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Friday, February 27, 2015

A female student, ‘malabress’ as they are acceptably called has been reported raped by a 300-level student of Faculty of Art from Bekwara Local Government Area and member of the Student Union Government (SUG) parliament representing Hall 4 annex (name; withheld).
According to our reporter, “the scene happened in the evening of yesterday when two malabresses went to visit their course mate in Hall 4, Male Hostel. On entering his corner, their male friend sent one of them downstairs to buy pure water; and as she innocently left the room, the male student started forcing the remaining female student to mating.

“It was after over 5 minutes of forceful negotiation, that the female student started screaming. On hearing the helpless voice, other male students from nearby room forcefully broke into the unlucky guy’s room and found the girl who claimed to be a virgin already naked and trying to put-on her pants”

Our source said the victim and the culprit were immediately taken to the Students Man O’ War Commandant, Commander Okoi Okoi who later handed them to the school security.
When Yakurr Reporters spoke to the Chief Commandant Officer, Okoi Okoi an indigene of Ugep and 300-level student of Faculty of Law, he said “yes, a female student was raped but the matter is settled now. We handed them over to the school security who are judiciously treating the matter”.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The body of a 26-year-old National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, member, identified as Ernest, was, Wednesday, recovered from his one room apartment after he reportedly took a poisonous substance.
Reports indicated that the young man, who was in love with a fellow NYSC member, Chioma Okewuru, went berserk when the girl came back from her village over the weekend with a ring from a man she had promised to marry.

Ernest, who is from Edo State and a graduate of the University of Benin, was posted to Cross River State in October, where he met and fell in love with Chioma, and both were serving in Redemption Secondary School, Ofombogha 1 in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State.

Mr. Noah Ntuen, Acting Divisional Police Officer for Obubra told Vanguard on phone: “The girl had told the guy that she would not marry him, but that they could be friends. So when she came back from home last weekend and showed him the ring her husband-to-be gave her, the young man became furious.

“On Wednesday, the situation became worse and at about 7pm, he locked himself in the room and took some poisonous substances.”

A source in the school told Vanguard: “They met at the NYSC Orientation Camp at Abrekpe-Ebokpo and as luck would have it, they were both posted to the same school where they had a relationship going.

“He had the hope the whole thing would end in marriage, but Chioma already had another person she wants to marry.”
Ntuen said the body had been deposited in the mortuary of Obubra General Hospital, while Chioma is with the police, where investigations on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death are in progress.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
It was a shock I couldn't believe my eyes, I went to visit her parent this past weekend to drop a message for her father.

I couldn't believe what I saw when I entered her room( it is a 3bedroom flat, she has her own room and only her and her 9 years old younger brother were around),

I saw her touching her pri vate part with earpiece on her ear. I guess thatz why she didn't hear me knock.

The self-service is not the shock but knowing she is young in SS1, I can't remember her actual age but I can still recall when and where she was born.

I can't stop thinking of that incident. part of me want to tell her mum to give her lessons about her body and the other part says don't. I don't know what to do

the is evidence of truth in it.. what you guys think?

Monday, February 23, 2015

A lecture told a friend of mine to write "I will never come late to meeting again" in 2A exercise book just because she went late to a meeting the lecture organized to orientiate them on how to go about their seminar and project.

I have never came across this before during my undergraduate days, I don't know if anybody have experienced this before.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Imagine Such an innocent looking girl. Many could have thought otherwise of her ability to do such thing.

It will be very unfortunate and embarrassing for some nowadays’ young folks when they actually look back to see the footpath they left behind, especially when they grow older and are asked to account for how they have lavishly spent their youthful days. See the photos below..

Photo 1

Friday, February 20, 2015

The rate at which young girls are running after married men all because of money these days is really sad. Funny enough, this same ladies will be crying one-man/one-wife when they manage to see a man who wants to marry them. So, you can do another woman’s husband, but you want yours to yourself? Lol!
Unfortunately for this female student, her mother has been on her track and monitoring her illicit affairs with men.

