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Monday, June 30, 2014

One word for these Students who decided to abandon their books, and plunge headlong, into this display of passionate exuberance.
One word for them.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This is to inform all candidates who participated in the 2014 UNIOSUN IJMB Screening Examination to proceed and check their Results/Admission Status now. Visit the Portal Here.

82 students of the Covenant University, Ota, Ogun, on Friday bagged first class degrees at its 2013/12014 convocation.

The Chancellor of the University, Dr David Oyedepo, disclosed this at the 9th convocation and the conferment of honorary doctorate degrees and presentation of prizes to deserving students and eminent citizens.

NAN reports that 1,429 students comprising 1,334 undergraduates and 95 post graduates received various degrees during the convocation.
In addition to the 82 students that bagged first class honours, 594 bagged second class upper division honours, 531 bagged second class lower division honours while 127 bagged third class honours.
Oyedepo said that the institution in its 12 years of existence had maintained a culture of excellence in education and this had produced significant results.

He said the institution had received recognitions nationally and internationally.
He said that for two years running, first class graduates of the institution emerged tops in the Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) in Nigeria (2013 and 2014).
“Our graduates are recognised all over the world while most of them have gained postgraduate admissions to world-class universities where they stamped their indelible footprints in the academia and the world,” he said.
He urged the Federal Government to partner with the nation’s universities to provide solution to the security challenges in the country.

He said that the only way the Nigerian universities could be relevant in solving societal problems was to continue to carry out researches that would resolve political and cultural challenges.
Prof. Chance Ayo, the Vice Chancellor of the institution said that the university was committed to producing quality graduates for accelerated national development.

PHOTO: Front view of the school bulding
Benjamin Oshokoya, six, is a young boy bubbling with life. Now in Basic Two in one of the best schools around the Shangisha area of Lagos, his dream of becoming an accountant in the near future is gradually taking shape. Privileged to be born into a financially stable family, he is enjoying the best type of education money can buy. His life outside the school setting is also an interesting bit. With a vast array of luxury at his disposal and a massive prospect ahead, little Ben cannot ask for more.
But fast forward 240 kilometers away in Opoo, a remote community at the outskirts of Okaka in Itesiwaju Local Government Area of Oyo State, life is a different mix for Abiola Bankole and her two little siblings – Yemi and Ibukun. Unlike Benjamin’s posh school with all the modern facilities to aid learning, their school, Community Primary School Opoo, boasts only three classrooms with no basic facilities to support any meaningful academic exercise. Two out of the three classrooms have their roof completely blown off by the wind while the only surviving one shared by the entire school of about 150 pupils is half way from finally caving. More than half of the schools population wear mufti to classes because their parents cannot afford uniforms. Many of the children carry their books to school in sacks or with their bare hands. Not only that, pupils drink water mixed with cattle urine and faeces as the only source of water in community is shared by both animals and human begins. For the three siblings and dozens of their little colleagues in this tiny agrarian community, there is nothing to dream about in the future. The harsh environment they live in and the terrible condition under which they learn at this dilapidated school building rob them of the frills that come along with formative years.

“I want to be a doctor,” seven-year-old Abiola said to our correspondent in an emotional show of ambition. Yemi, her five-year-old sibling, who could not hide his excitement at seeing a new face in the community on this day, wants to be a teacher on his part. But sadly, all those lofty dreams might never go beyond this tiny settlement – they might evaporate into thin air before many of these children make the seven-kilometre trip that separates Opoo and the nearest town – Alaga or even farther at Okaka where things are a bit fairer.
“We have encountered a lot of problems in this place especially on the bad condition of the school,” Ojelabi David Abioye, headmaster of the school, explained to our correspondent. “We have taken a lot of pictures to the local government and written several letters yet nothing has been done about this. They have promised us several times to do something about the situation but it is still the same.
“Last week, we were also at the local government office to complain to them because there is almost nowhere left for the pupils to learn. The only classroom the entire school is managing at the moment is gradually being taken over by termites and other dangerous animals that are destroying the entire building and the little furniture in it. Whenever there is heavy wind and storm, we can’t stay in the classroom because the remaining roof might collapse on us,” he said.

Abioye, who became head-teacher of the school about 17 years ago, told Saturday PUNCH that the present situation is making learning almost impossible for the children of Opoo and surrounding settlements who are serviced only by the school. Giving an insight into how bad things really are, Abioye revealed that himself and one other teacher, Julius Solola, are the only ones teaching the entire school of around 150 pupils because government has refused to post in more hands to assist them. The workload, he says, is neck-breaking.

