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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The heartbreaking photo you are about to view shows a lifeless baby that is said to have been thrown into the dustbin by a female student of UNN who gave birth to a still birth..

The body wasnt discovered until the one of the hostel cleaners emptied the bin...
The baby (7 months old) was found in front of Balewa Hostel this Morning. The baby was dumped inside a dustbin in front of St, Peter's Catholic Chaplaincy, UNN.
Reports claim that it was a still birth. 

who ever did this is so heartless, and may God forgive you.

See the poor dead baby's photo after the cut. viewer's discretion is highly advised

Kenya and Kogello village in particular in rural set up of Nyanza,Kenya hit the World News’ rooms after producing the World’s President(President Barrack Obama) in year 2008.As this was not enough Kogello might be back to the World’s Guinness Book of Records again as the world impresses the latest development in the medical world.

Fanuel Oduori, a second year student at Bondo University is at the centre of the biggest scientific discovery on the planet. He has discovered a viral vaccine, which is 99 percent effective in prevention of contraction of HIV/AIDS. The drug that He has branded as “FANUDU” vaccine has been derived from 42 herbs, which literally represents the 42 tribes in Kenya.

Fanuel who is studying Bachelors Degree in Biotechnology has been working on this development from his days of admission at the University. This comes after contributions of Pall Omega and Mzee WA Loliondo; we therefore expect all roads to head to this tiny village on the world’s globe for the better part of this week. With live interview with news people Fanuel revealed how he has been sleeping for only 2 hours in a day to discover this drug.”I believe that Technology will one day move mountains”, He told the News people. Since morning, newsrooms have been flocking the area to have a glimpse of this young, creative and Blessed young Kenyan.

However, this scientific development must receive approval from medical scholars around the globe.
Anyway, it has been the prayer of every person on the universe; including me writing this article and you reading this article for such a discovery but good will of the day when such a scientific breakthrough will materialize.


what do you think?

Some girls are really taking these craze for BB to the extreme. A 200 Level student of the University of Benin stole a Blackberry Phone said to belong to her girlfriend and was given the disgrace of her life by those around, including fellow students.

It all happened when her friend started looking for her BB for over 3 hours and could not find it. This girl was asked if she saw the BlackBerry but she No, that she has not seen it.

While the discussion went on, the phone rang and she refuse picking it, it rang again and again until her friend insisted she pick it, but she refuse until argument started which led to neighbours coming to the scene. The phone was later discovered and the boys around stripp’ed her nakéd and abused her body……

However what are you thoughts on this jungle justice? is it justified?
Evangel University of America Egan Igando

This will definitely sound incredible. But it’s true. Many illegal private universities across the country are awarding PhD certificates, even as those studying for masters degrees pay as much as N1.5 million to complete their programme in just six months.

This was the shocking discovery by the National Universities Commission (NUC) Committee on the Closure of Illegal Degree-Awarding Universities when the body stormed two unapproved private universities in Lagos.

The committee stormed the private universities alongside officials of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), State Security Service (SSS) and some journalists.

A high drama played out at a three-bedroom flat, which served as study centre for Evangel Christian University of America and the shopping mall used, as Clinton University when the proprietor and bursar claimed they had approval to operate but could not back up their claim when the chairman of the NUC committee, Prof. Adebisi Balogun, requested for their approval papers.

When the NUC and ICPC team, which included Mr. Moses Awe, Dr. Lawrence Ogugua, Mr. Adewale Adenuga, Mr. Kingsely and Mr. Folurunso Ariyo and some journalists stormed the two degree-awarding mills, what they saw, including students’ admission lists, receipts for tuition payment, organogram of principal officers and numerous completed projects baffled them.


At Evangel Christian University of America, which was being run in a three-bedroom flat, the NUC/ICPC team met the Bursar, Dr. Philip Nnaji, and a lady administrative officer. When confronted by Prof. Balogun that the school was operating illegally, Dr. Nnaji, with all the confidence he could muster, said the school was a study centre, insisting that its America affiliate awarded the certificate.

