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Monday, December 28, 2015

she was maybe bored thats when she recorded and shared this video of herself doing wil d things

watch and download video


Sunday, December 27, 2015

she shared this h0t tem pting photos see them HERE  


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

sinazo 4
This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our L@dies should try to c@ution themselves and not send v!de0s and p!ctures that sh0ws their b0dy or allow the gu-ys to take their p!ctures while d0ing !t.
See P!cs on the next page>>> HERE


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Before some people start criticizing, we have taken time to shade off the very sensitive part of her body. The lady above we hear is the One UNILAG SUG Vice President. These photos are clearly personal photos she took albeit not right but no one knows how is surfaced online....

People say she got into a mis understanding with Her Boyfriend who shared her photos while some say her boyfriend did, because they had issues. The notorious Queen is currently in Cameroun and one wonders what she'll be thinking by now.

The photos were released by a UNILAG students blog called schoolangle We decide to put this up as a warning to our dear Female STUDENTS. Never take Un cla d photos of yourself as you never know who what will be of your phone anytime and also never let a guy catch you Un cla d on camera be it your boy friend. See Photo Below

Saturday, November 21, 2015

23- Regent School Maitama N1.35 Million Abuja
22- Bloombreed High School N1.5 Million Port Harcourt
21- Lead British International School N1.5 Million Abuja
20- Norwegian International School N1,843,750Million Port Harcourt
19- Nigerian Turkish International College N1.6 Million Abuja
18- Greenoak International School N1.9 Million Port Harcourt
17- International Community School N1.9 Million Abuja
16- Charles Dale Memorial International School N2,040,000 Million Port Harcourt

15- Dowen College, N2Million Lagos
14- Chrisland College N2Million Lagos
13- Atlantic Hall N2.27 Million Lagos
12- Corona Secondary School N2.55 Million Agbara Ogun State
11- Hillcrest School N2.65 Million Jos
10- Loyola Jesuit N2.8 Million Abuja
9- Meadow Hall N3 Million Lagos
8- Greenspring School N3.185 Million Lagos
7- Whiteplains British School N3.6 Million Abuja
6- Day Waterman College N3.7 Million Abeokuta
5- Lekki British International High School N4 Million Lagos
4- American International School N4.3 Million Abuja
3- British International School N4.48 Million Lagos
2- Grange High School N4.5 Million Lagos
1- American International School N5.5 Million Lagos

She is a combination of beauty and brains. Abe Opeyemi, 21, graduated with a first class in Food Science and Technology from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, having had a 4.57 CGPA in the 2014/2015 academic session. She shares her experience with Punch's Tunde Ajaja. Enjoy...

How did you handle gestures from men?
I was wise about it and God helped me. Then, I was careful with my choice of friends, which was key. So, to a large extent, I didn’t have any untoward distraction.

Did you plan to graduate with a first class when you got to school?
Initially, I didn’t really plan for it, but as semesters passed, I saw that it was not impossible to have it. I dreamt it and vowed to make it happen, so I had to read for extra hours and spend some more time with God in prayers. It wasn’t easy but God made a way for me. I didn’t have first class until I got to 300level and that was when I started leading my class. Even though my first year, especially the first semester, was a little bit rough because I resumed very late; I missed tests, did some make-up tests and had to copy notes from friends, so, with that kind of rough beginning and my wish to have excellence, I decided to be more serious with my academics, and it helped greatly, coupled with God’s grace. At the end of that semester, I had 3.96. Some people told me it was impossible to have first class, more so that I didn’t have a very good start but that challenged me to do more and achieve the best. 
So, we can always achieve success if we can put our minds to it and work towards it. Notably, I have not done badly for myself in the past; I passed my Senior School Certificate Examination and the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination at one sitting, but I know that God actually saw me through.

Some people have argued that it is easier to have a First Class in a private university than in public university. What’s your view on that?
I don’t believe that. Whether in a private or public university, excellence requires a lot of hard work to come out with good grades, not to talk of a first class degree. What makes the difference, in my view, is that the learning environment differs. In some public schools, students wake up as early as 4am so they could secure a seat in class for a 7am lecture because of inadequate space and seats, unlike in a private school where minimum comfort is guaranteed. Then, the distractions in public schools are many unlike what obtains in private schools. So, those differences are capable of influencing students’ performance. I believe I am a product of hard work and it was self-driven, coupled with my parents’ encouragement.