So, on this day, after she left home to “service” Hon. Beno, her mother and some boys trailed her and as soon as she went on bed with the man they busted the door to the hotel room…

The mother said she has been reading her daughter’s sms until she saw her disappearing in a local guest house with a politician, Mr Beno. The girl’s mum say they are not poor. So, what is her problem?
In the words of the mother: “I began to be concerned with the conduct of my daughter after noticing some suspicion looks. She doesnt return back from school early enough, she doesnt do her homework and when she sleep, it takes the whole day, I even have to force her to wake up for school.”
She continued in her angry tone: “It is this type of person that are destroying people’s children while they are reading well and and studying at school. This man has just defiled my daughter and her beautiful goals in the future.”
The shameless girl couldn’t give any reason why she agrees to be doing it with her father’s mate. How sad!
Some say it is End time, some tagged it sins of the fathers, the little lad was caught in a common entrance examination hall With an object suspected to be of diabolical inclination, upon questioning, the boy revealed that he was skeptical on his success in the examination, thus he approached a close friend of him, whose father is a native Doctor, and he made the charms for him.
Teacher: What are u Having in your Hand?
pupil: My writing Material.

Teacher: who told u it is a writing material?

Teacher: What did he tell you that it is used for? Pupil: (crying) He told me that it is a writing material that will make me pass my exams and be the best, he promised me that no one will ever notice that i have it, so i brought it inside the exam hall with confidence. Is this not sign of end time?? whats your say?

A 21-year-old student has been killed by suspected cultists at a party he organized for his lover in Ondo town, Ondo West LGA of Ondo State.

The student, simply identified as Bolaji, was allegedly a member of a rival cult group.

Student Pulse gathered from a The Sun report that Bolaji, organized a party for his girlfriend which was attended by members of the cult group he belonged to as well as other from a rival cult.

While the party was on, a friend introduced the deceased to the leader of the Eiye Confraternity.

A minor altercation ensued following which the cult leader attacked and killed Bolaji with an unidentified weapon before his bewildered girlfriend and guests.

A fight broke out, bringing the party to a premature end.

It was also reported that there has been an earlier confrontation at Ijoka Street of the town between the cult groups.

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Enuwa Police Division, Ondo, Mr. Kunle Omisakin, said the police is investigating the incidence.

The late Bolaji is said to be from a wealthy family.

This guy is a level 300 student of UNILAG and his Major course on campus is to sleep with girls and snap their n*kked pictures while doing it.

I think God’s mercies should visit mother Nigeria for we are nearing the perishing era. What a nation and its scandals. hmmm. There are more rough photos this guy shared, If you don pass 18 click the pictures below one after the other to see.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We guys have been made to think that we must always do anything possible to impress the female folk. I’m not against a guy loving her babe, I’m against a guy doing silly things in order to impress a lady. 
The truth is that most times, these actions come back to haunt us while, we get to regret at the end.

1. Consuming too much alcohol: most guys are guilty of this especially when trying to woo a lady or when taking her to bed.
This is wrong in so many ways: it will damage your health, its a temporary measure, you most times end up misbehaving and its not a guarantee that you’ll succeed in wooing or performing well in bed. Besides, the lady will know that you took something and that you lack confidence and esteem. Be yourself.

2. Spending above your means: whether it’s buying things you don’t really need in order to look rich and fly, or spoiling the lady with things you normally should not be buying. Its wrong. 
I see a lot of guys do this and I keep wondering to what purpose? The worst is many of them come back to their senses when its already too late!

3. Lying: I’m not talking about the small lies guys normally tell, I’m talking about bragging to a lady about

4. Badmouthing your fellow guys: Maybe a guy that is also coming after her. Its wrong for a guy to maltreat his fellow in any way because of a lady. 
Whether its badmouthing, fighting or quarelling with him, its not worth it.

5. Giving up your values and beliefs: Maybe you’re a committed Christian or Muslim, you start backsliding or become uncommitted because she told you to.
You start to abandon your loved ones and family, your studies begin to nosedive and even your job sef, you become unserious. Its a very silly thing to do because when the chips are down, those are the only things that will get you going- God, your family and loved ones and your job which will put food on your table.