“Government has not employed teachers for a long time and that is why the situation is very bad at the moment. The other teacher (Solola) joined me here nine years ago and we have been doing the job of about 10 people alone. We used to be three here but one person was transferred to another school outside this locality.
“Personally, I have lodged several complaints at the local government office but all they tell me is that the government has not taken a stand on our case, that until that is done, nothing will happen.
“This is really affecting the pupils because the environment is not conducive for any form of learning. In fact, most times we have to bring out benches and desks for some pupils to be taught under a tree outside the school building while the others manage to learn in the only classroom. There is no library or any modern equipment with which to teach the pupils.
“Once it starts raining, we ask all the children to go home because the roof is very bad. For that day, that will be the end of studies,” he said.

The size of each of the classroom is only a few yards larger than the space inside most commercial buses in Lagos and other major Nigerian cities, our correspondent observed during the visit. Pupils squeeze themselves into less than 15 desks in the only surviving classroom while several others watch the teacher from the corridor, leaving a sizable number to sit on the bare floor under the orange tree outside the school building, waiting for their turns to be taught in the classroom.
While teaching was going on, two pupils from Basic One engaged in a scuffle, attracting the attention of the headmaster who whipped them lightly for distracting the rest of the class. Shortly, pupils from Basic One and Two who had been sharing the only one class at the same time were asked to move out for their seniors in Basic Five to come in for their turn. On other days, the three categories are taught at the same time crammed into different rows inside the same classroom. The commotion of having at least 100 pupils in this tiny room at the same time on such days can best be imagined. Screaming, crying and distraction of all forms are always the situation. The pupils can hardly concentrate in a classroom whose temperature is far below normal, leaving many of them drenched in sweat while the two teachers attend to them the best way they can.
Following the jam-packed nature of the class when our  correspondent visited, many of the pupils looked worn out and very stressed by the time they came out of the classroom. The situation is not peculiar to this particular day; it is a familiar scenario which now threatens the academic and wellbeing of the young pupils.

Apart from this very troubling situation, the menace of rampaging Fulani nomads is also now a threat to the education of many children in this locality. Many parents, for fear of the safety of their children, are very reluctant to allow them walk the long distance to school. Like the headmaster, Solola says this has greatly affected the activities of the school.
“Fulani nomads are disturbing residents of this community. They are destroying people’s farmlands and as a result, a lot of families have moved out of this area with their children to places where they feel safe. I have once been attacked while coming to school along the highway and they collected everything I had on me. Many parents are withdrawing their children as a result and the school now has only pupils in Basic One, Two and Five. The ones in Basic Three and Four have stopped coming for now.
“During lessons, the pupils all share the same class. The Basic One pupils sit on a row, Basic Two on another while the pupils of Basic Five also sit on the last row.
“We use the black board to teach Basic One first; then we switch over to Two while the others sit quietly and watch before we finally face Basic Five. This is the way we teach them.
“The headmaster has been working tirelessly to ensure the authorities look into our case but no luck yet. I come all the way from Okaka, about nine kilometers away to this place every day to teach the pupils. It has been very strenuous,” Solola said.

Chilling as it sounds, the terrible state of the community’s only school and the threat posed by Fulani nomads are only a fraction of the challenges people of Opoo and surrounding communities contend with on daily basis. The once vibrant and well-stocked health centre established only in 2007 now lays prostrate. Overgrown by weeds and taken over by insects and dangerous reptiles, it is a pale shadow of its former self. Expectant mothers on the verge of delivery are either rushed to hospital on motorcycle, if it’s available, or escorted on foot to the nearest town seven kilometers away. Some mothers have not been able to survive this tough test, community leaders said . The babies had come too quickly along the bumpy and narrow road leading into the settlement just before their mothers got to the nearest hospital or received any medical help.
It is a similar experience for sick indigenes of the area that have mostly relied on local herbal concoctions or had to make the long trip outside Opoo to get medical help.
“One of our pregnant women almost died recently while we were taking her to the hospital in the next town,” Orimatanmi Aderounmu, head of Opoo community told our correspondent. “It was late in the evening and we could not get a motorcycle on time to rush her down, so she delivered along the road. Thank God one of our women had little experience in this aspect; she was the one who assisted in the delivery of the child before a nurse came in the following day to look at her and the child.
“We are really suffering. The lack of a functional health centre or hospital is really affecting us. Whatever happens to us here, we have to go all the way to Okaka to get medical attention.
“Personally I have been to the local government office several times to let them know what we are passing through but nobody seems concerned with our situation. I let them know that we are too many in this settlement not to have a good health facility with drugs and doctors to attend to our medical needs. But nobody is ready to listen to our cries.
“The health centre we have here has been closed down since last October. Before that time, the doctor and other medical staff used to be on ground on regular basis and the hospital was regularly supplied with drugs. But since that time, we have been left to suffer,” he said.
Chronic typhoid fever, constant stomach upset and rheumatism are among the major sicknesses prevalent here. But the lack of potable water in the entire community now leaves many residents and especially children at the mercy of an even more dangerous disease. They are at risk of cholera and an epidemic outbreak.
Opoo’s only water source is a shallow hole that springs forth dirty water. It is shared by both humans and cattle. The pupils wait for cattles to drink, urinate and pass out their faces before they take same water to drink. When our correspondent visited the site, Fulani women were seen washing dirty clothes directly into the water source just moments before children from the settlement arrived to fetch water. It is a practice that has gone on for a long time but now puts many households in this locality in grave danger.