He said: “The school has proper documents to back up its operation and could not register with NUC. Sir, the university is duly registered and the necessary documents are with the vice chancellor. I am the bursar of this centre. We have students. I teach also. We have lecturers, who come from outside the university. I don’t know when the university started but I got my PhD in 2013 from the same university.”
“People are attracted to study here because of where the certificate is coming from. We also award diplomas. It takes one year for a student to bag his/her PhD. We also offer BA degrees, which take four years whereas it takes students one year to bag a masters degree.”

Investigations revealed that Evangel Christian University of America started business in 1976 and has since graduated thousands of students. It claimed to have been accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission and had study centres in Aba, Umuhia, Port Harcourt and Akwa Ibom.

After the place was sealed off, the team went away with vital documents, including forms sold to students for N10, 000, completed projects, answer scripts and receipt, bearing $1,050 paid to Dr. Nnaji’s account. Thereafter, he was arrested and taken away by men of the State Security Service (SSS).

At the shopping complex located at Ojokoro Housing Estate, the proprietor of Clinton University, Mr. Clinton Uranta, and two of his staff were on ground, working on students’ application forms. When confronted about the operation of the illegal university, Mr. Uranta produced a letter and told the team that he applied to NUC in 2013 and that based on that, he was invited to Abuja through a text message.
Uranta added: “When I got to the NUC office in Abuja, they refused me because I came alone. This year, I applied for registration of the proposed Clinton University. We went for interview and succeeded. The NUC wrote us in June 2014, asking us to come and pick the approval papers to run the institution.”
When Prof. Balogun told him that even if he had applied to run a private university, it did not mean that he had the right to start running a university without going through the 14 steps required and that he had just taken the first step, Mr. Uranta cut in, saying, “we prepare students for professional/external examinations.”

Following Mr. Uranta’s persistence that he had complied with NUC regulations, Prof. Balogun took time to explain to him that he was running an illegal university. “You only applied and now you are selling degree forms. You ought to know the law and know your limit. We have seen evidence that you started the process but you went ahead to start operation.”

When told that he was under arrest for operating an illegal degree-awarding university, Mr. Uranta told the ICPC and SSS personnel that it was unfair to take him away because from the evidence on ground, he had complied with the requirement for registration. He said: “The process is on, even if it will take me up to ten years. Out of NUC 14 steps, we have got to the third step.”

The NUC/ICPC team took away several documents, which included admission list, receipts for payment and computer hard ware. The entire second floor of the shopping mall, which the university occupied, was sealed off. It was discovered that application form costs N10,000 while tuition fee for Master of Science (Msc.) in Information Technology costs N1 million. It was discovered that the illegal institution ran courses, leading to the award of B.Tech, LLB, PGD, MBA, LLM, MLIR, MPA and Msc. degree certificates.

After their arrest, the proprietor of Clinton University and the Bursar of Evangel Christian University of America, were taken to SSS office in Shangisha where they would be asked to make their statements in writing.

Speaking to newsmen after the operation, Prof. Balogun explained that in 2001, the Federal Government gave NUC the mandate to check the operation of illegal-degree awarding institutions and in 2006, the commission set up the Committee on Closure of Illegal Private Universities. He explained that for over three years now, the name of Clinton University had been appearing on the NUC list of illegal universities adding, “we have been monitoring them for a long time.”

He disclosed that the operation of the illegal degree awarding mills was affecting the quality of education in the country as well as the quality of graduates produced while accusing the operators of milking innocent people.

He warned: “We will continue to clampdown on illegal universities. Parents should go through NUC weekly bulletins to know the approved universities instead of sending their children and wards to the illegal degree-awarding mills. They are wasting their money. And at the end of the day, the certificates will not be recognised.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

West African Examinations Council is Set to Release the 2014 WAEC Result onThursday July 31st 2014 (31/7/2014).
After the Muslim Ramadan Salah Break Candidates who are looking for their WAEC result they can check their result on thursday evening online through WAEC Result checker.

WAEC (West African Examinations Council) is a not-for-profit examination board formed out of the concern for education in Africa.

For getting more details about how to check
WAEC result candidates must see below

Name of the Organization
West African Examinations Council

Type of Result
WAEC Result 2014

How to check WAEC Result online

*.Candidates open the WAEC site through

*.Enter your WAEC Examination Number.

*.Enter your Examination Year.