Some students tend to think that one needs to read all the time to have a first class. Was that what you did?
There were days that I didn’t read at all and I slept well. I remember I was sleeping for at least six hours in a day, save for exam periods that I needed to do more than I used to do. I believe the important thing is for people to understand what works for them. Some assimilate faster while some don’t, and when it comes to reading, some can read in a noisy place and understand faster while some others need to seclude themselves. So, students need to understand themselves. For example, I rarely used the library and I can count the very few times I entered the library to read, while some prefer to read in the library. I was also involved in several extra-curricular activities that required a lot of my attention most times, but I thank God I was able to balance them. I worked hard and God crowned my effort.

How would you describe your social life in school?
I tried to balance my life and be as sociable and interesting to be with as possible. In fact, I spent my leisure time watching movies, resting, entertaining few friends, chatting with my friends, listening to music, and surfing the Internet. So, I was not always reading.

Where would you like to work?
I would like to work with an organisation where my potentials can be fully utilised, where I will be able to add immense value and find fulfillment. It has to be a place where I can find career progress and have my skills properly harnessed. I look forward to working in a place where I can put to adequate use everything I’ve learnt in school and the practical experience I’ve had. However, there are some organisations that I have some preference for, especially those that are into food or drink processing and then oil companies.

This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our L@dies should try to c@ution themselves and not send v!de0s and p!ctures that sh0ws their b0dy or allow the gu-ys to take their p!ctures while d0ing !t. See Video Below


ht 4This is why we keep repeating the same thing, that Our L@dies should try to c@ution themselves and not send v!de0s and p!ctures that sh0ws their b0dy while d0ing !t. See p!c on the next page>> HERE >>P!CTURE 1


Thursday, November 19, 2015


Girls can be funny at times, She shared this photos to get followers 
This is one desperate girl who is willing to do anything money…She posted this extremelyn*de photos of herself on her social media account and tagged it “Only For Those That Can Afford It”

see the photos HERE and HERE


In recent times, babes have been exhibiting some very wild tendencies each time they obverse that their guy is dumping them for a fresh chick. One lady even went as far as setting her (ex)boyfriend's Range Rover sports car on fire for daring to leave her for another babe. #WomanWahala


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A 25-year-old final year Civil Engineering student of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, Mr. Innocent Ndukwe has been murdered by three suspected assailants.

According to the state Commissioner of Police Mr. Taiwo Lakanu, the suspects, after slaughtering their victim made away with his Pathfinder SUV with Reg. No. KRD-109AD, two plasma TV sets, one home theatre and assorted personal effects.

Lakanu, who disclosed this to newsmen when he paraded the suspects at the Police headquarters, Owerri said that the police control room, following a report of the gory incident quickly alerted operatives of the command, who immediately spread its drag net across the entire state.

Said he: “As a result, the assailants who tried to escape the eagle-eyed operatives were subsequently apprehended along West-End old Nekede road, Owerri.”



Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Every University in this country is blessed with beautiful rose flowers.
This post is a highlight of 10 Nigerian Universities with the Most Beautiful girls when the average of beauties in each campus is measured.

11. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU):
A school of pretty and intelligent and innocent northern girls. You can hardly find such array of beautiful muslim girls in any campus.

10. Anambra State University (ANSU):
Filled with blessed future mothers with pretty figures you do like to see every morning when you wake and every night before you sleep.

9. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN):
The school of lions and lionesses. These lionesses are so intelligent, pretty and homely that you do like to take them to your mama.

8. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU):
Anytime and you are writing JAMB again and you see a pretty girl near you, check her school of choice, it will be OAU.

7. Covenant University (CU):
This expensive school have beautiful and expensive ladies. The girls of CU are combination of beauty and Brains.

6. University of Portharcourt (UNIPORT):
A school of solid chicks. The Oil money around the vicinity turns even the ugly to beauties.
All the beautiful girls you have seen and your head couldn’t understand why a human being should be that beautiful must have a root to UNIPORT.