“If you see the water we drink, then you will understand why there are so many sicknesses in this community,” Aderounmu cuts in. “We are suffering from typhoid and many of the children are always complaining of stomach pains.
“The Fulanis take their cattles to the only source of water we are managing to drink here. In the process, the cattles urinate and defecate inside the water. But because we don’t have a choice, we wait for them to finish before fetching water from the place. The water is not good at all but since government has refused to help us, we have to keep managing it like that.”
Evangelist David Taiwo together with fellow missionaries has taken it upon themselves to improve the living condition of the largely impoverished residents of this Oyo settlement. Like the early Western missionaries, Taiwo and his group are bringing intervention projects along with the gospel of Christ. They are constructing a well to ease the sufferings of the people and the health risk they now face. However, lack of funds means the project has now been stalled for several weeks.

“We have spent about N35, 000 so far to dig the well but if we had cash, we would have finished it. We need ten rings to set inside the well but we have bought only three. The person digging it for us collected N15, 000. What we need now is another six rings and workmanship for the person who would do the job. If we have about N50, 000, it will take care of the rest of the well project. If we can achieve this, it will go a long way in alleviating the sufferings of the people,” Taiwo said.
Fifty thousand is a quarter of the amount some Nigerians paid to watch a popular comedy show in Lagos recently. But in Opoo, N50, 000 would change a whole lot. It would provide the entire community its cleanest form of water supply in history and save many households from the risk of cholera and other deadly diseases.
Like many tiny agrarian communities tucked away in remote parts of the country, Opoo and neighbouring settlements are yet to taste electricity supply. The people rely on a few transistor radios for latest information in the country. Mobile phones are mostly out of reach as a result of drained batteries.
“Only one person has generator in this place. It is only when he has petrol to put it on that we can charge our phones, if not we give anybody going to Okaka to charge for us. This is how we have been surviving over the years,” Aderounmu told our correspondent.
The Chairman of Itesiwaju Local Government under whose jurisdiction Opoo falls, Olarinre Adeniji, was said not to be on seat when our correspondent visited the secretariat to find out what the administration was doing to ease the pains of the residents of the area. An official who refused to give his name because he was not authorised to speak to the press, however, revealed that lack of adequate funds was responsible for the present situation in the place.

“Even if the chairman wants to do things for the people in that village, where is the money? There are many projects to execute with very little cash. So, the attention mostly is given to the most important areas. I am not saying Opoo or its people are not important, what I am saying is that the major towns are given consideration first before you can talk of communities in the hinterland. But I know that very soon, their case will be addressed,” the official said.

Indeed, life in this tiny Oyo settlement is a mix of pains, sufferings and neglect. It is a case of flagrant deprivation in the face of crushing and widespread poverty. Predominantly farmers with little or no education, many adults have grown up the hard and tortuous way. The community’s only school established in 1997 to connect their children to a world of limitless opportunities which education offers is now a thin line away from total collapse while the hospital in the centre of the town is a distant contrast from what it used to be. Unless relevant authorities and corporate organisations quickly rise to the occasion, little children like Abiola and Yemi might watch their dreams fizzle into thin air while sick residents could be swallowed by an impending epidemic hovering upon Opoo.
Source: PUNCH Nigeria

A Ghanaian female student  studying at Ghana university as been expelled after her nude pics litter the social media,the said lady was believed to have uploaded  the raunchy photos  online by herself in a bid to attract men , the young lady posted the photos on are facebook wall,the school finally got to know about it and got her expelled ,wonders why ladies goes nude coz of money,/?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Xup fellas, am gonna be posting the university school main gate of nigeria universities here, enjoy yourselves as the movie unfolds.