*.Select the Type of Examination.

*.Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.

*.Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card.

*.Go on submit button and get their result.

*.Candidates must take the hard copy of their result for further use.

Please Click the Share button to inform Others.

Watch and Download Video below;

 AAU 100level Girl Leak Online [18+] Her name is Clemetina, she want pro*stitution to be legalized in Nigeria.

It seems she was recording the video for her social network customer and in the process of sending it, she left it on her phone and is re-shared online by someone close to her!


How Shameful!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Luchiez &
Luchiez Nana Yawa Curtis, ( a 200 student Level of Kumasi polytechnic who resides at Denyame near Bekwai Roundabout and Benadicta Yeboah, ( a 19yrs old SHS Graduate who just completed Adventist Girls Senior High(2014) at Ntonso on the Kumasi – Mampong Road and also resides at Kwadaso Estate shared a very indecent tape of them vigorously doing it online.

This is so crazy. The both were aware of this and it’s possible future implication and they went ahead to do it. Obviously, this is not the girl’s first ‘cos from watching the video, you will observe the guy was not her match,the guy was obviously a learn and the girl just had to manage him, probably to get what he promised her. Scrolling through her profile on FB you will observe the girl is the hottest is her school, just out the massive followers she has on FB in the screenshot below
fb2 FB fb1


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The University of Ilorin has released the results of candidates who sat for the 2014/2015 Post-UTME screening examination on Monday 21st July, 2014.

The result can be viewed online on this link: Unilorin Pre-Admission Portal

Log in your JAMB registration number and surname

Click on the screening result link.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Dr Bede Opata has reportedly committed suicide over a yet-to-be ascertained reason, Thisday reports.
Sources within the university say the 38 year old law lecturer killed himself in his apartment within the town on Saturday July 19th but his body was only discovered on Sunday July 20th.
The lecturer who holds a doctorate degree in Law, hailed from Nsukka, Enugu state and was the son of a former Commissioner in the old Anambra state, Chief Cletus Opata.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Method 1 of 3: Being Aware of Your Classroom

  1. Catch Students Cheating Step 1.jpg
    Always be in control of the classroom. Being vigilant in the classroom is the best way to catch students cheating and to prevent cheating from happening in the first place. 
  1. Catch Students Cheating Step 1Bullet1.jpg
    Greet students as they come into the classroom. Look at their hands/arms to make sure they didn't turn them into cheat sheets.
  2. 3
    Arrange the testing environment. If possible, leave a space between students to discourage cheating, and ensure that students store backpacks, books, or binders under their chairs.

Method 2 of 3: Preventing and Spotting Cheaters in the Classroom

  1. Catch Students Cheating Step 1Bullet2.jpg
    Do not take your eyes off of students while they are working. Students may look up at the ceiling during tests pretending to work out the answer, but they are really trying to look at a classmate's paper. [2]
  2. 2
    Be aware of any electronic devices or class materials that your students are using. A ruler, a dictionary, or a CD player can seem innocuous enough, but your students may be using them as cheating aids.[3] Students are tempted to cheat using their personal cell phones to access emails, text form other students and even Google for a variety of answers.
    • Establish a 'no cell phone policy' with your students, especially during exams.
    • Always walk around the room instead of sitting at the front as it makes it much more difficult for students to hide study notes on their laps or behind desks.
    • Students are less likely to cheat with other students when they aware of your presence.
  3. Catch Students Cheating Step 1Bullet3.jpg
    Do not allow students to leave the classroom until they finish their test. Students can go look up answers on their electronic devices if they leave the room, or consult with other students.
    • In case of an emergency, ask students to empty their pockets to make sure they don't have an electronic device.
  4. Catch Students Cheating Step 2Bullet2.jpg
    Beware of students sending signals.If you notice a student continuously coughing, tapping the bench or their foot, or whispering, they may be cheating.
    • Make sure you go over expectations for these kinds of behaviors before testing, so students know this is considered cheating.
    • If it happens, be consistent with the consequences.
  5. 5
    Use a small cell phone detection device covertly in your pocket. It will vibrate and alert you to any nearby cellular use.
    • It should be easy to visually identify any student actively using their cell phone when you are alerted to do so.
    • Some cell phone detectors are sensitive enough to allow teachers to walk around the classroom and identify active cell phone use based on proximity.