6. Pretending to be who you’re not: there’s no need to pretend to be a bad guy if you’re not. 
There are still ladies who value good guys. You don’t need to force yourself to seem confident if you’re a shy guy. People will know you’re just acting it up.what you’re not. Why tell a lady your father is Dangote’s brother, or you’re a Chelsea player, or you work in Shell. This will make her have high expectation from you which you would be trying to live up to.
Are they ok at all?

One Word For Them…some female student no get shame
Someone posted this and I decided to share it with you.
During my sojourn in the Ivory Tower, I knew many guys who had their girlfriends stay with them! The truth is that any girl that brings her stuffs to stay in your house in school must have a secrete plan. Now, you ain’t married yet she stays with you in your one-room apartment or probably, a bed-sitter. You may think you are having a swell time, but my guy, let me tell you, you are definitely in for it!!! When a guy allows his girlfriend to stay with him in school, he is bound to do the following 5 foolish things:

1) You spend the hard-earned money of your parents or guardians to rent an apartment and she packs in. She will save the money that has been given to her and use it to better her life! You go dey there dey form ‘married man’ grin I guess you have never worked for money before so you don’t freaking know what it means to cough out thousands or hundreds of thousands to rent an apartment! I know guys who wouldn’t allow their younger ones stay with them in school, but dem fit pay continuously for an apartment for dem and their girlfriends from 100L to final year. What a pity!!!

2) You start feeding her! Deh say small pikin wey wan carry e papa for shoulder, na big blokos go suffocate am!!! grin When you decide to live like a married man, you must also accept the responsibilities of a married man! Simple. How can you be taking care of somebody when you are still being taken care of?  I don’t get it. Most girls who find themselves in such position would definitely pray it lasts till they sit for their degree exams! She buys Brazilian hairs, jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, etc with her up-keep money grin And you? You use yours to buy breads, fry eggs and make tea for the both of you! Not forgetting that her friends will still come and eat. When will you have sense then?

3) If both of you are in the same dept., you end up doing assignments for her, writing tests and exams for her! Didn’t God give her brain? There’s a high possibility that she would graduate with a 2.1 and you, a 2.2 or a 3rd class because God must surely punish you for cheating and impersonatinggrin

4) You lose your privacy and the opportunity to interact and associate with other reasonable, focused and ambitious students on campus! Your friends take precaution before they visit you. You are stuck with just one person. Why do you think young people are always encouraged to reach out to and make friends with members of the opposite sex far from the

time they would be getting married? I ask you, Papa Lotanna!!! Yes, that’s who you aregrin since you have decided to get married in school without the knowledge of your parents. That’s why I still prefer private universities. Things like cohabiting hardly take place!

5) Foolishly thinking that both of you will get married at last! Most of the guys I knew personally in the university who cohabited with their girlfriends were later dumped or jilted after graduation. Reason: those girls would not want to lose their privacy normally living with a guy from 100L to final year but they decided to cohabit to save their resources and live on the guys’ resourcesgrin I told you, these girls have plans and you are not part of their plans…just one of the steps on the ladder for those plans to be achieved!!! So when will you have sense, I asked again?

Go to school, study very hard, learn a trade or skill as you are schooling. Make adequate plans for life after graduation. Stop making marriage plans with your that babe that cohabits with you. If you do, you do, you either day-dreaming or living in a fool’s paradise! You are free to have girlfriend because you are mature but don’t allow them cohabit with you!

A word is enough for the wise…peace to ya’ all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
1. Se x in Camp

Some corpers sleep with one another in camp when they are not husband and wife.

2. Se x on Parade Ground

Some corpers have se x on open parade ground in d evening or at night on d grass like animals!

3. Cohabitation

Some male & female corpers live together in d same room as husband & wife when they are not, after d camp- having constant se x, cooking & eating together, etc.

4. Abor tion

some female corpers commit abor tion resulting from NYSC se x.

5. Adulterous Married Corpers

Some female married corpers leave their husbands at home for NYSC only to be continuously serviced by fellow male corpers! Also, some married male corpers leave their wives at home only to start sleeping with fellow female corpers!