5. Lagos State University (LASU):
In this multi ethnic city of Lagos, a great deal of beauties from across the country seek admission into Lagos state university, the next time you enter a taxi and you see pretty girl by your side, tell her you are a LASU student or graduate and she will hug you very well and tell you her department.

4. YABA College of Technology (YABATECH):
Can’t just miss this school of pretty buchachas. YABA TECH has the prettiest girls you can seek around campuses in Naija.

3. Imo State University (IMSU):
I can swear you won’t see and ugly girl in IMSU. Even the ugly girls in IMSU can win beauty pageant against their neighbouring schools with names like F..O, A…N, N….E etc I didn’t mention any name ooooooo na you sabi.

2. Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK)
This UNIZIK babes tooooo fine. No wonder all this Main market business men troop into Awka every weekend. If you think that am exaggerating, try and visit Awka during any social night like Star Trek. I swear your eyes go full and konji go be your name....  

1. University of Lagos (UNILAG):
The school of beauties… The school has made it a routine to adopt the prettiest of girls from queen College Yaba every year during UTME, If you see a beautiful celebrity , Go to you Unilag. They are not just pretty, they rock the stages.

I may not have the final say on this but if I give you a chance to carry out the same research I have done your result won’t be up to a stone throw from the one listed above.

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Ado-Ekiti- The 156 years old Riemann Hypothesis, the most important problem in Mathematics has been successfully solved by Nigeria Scholar, Dr Opeyemi Enoch.

With this breakthrough, Dr Enoch, who teaches at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), has become the fourth egghead to resolve one of the seven Millennium Problems in Mathematics.
The Kogi State-born mathematician had, before now, worked on mathematical models and structures for generating electricity from sound, thunder and Oceanic bodies.

A statement in Ado Ekiti yesterday said Dr Enoch presentation of the Proof on November 11, 2015 during the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science in Vienna, Austria becomes more symbolic coming on the exact day and month 156 years after the problem was delivered by a German Mathematician in 1859.
The Riemann Zeta Hypothesis is one of the seven Millennium problems set forth by the Clay Mathematics Institute with a million Dollar reward for each solved problem for the past 16 years.

According to the statement, “Dr Enoch first investigated and then established the claims of Riemann. He went on to Consider and to correct the misconceptions that were communicated by Mathematicians in the past generations, thus paving way for his solutions and proofs to be established.

“He also showed how other problems of this kind can be formulated and obtained the matrix that Hilbert and Poly predicted will give these undiscovered solutions. He revealed how these solutions are applicable in cryptography, quantum information science and in quantum computers,” it stated.

Three of the problems had been solved and the prizes given to the winners. This makes it the fourth to be solved of all the seven problems.

Dr Enoch had previously designed a Prototype of a silo for peasant farmers and also discovered a scientific technique for detecting and tracking someone on an evil mission.

Enoch has succeeded in inventing methods by which oil pipelines can be protected from vandalism and he is currently working on Mathematical approaches to Climate Change

bride (1)

what do you think guys is this Hot or WHAT

 el rufai (1)


Currently in all hall of Residence(Both Male and female hostel) postgraduate hall inclusive also,students have been faced with this terrible infection caused by the famous insect ROOVE BEETLE a.k.a SKIRT and BLOUSE.
Studies shows that this insect contain a potent
vesicant in their haemolymph which can produce a skin irritation called dermatitis linearis.Once killed and its fluid come in contact with your skin there will be a SKIN DISORDER.
Currently the students are on a move to protest tagged "#FUMIGATE_UI"


Friday, November 13, 2015

Murder GH
According to reports, a male student of the University of Professional Studies, Accra stabbed his girlfriend to death in the early hours of the morning. The unidentified student allegedly stabbed the lady severally in the neck, chest and head after he suspected she was cheating on him.

The body of the deceased has been sent to the Alfa Hospital at Madina. While the accused who attempted to commit suicide after the heinous crime is being treated in hospital.
According to Ghana’s Starr News, the boy is in critical condition after his failed suicide attempt. The alleged photos are horrific to look at.
See them after the cut…
Murder GH2

Thursday, November 12, 2015


A female secondary school student from a very popular school (name withheld for security reasons) engaging in a ridiculous act after school around 3:45pm after school, meanwhile the school usually dismisses at exactly 3:30pm.