Method 3 of 3: Catching Cheaters Outside of the Classroom

  1. Catch Students Cheating Step 2.jpg
    Use technology to catch cheating outside of the classroom. Students are more tempted to cheat when they are working on take-home tests or essays. Fortunately for teachers, there are plagiarism detection services, such as, to catch plagiarism.
  2. Catch Students Cheating Step 2Bullet1.jpg
    When possible, create your own tests. This makes it more difficult for students to find answer keys online.
  3. Catch Students Cheating Step 3.jpg
    Know your students' writing styles. As a teacher, you can recognize his/her writing style.
    • Trust your instinct when reading student work. If something looks inauthentic, it probably is.
  4. Catch Students Cheating Step 4.jpg
    Protect your physical and digital spaces.
    • Do not allow students to be in your classroom when you are not there.
    • Lock filing cabinets and desk drawers to prevent students from looking at tests, and watch for this behavior when you are in the classroom as well.
    • Create and memorize complex passwords for computer and gradebook logins; do not write this information on paper.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A married head teacher and a colleague have been suspended after an alleged love making tape of him in his school office was circulated by pupils.

The 30-second video, which was posted on YouTube, depicts the head teacher’s closed office door with the sound of groans
coming from behind it.

Graham Daniels, 50, is understood to have been suspended while school governors investigate a complaint from parents.

The video is believed to have been filmed on a camera phone at Bryn Tawe School in Swansea. However, it is not known when it was filmed.

One teenager at the school said: “The video shows the door to the headmaster’s office. You can hear two people in the room making love.

“Pupils are working hard to gain qualifications and to better ourselves through the education system.
“All that has been disturbed by the events of the past few weeks.”

A special assembly was held at the school to advise pupils to ignore the video and focus on their exams. They were told an external investigation was being held and the matter would be dealt with “in the fairest way possible”.

The video has since been taken down from YouTube and pupils have been banned from talking about it on social media sites.

Another student added: “Apparently we’re the ones ruining the school’s reputation. But we aren’t the ones making love in the head’s office.”

The school was recently awarded a “double excellent” status in the latest Estyn report, the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted, the education watchdog.

One parent said: “I am seriously considering moving my children from the school. Pupils have been asked to delete the video but this needs to be publicised to ensure the matter is not covered up.”

Simon Davies, the deputy head teacher at the 750-pupil secondary school, has taken over management duties.

The school and Swansea city and county council said it was “inappropriate to comment”.

Heini Gruffudd, the chairman of the governors, said: “The head teacher and another member of staff are currently suspended. The governing body is holding an investigation, in cooperation with the local authority.

“The school is running normally and we won’t be commenting further.”

The prospectus for the school, which opened in 2003, states that “appropriate and sensible love making education is an important element in the work of the school in preparing students for adult life”.
Mr Daniels yesterday declined to comment on the allegations.

The head teacher was not at his detached bungalow in Ammanford, West Wales, yesterday. His wife Heledd, 50, a mother of three, answered the door. She said her husband was out and she would not comment on the case.


Watch video

Renowned actor and comedian Chief Chika Okpala, aka Chief Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 4:30, is back to being a student. He was among the 700 students who matriculated last weekend at the Enugu Study Centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Explaining his decision to go back to school at 64, Chief Zebrudaya told journalists that it stemmed from his belief that “age is no barrier to education”. Though it won't make him abandon his ‘Zebrudaya language’, he has decided to enrol for the Master of Business Management to be able to manage himself.
Chief Zebrudaya said:
As long as you can feel, as long as you can understand and practicalise you are qualified at any time to go in and read to better your education. Since Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now in vogue, whether you like it or not, you must go back to school to learn it. 
Yes, I might have made a mark in entertainment industry but that is entertainment, this is management. Nobody is managing me so I decided to go and read management to be able to manage myself."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A female undergraduate of Babcock University, Busayo Ogunkoya, has been shoot dead by a drunk security guard, identified as Azeez Ibrahim during a birthday party in a hotel in Ikorodu, Lagos State. She was celebrating with her friends on Saturday evening, July 5, 2014, at Mambillah Hotel, when the guard fired a shot that killed her.
Late Busayo did know the celebrant, but was invited to the party by her boyfriend. The party was going on fine until the security man, who was holding a gun which he claimed he had seized from some robbers, mishandled the gun and fired a bullet which hit Busayo. She died instantly as the bullet lodged in the neck region of the victim.
She was said to have been rushed to a private hospital in the area where she was confirmed dead.
Policemen from the Owutu Police Division were said to have arrived at the scene and arrested the guard, the assistant manager of the hotel and the victim’s boyfriend, while the hotel was shut.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For 21-year-old Comfort Folorunsho, her graduation from the Kwara State University, Malete, shall for some time to come remain memorable in her life. Of course, the Osi, Kwara State, native has every reason to hold this view. She not only bagged a first class degree in agriculture, she also emerged the best graduating student from the university for the 2013/2014 academic session.