6. Abuse of Female Students in Schools

Some male corpers in schools have sex with the students entrusted with

7. Se x with Boss

Some female corpers have sex with their bosses for some benefits in their places of primary assignment!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

f beg sx 1
This is unbelievable. I just can’t believe that our ladies have gone this bad with their desperation until I saw her private photos and what she wrote online. Her name is Eunice Oluchi and she is a student of Abia State university Nigeria.

Oluchi is crazy about “the thing” and is even begging men for it.
f beg sx 2f beg sx 3
The first global rankings of universities in the new year have been published, and they show quite curious results for Nigerian universities.
According to Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, the Covenant University, Ota, made an impressive step forward, stormed the TOP 15 of African Universities and became #1 in Nigeria.
In his reaction, the vice-chancellor of the university, Prof Charles Ayo, said the institution would not rest on its oars until it becomes at least 10th on the African continent.
A total of 136 Nigerian universities made the list. See the TOP-50, as of January 2015, below:
Ranking (world rank) University name
1 (1401) Covenant University Ota
2 (1791) Obafemi Awolowo University
3 (2310) University of Ibadan
4 (2597) University of Lagos
5 (2742) University of Ilorin
6 (3424) University of Agriculture Abeokuta
7 (3599) Ahmadu Bello University
8 (3872) Federal University of Technology Akure
9 (4022) Landmark University
10 (4100) University of Nigeria
11 (4462) University of Benin
12 (4590) University of Port Harcourt
13 (4644) Federal University of Technology Minna
14 (5114) Federal University Dutsin Ma
15 (5810) University of Jos
16 (7146) Federal University Oye Ekiti Ekiti State
17 (8385) Olabisi Onabanjo University (Ogun State University)
18 (8551) Federal University of Technology Owerri
19 (8704) University of Calabar
20 (8988) Osun State University
21 (9063) Auchi Polytechnic
22 (9294) Paul University Awka Anambra State
23 (9782) National Open University of Nigeria
24 (9920) Yaba College of Technology

25 (10360) Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti

26 (10384) Lagos Business School Pan African University
27 (10492) Madonna University Nigeria
28 (10518) University of Uyo
29 (10577) Lead City University Ibadan
30 (10795) Bayero University Kano
31 (11154) Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
32 (11169) Nnamdi Azikiwe University
33 (11215) Adekunle Ajasin University
34 (11443) Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo FUNAI
35 (11526) University of Maiduguri
36 (11794) Benue State University
37 (12595) Redeemer’s University
38 (12694) Pan African University Lagos
39 (12789) Caritas University Enugu
40 (13273) Rivers State University of Science & Technology
41 (13369) Kwara State University
42 (13475) Usmanu Danfodiyo University
43 (13653) Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma
44 (13749) American University of Nigeria
45 (13756) Joseph Ayo Babalola University
46 (13821) Tai Solarin University of Education
47 (14073) Lagos State University
48 (14163) Bowen University
49 (14225) (1) Kaduna State University
50 (14531) Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi
The actual ranking (TOP-15) of the universities in Africa is given below:
Currently, Webometrics provides web indicators for more than 12,000 universities worldwide. The ranking is based on a composite indicator which reflects presence, impact, openness and excellence. The next update of the rankings will be in July 2015.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

This happen in my hostel back in school a friend of ours who just start learning hw to cook was left alone to cook for we guys,since he found d yam to b slippery he decide to wash it once n for all. MOD pls do d needful
The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Prof. Charles Ayo, has hinted that the school may likely reduce its tuition fees in a bid to accommodate more students who will want to benefit from the quality education it offers.
Addressing a news conference on Friday over the school’s recent Webometrics ranking as the first in Nigeria and West Africa and the 15th in Africa, he said even though there is no actual date for the likely review yet, the initiative would make admission into the school more affordable and competitive.
He explained that apart from the fact the Chancellor of the school, Dr. David Oyedepo, had already thought about it, the school management also had plans to increase its internally generated revenue so as to augment its income, which would make the review easy.