 At times I wonder what’s actually wrong with some of these students especially girls. Some are really been possessed, or could it be they be carried away by their youth stage? Well, you need to watch and see what some of these students do in school



Things have changed and these students are now behaving like dogs now. They go extra miles of taking bad photos and sharing them on social media.

Most of them always trend because they are dirty and dirty things are liked by dirty minds

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SHS Student S0 cking Di ck In Classroom after lesson, who is to b blame?

parent should please monitor the where about of their children cos the rate of imm0rality among the youth is alarming this days



Monday, November 9, 2015

let us not judge the, quick the might just be okonjo iwealas, diazani madueke when the grow up see more photos after the jump?


Sunday, November 8, 2015
This is crazy !! I dont know what is wrong with some ladies!
This footage shows a lady been recorded by her boyfriend while she's dressing up .. So dummy!! Is that how to show love? Allowing a guy to to record your unclothedness .
Anyway, Sadly for the girl, the video has leaked online. Ladies, watch it!
Watch/download the video below 

Click here to download 1


Saturday, November 7, 2015 
This is crazy !! I dont know what is wrong with some ladies!
This footage shows a lady been recorded by her boyfriend while she's dressing up .. So dummy!! Is that how to show love? Allowing a guy to to record your unclothedness .
Anyway, Sadly for the girl, the video has leaked online. Ladies, watch it!
Watch/download the video below 

Click here to download 1


The Vice-Principal of a government school, 57-year-old Taiwo Ajayi, has been caught defiling a 12-year-old student ofthe school. He was caught by one of the staff in the school, Mr Victor Babayemi. 

He reported the matter after suspecting the movement of the young girl inside the vice principal’s office. “The witness became apprehensive when the student, after spending a considerable time in the VP’s office, did not come out. 

The witness went near the door and discovered it was bolted from behind, she knocked and the movements, sounds and subsequent demeanor of both the suspect and the victim gave them away.” According to a police statement in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Mr. Ajayi was said to have allegedlycommitted the offence inside his office at Saint Mary’s Girls Grammar School, Ikole Ekiti.

The state police said investigation revealed that the randy vice-principal had a similar case in the past which was not reported and added that the young girl also admitted that the man had carnal knowledge of her on the table inside his office.

“The report of a medical examination confirmed that the young girls’s hymen is not intact,” the staff who caught them in the act said. “With the evidence against him, he will soon be arraigned in court for defilement,” according to the police but Mr Ajayi is however denying the allegation.

He said “I didn’t do anything o!”

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cheating Skills
This marveled me though, as it’s marveling you too! Such a brain to do this can definitely be the same brain that could study and pass legitimately, can’t it?!
Some students in an illegitimate bid to cheat, clouded their mobile phones with calculator cases. They have such brilliant ideas, only that it’s not for a good cause.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

SAED IN PROGRESS! one heck of a lecture!


This teacher at a school somewhere in Badagry asked her pupils to use sand to brush their teeth as punishment. The name of the school and the teacher is yet unknown. Hope she can be fished out. See more photos below..

The rate of immorality among our youth is on increase nowadays, who know what might have prompted this young lad to engage in such an unspeakable act. most of time this should to the parent

just see what his student were caught doing inside school toilet instead of learning in their various classrooms


Wednesday, November 4, 2015
THE Federal Government has said that it was taking serious consideration at reintroducing compulsory hostel accommodation at universities, stressing that the system in the past contributed to a better and quality students.

The Executive Secretary of Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Julius Okojie, who disclosed this while representing President Muhammadu Buhari at the 21st convocation ceremony of University of Uyo (UNIUYO) at the weekend, said this has become expedient, as it would address the dwindling quality of graduates being produced from these tertiary institutions.

Also, the NUC boss explained that government was also taking seriously the issue of reducing the lecturer/student ratio and reinventing the universities to become centres of inventions.

He, therefore, challenged lecturers in the country’s institutions of higher learning to do more in the area of researches that would be of great benefit to Nigerians, adding that a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree would soon become the least qualification for all academic members of staff of the country’s universities.

