room mates including the culprit began to make suggestions.. saying it was my friends, a mistake from the bank, etc.. all i told them was The Person wey steal my money day here right now and i will fish the person out

i kept my cool and started watching movies on my laptop and also told my loved ones via chat..

6:00AM the next morning (MONDAY) i woke up, greet my room mates, dressed as if i was going to class.. few minutes later i came with the school security and then they took all my room mates including me to their office. we all got there then we were given some form to fill and also make statement.. after all that.. the security men began to threaten everybody.. saying.. There was a surveillance camera at that ATM spot.. that whoever took the money should own up.. or face the wrath of the full school security when the tape is finally recovered and played from the bank (it was access bank ATM the guy used)

still nobody said anything.. after enough waiting, threatening and all.. we all came to a conclusion that we should visit access bank for the tape.. just before then one of my room mate came to me and made a suggession saying "Osas i get one idea, make u go tell them say u wan bring out your Account number so that they go give one day make the person go pay in the money else they go con go access bank for the tape.. you know say the person fit day fear now and he nogo wan talk here"

Shoooooo grin .. at first i refused.. then later after thinking about it and also suspecting the guy that made that suggestion (sharp guy) i went and told the security men.. they told the lady in charge and we all agreed. i wrote out my bank details and made sure they all collect it.. (altho some ddnt) . then they told us all to come back there 9AM the next day..

i went to the bukka and eat with my last 2h. then went back to the room and slept.. when i woke up and checked my phone.. guess what i found cool cool N65,000 angry was credited to my account with a foreign name grin grin "Joseph Collins" ... OK O white man .. i went alone to the security office and alerted them

Later I and some of my smart room mates began to deduce and do some thinking.. all fingers were pointing to that guy... who made that suggestion.. because

1. He made that suggestion,
2. He made a comment when we were leaving the security office that "What if na 80k the person go pay.. Osas go just rest" i heard it but pretended i ddnt hear it..
3. He was acting rather strange and stupidly nice to me.. saying things that ddnt make sense and all that (guilty conscience.. smh)
4. as at the time i received the alert.. everybody's location was know except

So it was now remaining 55k.. so before he came.. me and all of my room mates after reaching the conclusion that it was him who stole the money decided to goto the security office behind his back and tell them what we arrived at.. 3 of us left... as we were going we met one of our other room mate (a final year student).. He suggested we use Boiz to retrieve the remaining part.. we said no!!! that they might just kill him and then it turns into a cultism case.. so he joined us.. after alerting the security officials.. they told us not to confront him.. that we should just play along.. and come as earlier planed 9AM the next day

OH! what a Long night of pretence! one of us said.. but we just had to play along...

That night (yesteday night) the guy came back to room and started his wierd and strange behaviour again.. He was scared.. he wanted to know if i would withdraw the case.. he wanted to know if i would use spiritual means... But he never owned up... even when we all used style to ask him... He even made silly statements like " The person wey theif this Osas money Go collect!.. he go chop beating" and other similar silly comments.. He ddnt know we already knew it was him.. we all Just pretended..

He called me to the corner and said.. "that person for even send u SMS sef if he day fear" ..... SHoooOOO shocked shocked shocked .. I played along

Then this morning. "The deal day" as some of my room mates called it.. we all woke up... and also used style to say "if u know u took OSas money.. better come out now se we settle it as a family" the still ddnt talk.. he even Joined us and eat.. Ok.. sharp Guy..

so we left together for the security office.. we all left except the guy... we walked downstairs.. pasts some blocks and was about leaving the hostel entrance when i got an anonymous call.. the person said "Osas Check your phone.. i don send you text" I recognised the the voice instantly then checked my phone to see this text

Then immediatly 2 of my room mates went back to the room and brought the guy down to come and confess.. by then people gathered and began asking questions.. this Guy denied FLAT saying he knows nothing about no text and about no money... we then proceeded to the security office.. by then people began advicing him to own up to the crime else it might be too late for him.. i even met him personally and told him i was ready to forgive him.. His eyes began to turn red,,, still he denied.. then few minutes later he confessed to the eldest person in my room (there at the security office) that he took my ATM cards and made the withdrawals.. then he was presented to the security officers for interrogation,,, as that was being done... i received another alert. that N20,000 has be paid by the same Joseph Collins into my acc (confirming the fact that he had an accomplice)

The Head of the security officials there (a woman) was really an angel... she acted like a mother and asked us not to be violent about it that the guy was tempte and he fell for it or he is under a curse ir was pushed by a bad spirit.. so we then gave him a deadline to pay the remaining balance which is 35k...

So my fellow nairalanders.. can you guys see how heartless some persons can be? i've been thinking about it since morning and i felt really disappointed.. This was the Guy i allow to wear my shoes, use my phones whenever he likes.. I attended his Matric and snapped with him (2days to this incidence) and took him like a brother..


Well i thank God for my life and all he did for the culprit to be exposed under 2 days..

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here is a video showing what these secondary students do when they are on break.... Watch and drop your comments......