With a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.62, she also took home awards as the best graduating student in the Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture; as well as in the College of Agriculture.

She also bagged the prize instituted by the Lubcon Company Limited for overall best student; the Mary Kolawole Prize for Best Female Graduating Student, as well as the university’s Alumni Prize for Excellence.

Sharing the secret of her success, Folorunsho, who also has a good dose of beauty in her, says:
Her good looks attracted many admirers to her. Even at that, she notes, her loveliness did not make her to lose her academic bearing or focus.

She declares, “I lost count of those that wanted to be my lovers. There were many of them. Some of them tried but I ignored their overtures. When you do not go out at odd times and you do what you are supposed to do at the right time, you will not fall into traps.

“I studied for five hours daily, aside lectures. I did not have a lover but I had friends that were boys; not amorous ones. However, I must admit that there were distractions from boys. But when you are determined and you know where you are going and you try as much as possible to keep at bay these side attractions, God will make it possible for you to actualise your desires.”

The fourth child in her family notes that focus, determination, implicit faith in God and His grace were the veritable instruments for her outstanding academic outing in the university.

Beyond the stampede from the men folk, according to Punch, she identifies her fish farming project as the most challenging period of her stay in the university.

Taking measurements in the mornings and evenings during the two months of the exercise, according to her, was her most stressful period on campus.

She adds, “Ever since I came into this school, I dreamt of obtaining a First Class. I tried as much as possible to be diligent in my reading, going to class regularly and doing my assignments. Though I kept on doing this, I must also admit that the routine was both tiring and demanding.”

Folorunsho, who aspires to be a lecturer and an owner of a crop and animal farm, says her father, Fashiko, literally pushed her into agriculture.

She notes, “Ever since I was a little girl, I have developed interest in agriculture because my father is a good farmer. Sometimes, before we went to school, he would take us to the farm to do some work. Of course, then we were not happy with the decision, which we considered tough, but some of us later fell in love with it.

“You plant a crop and it grows. Maybe you planted a little seed and at the end of the day, its yield will be huge. We were also involved in livestock farming I must admit, these aroused my interest in agriculture. So, when I told my family that I wanted to study agriculture, nobody opposed the idea,” she explains.

Stressing the importance of agriculture, she adds, “People run away from it, but it is what humanity depends on. Without agriculture, where are we going to be? The food we eat, our clothing, raw materials and so many other benefits come from agriculture. Agriculture is a very interesting area.”

To boost agriculture in the country, Folorunsho pleads with the government to invest more in the sector and to encourage farmers with loans, improved seedlings and other necessary logistics.

She adds that agriculture is a practical subject, which will not only engage young people but also make them self-reliant and employers of labour.

“It will improve national food security, boost industrialisation and provide more foreign exchange earnings for the country.”
Every year we wait for MBGN contestants to give us a creative twist to the traditional attires and this year some of the delegates brought it! Check them out after the cut and tell us what you think...


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Watch the show, Silver Moments, showcasing their preparations for the finale at camp at on Silverbird Television(DSTV 252) after the news.
The Grande Finale which will be hosted by IK Osakioduwa and Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere will feature appearances from the likes of Seyi Shay, Patoranking, Lola Rae and Yeka Onka will air live on STV and online at on Friday, July 18th  at 7pm