He tasked managements of universities on accountability and prudence in the applications of funds, urging them to endeavour to build synergies with state governments, public and private institutions and organisations to address some of their challenges.

According to Prof. Okojie, universities in the country did not fare well in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) but assured that shortcomings of the country’s tertiary institutions would be carried over to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Addressing the Visitor and graduands of the university, the Vice Chancellor of UNIUYO, Prof. Comfort Ekpo, expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the university during her tenure, noting that the university has become the 10th most preferred university in the country with more than 40,000 applicants selecting it in the 2015 UME examinations while it was given an admission quota of 6,659 during the period.

The university, she also stated, is currently ranked as the 55th best in Africa in 2015 with 98 per cent of its programmes having full accreditation.

“All these progress was made possible because we have maintained a high academic standard. Ninety-eight per cent of our academic programmes have been accredited by the National Universities Commission, including Pharmacy, which always had problems in the past having full accreditation status while we are working on getting accreditation for Efik/Ibibio.

“The university had had full accreditation for seven years with seven programmes presented for accreditation recently found worthy to be accredited. We have also played host to international conferences and lectures attracting resource persons from across the globe.

“Eighty per cent of our academic members of staff have at least Masters degrees while we have also strengthened our student support programme with 41 indigent but brilliant students benefitting from the programme since 2013”, she said.

She commended the university Senate and the two management teams during her tenure for the complementary role they played, saying that she would be leaving the institution better than she met it.

Three eminent Nigerians, including Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Senator Ita Enang; an industrialist, Mrs. Folurunsho Alakija and a music maestro, Chief Uko Akpan Umana, bagged honorary doctorate degree in Law, Humanities and Music respectively.

The occasion also witnessed the installation of Alhaji Abubakar Maje, the Emir of Hadejia and chairman, Jigawa State Council of Chiefs, as the university’s Fourth Chancellor.

Amazing NYSC batch in which the good, bad and ugly have so far been recorded from different camps. If you have been to Umunya NYSC camp Anambra State in the past few days the orientation camp resumed, you prolly would have sighted this "small man" in Khaki serving his father land! According to other corp members, he is quite funny and social, loved by many (if not all) and very proud of his size!

No limits bro! Keep soaring!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015
A 300 level student of Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State, Bashir Musa was reported to have been killed in fight over a girl friend last Friday, Daily Trust gathered yesterday.

It was learnt that the trouble that led to the death of Musa began when his girlfriend, Aisha Sale, a student of Jigawa state Polytechnic who is befriending six others including the deceased, all from same university visited one of her boyfriend in Yalwawa quaters of the state capital.

A group of other five boyfriends that includes the deceased stormed the house of the other boyfriend of the girl whom she had visited and attacked him, leading to a serious scuffle which resulted to the death of Musa.

In a statement issued over the incident by the University, the Registrar of the University, Yusuf Adamu said the university will make its position known to the public after the police investigation.

Contacted, the state Police command Spokesperson, DSP Abdul Jinjiri confirmed the incident saying investigation revealed that late Musa died after a scuffle with five others over a girl friend.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Parents in California, are angry after they learned that a professor required female students to perform in the unclad before passing their final exam. However, officials from UC San Diego, defended the art teacher who told his students to do their final exam in the unclad.  The mother of one student said that professor Ricardo Dominguez forced her daughter to undress or she risk failing the class. Read the rest of the story as reported by WorldWideWeirdNews

The mother also said that a general requirement for students to be unclad to pass the class made her sick to her stomach. Officials denied that indecency is a requirement to pass the class, saying that students can perform the unclad gestures without removing their clothes.  Some students also defended the practice, saying that everyone was unclad and there was nothing s*xual about the performance.

 Dominguez said that the students are offered the option of being figurative or emotionally unclad. Students are aware of the requirement from the first day of school and he has never received a complaint before, the professor said. 

The students undress in a dark room filled with burning candles, and students who are uncomfortable with the revealing nature of the course, should not enroll in the class, the professor said.

loveth decided to join the bandwagon and thought that by sharing her n ked photos her twitter page will have hundreds of followers and yes that happened see more photos after the