He said, “Going by the thinking of the proprietor and chancellor, the commission is thinking of reducing the fees with a view to allowing more people to be able to benefit from the quality education that we have here, but it’s going to be highly competitive.

“This may affect us because we would need to work more on our IGR, but we are up to the task. The beauty of it all is to be able to leave it open to all, however, we are mindful of our carrying capacity, which will only engender stiff competition before anybody would be able to get admission.

“By the next academic session, the university will be going into production of certain items and looking at our projection on the adventure, we are going to be raking in billions, which will supplement our income and with that, we can be sure that the fees would be reducing gradually, which also shows that education venture is not necessarily about profit-making but about service to humanity.”

The vice-chancellor explained that with the recently released Webometrics Ranking of February 10, 2015, “Covenant University is now the first among all the universities in Nigeria and West Africa and the 15th in Africa.

“Last year, we were the second in Nigeria and 25th in Africa, but now we have improved greatly, and this is because we came in with a view to introducing a change, which was a clear departure from what others do, therefore, this feat and many others do not really come as a surprise to us.”

Webometrics Ranking is the ranking of about 2,500 institutions in the world based on their web presence, impact, presence, openness and excellence.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Several classrooms are filled like this
The police have arraigned a 27-year-old man, Tope Akintade, for impregnating a primary three pupil, Beatrice (pseudonym), after he allegedly raped her.

Akintade and Beatrice, an orphan, are neighbours at a compound on Baale Street, Agboju, Kuje in the Amuwo area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the 13-year-old victim was outside washing plates in the afternoon, sometime in November, when Akintade, who hails from the Idanre Local Government Area, Ondo State, lured her to his room and forcefully had sex with her.

Our correspondent gathered that Beatrice’s aunt, who preferred to be anonymous because of the nature of the incident, had earlier warned the suspect to stay away from her niece when she (the minor) complained that he was “playing rough play” with her.

Our correspondent learnt that neither the aunt nor other lodgers of the compound were around on the fateful day to intervene in the act as Akintade reportedly coerced the minor into three rounds of sexual romp.

It was gathered that the act, which the minor had kept secret, became apparent when she began to exhibit some symptoms usually shown by pregnant women.

She was said to have been taken to a hospital where a test conducted on her revealed that she was three months pregnant.

Akintade was eventually arrested by police officials attached to the Satellite Police Division and charged with rape.

PUNCH Metro was told that he had confessed to the crime in a statement made to the police. A prosecutor, Olusoji Ojaokomo, arraigned him before an Apapa Magistrate’s Court on two counts of rape.

The charge read, “That you, Tope Akintade, 27, on Baale Street, Agboju, Satellite Town, Kunje, Amuwo, Lagos, in the Apapa Magisterial District, did defile one Beatrice by having canal knowledge of her and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.

“That you, Tope Akintade, did indecently assault Beatrice by touching her private parts and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 134 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.”

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty before the magistrate, Mrs. O.I. Adelaja, who admitted him to bail in the sum of N50,000, with two sureties in like sum.

“The sureties must tender to the court evidence of tax payment and their residential addresses for verification,” she added.

She adjourned the case till March 23, 2015 for mention.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I think the need to change in our Attitude toward our exams is now!

I think the change should be all round in our country!

! I think the change should start with me!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

According to reports, 29-year-old Maria Contreras was a substitute at the Bronx Academy of Letters until she was fired last Saturday following her arrest.
The New York police have arrested the former substitute teacher accused of repeatedly raping a 14-year-old student with learning disabilities in her home.
Contreras allegedly took the boy home from school and raped him on at least 6 occasions at her apartment in the Bronx.
It is further alleged that she engaged in oral sex with the student at least twice.
Contreras if facing a maximum of 14-years-jail-term for six counts of second-degree rape and two counts of criminal sex acts with a minor.

Both charges carry a maximum of 7 years in prison. Quoted in a Metro report, the Department of Education spokesman, Devora Kaye, said investigation is on-going and Contreras had been relieved of her job.

 “These allegations are incredibly disturbing. Ms Contreras has been removed from her position and will no longer be employed by the DOE,” Kaye said.