Three 300-level students of the Bayero University Kano (BUK) have been expelled for ra ping a female student.
The head, Directorate of Examinations, Admissions and Records (DEAR), Hajiya Fatima Binta Mohammed, said in the university’s current bulletin that management had approved the expulsion of the students for criminal conspiracy, threat to life and rape.

She named the students as Abdulsalam Abduljalil, Tijjani Mohammed and William Seyi Solanke, all of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences. The management has directed that the result of the three students be withheld. A source at the school said the female student was raped outside one of the three female hostels at night while she was reading.
IT was a bitter pill to swallow for a female 100-level Diploma Student of Delta State University (DELSU), Josephine Akpo, who was attacked by some armed men in Abraka over the weekend as they allegedly collected her ATM card before proceeding to withdraw the sum of N87, 000 from her bank account.

This ugly incident happened opposite one of the banks in Abraka.

According to her, she had gone to the bank around 5:30pm to withdraw money for the weekend’s expenses. Afterwards she crossed to the opposite side of the expressway and followed a bushy part which leads to her hostel.

But three men emerged from nowhere, held her up and snatched her ATM card. At that instant, she said she wanted to scream but could not as one of the men pointed a dagger towards her stomach, with warning that if she tried any tricks,they would slash her stomach.

She said at that the moment she surrendered her ATM card and they then demanded her ATM PIN which she also gave them. She was threatened that if she gave them the wrong PIN, they would kill her.

According to her, while they were holding her hostage, one of them quickly rushed to the bank to make cash withdrawals.
A Chinese teacher has been sacked after a photo of him using two children as footstools went viral.

People's online daily reports that, Mr Xie told the male pupils from Nanguang High School in Fujian to stay behind after class on Thursday because they were being too loud.

He made the students crouch on the floor while he played on his phone and put his bare feet on their backs. Mr Xie, who has been a teacher for 27 years, was dismissed after the Nan'an City Education Department saw a picture on social media.

Chinese School Teacher Sacked After This Photo Hit The Internet

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A Chinese teacher has been sacked after a photo of him using two children as footstools went viral.

People's online daily reports that, Mr Xie told the male pupils from Nanguang High School in Fujian to stay behind after class on Thursday because they were being too loud.

He made the students crouch on the floor while he played on his phone and put his bare feet on their backs.

Mr Xie, who has been a teacher for 27 years, was dismissed after the Nan'an City Education Department saw a picture on social media.

Mr Liu said the footstool photo was taken as a joke and added that Mr Xie, who was in charge of disciplining the male students at the school, 'performed well in his work and was extremely talented'. 

Nan'an City Department of Education said it took immediate action.

It requested the school apologise to students and parents, and said that student counselling should also be offered.

Whatever the event maybe, these students are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow. I wonder what the teachers were doing when this was happening… The girls are just enjoying themselves… Our Future mothers

Monday, March 23, 2015

Imagine what this Indian student did. He created an additional fake arm to ease his cheating. You'd think that's his arm on the table but he's using it to hold the phone underneath... wow!

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Miss KATE is a confirmed final year Uni-lag student, and has slept with more than 15 Ministers in Nigeria…..A close friend of Kate has leaked this information to us telling us of her dealings with Politicians in Nigeria.
The problem now is that, she has been complaining to her friend that her bo@bs has been dripping milk since her last operation with one of her clients, and effort to stop the Milk from dripping has been unsuccessful as it is suspected to be a ritual case.

May God help her…..Amen. The issue of Runz among our girls this days is something else, as bbm, facebook and whatsapp has made there trade very easy for them! even married women and girls below 18 have all joined the bizness of Runz. The Question is? Will this ever stop? And What is the Government doing to stop this shameful bizness ? Coz guys are complaining, saying there are no good and loyal girls anymore. WE NEED YOUR COMMENTS.

The report says this actually happened in A ghanian university hostel. After this two did the dirty thing.. The girl was foolish enough to keep the video somewhere open on her phone.

It was said that it was her roommate that mistakenly saw this on her phone and she started showing others.. And the video went wild all over the school.


Friday, March 20, 2015
This post contain some list of Universities that accept 180 in JAMB. The 2015 CBT die has been cast and results are trickling in, while lucky and brilliant ones scored 200 and above, a few others got below 200 or 180 and above. Since the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is not the final test scores for admission into Nigerian Universities, this post will enlighten students on schools that accept the cut off mark they obtained. We are judging based on previous years, though.

List of Universities That Accept 180 In JAMB
The following schools and others not mentioned accept scores ranging from 180 and above. Candidates with such marks in the ongoing 2015 Computer Based Test should therefore check their fates. We have also tried to state whether or not the listed schools accept first and or second choices. The list are not exhaustible, if you fail to see your school below, kindly ask for it using comment. Stop asking questions like “does UNN accept 180 in JAMB, What is JAMB cut off mark for…, can I gain admission into university with 190, etc. Rather, check and see for yourself below.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto: 180 First and second choice
University of Uyo, Uniuyo: 180 first choice only

University of Calabar Unical: 180 for some courses and 200 for others

Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO: 180 First and Second Choice.
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta UNAAB: 180

University of Jos UNIJOS: 180 first and second choice
Niger Delta University NDU: 180 first choice only

TAI Solarin University of Education TASUED: 180 first choice only

Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Katsina: 180 first choice only

Federal University Oye-Ekiti: 180 first and second choice

Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State: 180 first and second choice.