“We are working with NYPD on their investigation.”

The accused’s crimes came to light after the student told his mother of the assault and she subsequently reported to the police.

Monday, February 9, 2015
With the 2015 JAMB UTME registration officially closed, Campus Portal Nigeria have compiled the list of most sought after universities.

Out of the over 180 universities in Nigeria, University of Ilorin (Unilorin) has the highest number of JAMB UTME applicants with over 85,945 candidates seeking admission into the institution. This is followed by the University of Benin (Uniben) with over 60,020 applicants, and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Unizik) with over 58,410 UTME applicants.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th most sought-after higher institutions are the University of Nigeria, Nsukka – UNN (57,539 applicants), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria – ABU (52,785 applicants), and the University of Lagos – UNILAG (49,059 applicants) respectively. Best wishes to all 2015 JAMBites...

Sunday, February 8, 2015
I do received a lots of punishment especially when I was in Primary.Here are few I can recall.
Frog jump.
Kneel down and close your eyes.

Hands up and close your eyes.
Cutting Bushes..
OMG!!! S*x Scandal In The NYSC Camp....
An eye-witness account of how married female corpers hide wedding rings, play love games in Tsafe Camp,Zamfara’s three weeks orientation programme of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members are often regimented.
Participants in the scheme face hectic drills by soldiers and their steps are closely monitored by eagle-eyed soldiers. Sadly, some female corps members still break camp rules, as they turn the camping exercise to a free s*x carnival.
Life in the orientation camp is fun, although occasionally ‘marred’ by regular sessions of drills, mind-blowing and strenuous activities like the Man O’ War drills, endurance trek, camp fire night and the regular early morning parade.
Some girls were so carefree that they actually succeeded in having s*x on a daily basis, frolicking with male corps members, and even some soldiers (don’t ask me how I got to know, lest I start mentioning names with genuine evidence) and a few camp officials who do not want to be left out of the corpers’ rush.
To my utmost chagrin, some of the teenage Aboki boys otherwise known as Almajiris that at times helped out with chores especially fetching of water, also ate the free love dishes served by my fellow female comrades. It was difficult to believe that those female graduates actually had it with these muscular teenage boys and, they too, in turn, were willing to service as many females as are willing to pay as low as N500 or more.

If you dare to ask where these dirty habits were carried out, I’ll promptly reply that they regularly took place on the vast expanse of land that doubles as the exercise and parade field. But they took place mostly at night when other sane corps members are sound asleep. Those that slept with soldiers and camp officials were however saved the stress of having to do it in the open but rather in a cozy room and on a mattress, who cares if the foam is flaccid. The corper-to- corper or corper-to-aboki romance has so much risk, hence it is usually done in a hurry.

It was so shameful to discover that majority of the ladies were supposedly married or engaged. While a larger number of them removed their wedding band (though the lines were still very obvious on their fingers) others simply desecrated their sacred vows and frolicked around with their wedding or engagement ring glaringly displayed on their fingers. Shameful is it?
About one week into the orientation exercise, two girls were reportedly decamped having been caught making love with the abokis. This news was confirmed by one of the soldiers as he was literally advising female corps members to hook up with responsible soldiers who would provide them the luxury of a decent place to be laid as against doing it with the abokis on a dusty grass.
He said one of those girls caught and decamped was a married woman as the camp authorities called her husband, thinking it was her father, to inform him of what his daughter did on camp. So infuriated was the husband that the poor man went through the stress of removing all her belongings from his house, all the way from Kaduna where they both lived, to Zamfara State before picking her up from the camp to her parent’s house.
Other offences that could make one liable to be decamped includes: lunacy, which I know by now many people would have screamed God forbid, fighting and injuring fellow corps members (hence sharp objects were seized from our belongings prior to venturing into the premises), stealing, breaking any of the outlined camp rules all of which have escaped my memory and, of course, infidelity (which we all know is done with the wrong person).
Source: Sunnewsonline

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Libraries collect the vast stores of human knowledge and imagination.

1. Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Although this astonishingly beautiful library looks as though it would exist only in a Disney movie rather than real life, the Admont Abbey Library was built in 1776 and remains the largest monistic library in the world. Adamant Abbey holds 700,000 books which are all accompanied by wonderful pastel paintings and wall carvings.

2. Strahov Monastery Library, Czech Republic

Containing over 200,000 books, this library hosts some of the most important titles printed in Central Europe and the decor is incredible. Not only is this library visually appealing, it alsohas  geek appeal as it has two secret passageways which can be opened by faux books.

3. Geisel Library, USA

Named after Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel – although you may know him better as Dr. Seuss – this library at the University of San Diego honors the late couple who often donated to UCSD.

4. Trinity College Library, Ireland

Not only is Trinity College Library the largest library in the whole of Ireland, it also houses the Book Of Kells which is believed to have been written as early as 800 AD by celtic monks.

5. Boston Public Library, USA

Established in 1848, Boston Public Library was the first municipal library in the entire U.S.! Containing over 8.9 million books, the library was originally part of a small Massachusetts school house until architect Charles Follen McKim completed the current building – named ‘Palace For The People’ – situated in Copley Square in 1895.

6. Raza Library, India

Once part of a palace, the Raza Library was completed in 1904 but houses a collection the royal family began collecting as far back as 1774. There are now 17,000 rare or completely unique manuscripts and over 200 hand-written letters.

7. George Peabody Library, USA

The first American to be interred in Westminster Abbey, George Peabody is known as somewhat of a success story. Although he was born into a humble life, George worked his way up to become a very wealthy man who funded many museums and libraries in both the UK and USA in the early 1800s. George constructed this library in Baltimore, USA to thank the local people for their “kindness and hospitality’.

8. Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, USA

Encapsulated within a huge glass dome, Mansueto Library is the main studying hall of the University of Chicago. So students can receive any books or documents they require quickly, Mansueto actually has a robotic arm system underground that catalogues and finds certain books.

9. Villanueva Public Library, Columbia

Villanueva Library was constructed using only locally sourced materials and people. The design, which was created by four college students near to the construction, is focused around natural ventilation so visitors remain cool and comfortable.

10. The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination, USA

This extremely interesting space holds over 20,000 volumes belonging to celebrated inventor Jay Walker. Inspired by the designs of M.C. Escher, Walker’s private library is meant to focus entirely on the never-ending phenomenon of the human imagination.

11. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, USA

One of the largest libraries in the world, Beinecke Yale Library is exclusively reserved for, as I’m sure you can imagine, rare books and manuscripts. There are currently over 500,000 books in its possession and several million manuscripts, including a Gutenberg Bible.

12. Karl Lagerfeld’s Private Library, Paris

One of the largest private libraries in existence, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld owns over 60,000 books which he keeps in his Parisian apartment.

13. Bristol Central Library, England

Completed in 1906, Bristol Central Library combines Tudor Revival and Modern Movement styles to create a fascinating combination of architecture. It was also built on a slope, which is why the front half of the building has three stories while the end half has five.

14. James B. Hunt Jr Library, USA

Although this was opened extremely recently in 2013, this North Carolina State Library is host to a robotic arm system that can retrieve any of 20,000 volumes for students as well as two 3D printers.

15. Bibliotheque Nationale De France, France

Despite many parts of The National Library of France having been built back in 1886, the entire structure is still in use.

16. The Library of El Escorial, Spain

Perhaps the most interesting element of this library is the fact it is situated in the Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the residence of all of Spain’s past kings. Although it is now a world heritage site, King Phillip II began the library and collected many of the books that are still held there.

17. Wiblingen Monastery Library, Germany

Completed in 1744, this beautiful Baroque building is inscribed with the wonderful phrase ‘In quo omnes thesauri sapientiae et scientiae,’ meaning ‘In which are stored all treasures of knowledge and science.’

18. The Library of the San Francisco Monastery, Peru

Located in Lima, the San Francisco Monastery was built in 1672 making it one of the oldest functioning libraries in the west.