Ebonyi State University EBSU: 180 first and second choice.

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun: 180 first and second choice.

Enugu State University of Science Tech: 180 first and second choice.

Rivers State University of Science and Technology, RSUS T:180 (1st choice only)

Delta State University, Abraka, DELSU: 180 first & 2nd choice.

Abia State University, Uturu, ABSUU: 180 first, 2nd and no choice.

University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID: 180 first and second choice.

Kogi State University, KSU: 180 first and second choice.

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike: 180 first and second choice.

Anambra State University: 180 first and second choice.

Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma: 180 first choice only.

Kaduna State University, KASU: 180 UTME cut off.

Imo State University IMSU: 180 first and second choice.

Please note that: while we made no attempt to list names of private universities, all private schools in Nigeria will admit you provided you have up to 180 and you pass their Post UTME Screening

It was a show of surprise when a jamb candidate who wrote his JAMB CBT EXAM tried stealing a system from his centre,at a popular higher institution in lagos.

We  learnt that the incident took place when the exam was over, it was gathered that the boy had already placed the laptop on the window from from the interior part of his centre before going outside to finish up his criminal plan before nemesis caught up with him....

The boy who should be in his twenties was said to have been condemnedand criticized by the students of AOCOED who they descibed as a dangerousspecie...

A student of the school who spoke to us said th eincident was so shocking to him,he said the boy would have started praying to God for a successful result instead of stealing a government property,now all the curses he receive will not allow him to pass the exam...

We gathered that the members of the school group on facebook which is named THE GREAT AOCOED STUDENTS had several reactions on the incident...

You're in a relationship with a guy/girl, but you can't get your mind off them. Now that's affecting your grades. What should you do? This article should help you out.


  1. Be prepared. Not only should you be prepared for class, but you should also be prepared to see your boyfriend/girlfriend in the hallway. If you're in a hurry to get to class, plan to talk with them at lunch or at the end of the day.

  2. Study together. This is probably the best way that you can maintain a relationship in school. If you share the same classes, sit close by each other 
  3.  Public Displays of Affection in school could get you in some big trouble at school, so stay away from holding hands, hugging, and the worst thing you could do, kissing.
  4.  Understand that if you still can't focus in school then the best thing to do is just avoid them at school


    Remember, a good education comes before everything. Your parents pay good tax money to make sure that you stay in school.

They don't pay that money for you to be together with your boyfriend/girlfriend 24/7.

  1. Don't get jealous if you see them hanging around with friends of the opposite gender. It's normal!
  2. If you both have the same classes, don't sit directly across or next to each other.
  3. If you avoid your friend at school, make sure that you call them the moment you get home, but don't call a million times!
  5. Warnings

  6. Don't let your relationship become more important than the big test! This could eventually mean you dropping out of school.

The lecturer while chatting with his Female Student on how he could help her improve her grades, totally forgot to turn off his camera and after he discovered what has happened, he deleted the Video from video folder on his laptop but forgot to do same in the recycle bin.

A student who happened to be the girl’s fiance who was meant to help the lecturer format his hard drive found the video in his recycle bin while trying to save important documents before proceeding on the work….

In extreme anger, instead of submitting the video to the school board for disciplinary actions, the student circulated the video amongst students on campus and even went as far as posting it online.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Abeg, Na by force person dey fi know Maths... See how heavy the beating stick looks like...

Because his daughter solve 1+0=10...Abeg do justice, she no try Lwkmo...

Drop ur comment! See pic below!

Three secondary (high School students) who their photo appear above were pictured  in front of their hostel half n ked and is making the rounds online.

Nobody has been able to determine what their intention was but we say that this is totally 'un-Nigerian'. and we wish our kids go to school to study and not engage in 'near por nography'
Charles udoh was found dead in his friends house at nwaniba area in uyo,Akwa ibom state on the 18th of march 2015 at about 3pm...

According 2 neighbors,he came in with four girls and his friend,around 10am,but his friend later left around 11am on that same day...but he didnt come out of the house anymore....untill this morning when his friend named solomon Eko came back home after clubbing,when he opened d door,he found charles lying dead....

The suspects are still at large,and police are investigating.......charles is a student in the university of calabar,cross river state.....300level....

What a sad death..may his gentle soul Rest in peace.....Amen...

Northern Nigeria especially the North Eastern States are seen as one of the least expected Place for SUCH a beautiful place.

GOMBE STATE UNIVERSITY has drawn alot of attention from alot of people seeking nice and conducive learning environment which can be compared to anyone abroad especially Africa. Just take a look and what do u think?