19. University of Otago Central Library, New Zealand

The University of Otago is home to several libraries, however their Central Library is by far the most impressive. The library has over 500,000 books, 9000 of which where printed before 1801, and 2000 study spaces for students.

20. Nakanoshima Library, Japan

True, this building doesn’t look traditionally Japanese but this Library constructed in 1904 actually fits in rather well with the rest of Osaka.

21. Beitou Library, Taiwan

Eco-friendly and modern, this library recycles rainwater by letting it run down its slanted roof to be used in the restrooms!

22. Victorian State Library, Australia

Victorian State Library opened in 1856, although the famous domed room (pictures above) didn’t open until 1913. This absolutely huge library is home to over 2 million books including diaries from the famous James Cook.

23. The Tianyi Pavilion Library, China

Built in 1560, Tianyi Pavilion Library is the oldest private library in Asia, and third oldest on the entire Earth.

The collection, which was started by a retired imperial minister, includes over 300,000 ancient books that cannot be found anywhere else.

24. Fisher Fine Arts Library, USA

Built in the late 1800s, this University of Pennsylvania library was designed by Philadelphia’s Frank Furness, making it a historic landmark.

25. Indianapolis Public Library, USA

Originally constructed in 1917, this Indiana library has since been extended to combine older and extremely modern architecture in a harmonious and impressive display.

26. Palafoxiana Library, Mexico

The first publiclibrary in Mexico, built in 1646, this Puebla library is now one of the many buildings on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.

27. University of Michigan Law Library, USA

Renowned for its Gothic architecture, the Law Library is available to all students and is located at the centre of the Michigan campus.

28. Library of Parliament, Canada

Built in 1876, the Library of Parliament was originally part of the parliamentary headquarters. The building was under construction for ten years before the builders admitted they didn’t know how to create a domed roof, and so this library became the first structure in North America to have a wrought iron roof.

29. National Library, Costa Rica

Featuring an inverted arch above glass walls, this library may now have been built to withstand the numerous earthquakes that hit Costa Rica. So make sure to have a look while you can!

30. Austrian National Library, Austria

Built in 1723, Austria’s largest library is located in the Hofburg Palace, Vienna and is host to an incredible 7.4 million books.

31. Central Library of Vancouver, Canada

If you were to look closely at this building, which ancient constructions does it remind you of? If you guessed the Roman Colosseum you’re correct! In fact, this library was based on the ancient structure and covers an entire city block to do so. Not only does it include 1.3 million volumes, Vancouver’s central library also houses retailers, offices and restaurants.

32. Klarchek Information Commons, USA

On the shores of Lake Michigan, the stunning building at Loyola University in Chicago offers even more impressive views.

33. José Vasconcelos Library, Mexico

Aptly referred to as the ‘Megalibrary’ by the Mexican press, this huge structure covers 409,000 square feet and houses over 500,000 books all hanging from glass shelves.

34. Delft University of Technology Library, Netherlands

Delft University’s Technology Library is in a field of its own when it comes to modern architecture. With the library located under what appears to be a hill, the roof is a skylight that transforms into cone.

35. Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Switzerland

As if it wasn’t enough that this library is the oldest in Switzerland, it’s one of the oldest monastic libraries in the world.

36. The Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro, The Real Gabinete Português de Leitura was built in 1887 and holds more works in Portuguese than anywhere else outside of Portugal.

37. The National Library, Brazil

Another of Brazil’s incredible libraries, The National Library is the largest library in Latin America and the seventh largest on the planet.

38. Cornell Univeristy Uris Library, USA

As Cornell University is located on a rather large hill, Uris sits at the top of the ‘slope’ with the proud title of being Cornell’s oldest library. You may also recognise the room above as the ‘Harry Potter’ library.

39. Stephen A. Schwarzman Library, USA

Otherwise known as The New York Public Library, this National Historical Landmark was originally built in 1911 and houses 75 miles of shelving. As it continued to grow, an underground area was built that extends under Bryant Park.

40. Handelingenkamer, Netherlands

This library holds every record of Dutch parliamentary discussions and was very cleverly built to minimize the need for candles in a time before electricity.