 Amadu bello university, zaria

University of lagos


University of benin

Federal university of technology, owerri


University of jos

University of ibadan

Nigerdelta university

Federal university of technology, minna

Nnamdi azikiwe university, awka

Obafemi awolowo university, ife


Ladoke akintola university ot technology, ogbomosho

Abia state university, uturu

University of ilorin

University of calabar

Michael okpara university of agriculture, umudike

University of nigeria, nsukka

University of agriculture, abeokuta

Federal university of technology, akure

university of uyo

imo state university

university of agriculture, makurdi

anambra state university, uli

university of maiduguri

tai solarin university of education

babcock university

lagos state university

bayero university, kano

nasarawa state university

delta state university, abraka

Friday, June 27, 2014

The residents of Igbogene village in Bayelsa were left in shock after a young girl murdered another this week. An unidentified 9-year-old girl is said to have stabbed a child of 5 after the duo had a disagreement.
The older child is now being held at the Akenfa Police Station in Yenagoa, the state capital.
The reasons for the killing are still sketchy, however, sources from the area gave two different versions.
The first version, according to a source who craved anonymity, was that the suspect was under witchcraft attack.
He said;

"The suspect is possessed. She is under witchcraft attack. Imagine a very small girl using knife to attack a playmate. The two children were playing when disagreement occured. The nine-year-old, just went for a knife and stabbed the five-year-old three times.
"When the suspect noticed her victim was bleeding profusely, she attempted to run. Unknown to her that some residents had heard when the small girl was crying for help. They quickly ran to the scene to see if the five year old could be revived. On getting there, the poor girl had died."

It was learnt that the residents attempted to also kill the nine-year old but the timely intervention of the policemen at Igbogene police station saved the situation. The nine-year old girl was said to have been whisked away by some residents who were averse to jungle justice.
Still, it was further learnt that some aggrieved residents had constituted themselves into a mob and headed straight for the station where the suspect was taken to for safety.
An eyewitness, who gave his name only as Ebitimi, said the aggrieved residents thronged the station demanding the suspect's release to them but the police refused.
The development was said to have created tension in the area until a reinforcement headed by the Divisional Police Officer of Akenfa Police Division in Yenagoa stormed the police station, dispersed the rampaging residents and rescued the suspect.

A ranking police officer at Akenfa Division, who did not want his name in print because he was not authorised to speak to the press, said the suspect had already been brought to the division.
When our correspondent visited the division, he sighted the suspect in the office of the Investigating Police Officer. However, the IPO did not allow our correspondent to interview the suspect to ascertain the cause of the murder.
Yet another version indicated that the murder was as a result of quarrel between the suspect and the deceased.
It was gathered that the suspect and the deceased were playing until they started to quarrel. It was also gathered that the deceased was allegedly taunting the suspect, who became uncontrollably angry and used a knife they were playing with to stab the victim (the deceased).
Spokesman for the Bayelsa State Police Command, Mr. Alex Akhigbe, confirmed the incident. When asked what could have led to the murder, the Police PRO simply said "they were quarelling".
However, Akhigbe said,

"The matter is under investigation. I am aware of the murder though I have not got brief from the DPO."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This is to inform the public that the Second batch of the 2013/2014 Postgraduate Admission List of the Imo State University has been released by the School of Postgraduate Studies.

To Check your status click the link below.

NOTE: Endeavour to check the list first before you proceed to print your Admission Slip because any mismatch in pin/name could lead to print slip error.

click to check Admission list -

click to print Admission Slip –
Here is a the comprehensive list of Nigerian Universities who will gladly admit you even if you have made them your second choice in your JAMB.

While JAMBites and prospective students await the commencement of this year’s admission exercise, we wish to acquaint you with list of universities that accept 2nd choice. This information will guide those currently applying for Direct Entry Admission, and will also be of use while making choice of schools for supplementary.
Well, considering the large number of schools in the country, it will be easier to count the List of universities that accept 2nd choice by first revealing those who do not accept 2nd choice. The intended list will be obvious by the time we filter out universities that Don’t Accept second choice Candidates.

List of universities that DO NOT accept 2nd choice

  • University of Ibadan, UI
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, NAU, Unizik
  • University of Calabar, Unical
  • Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Fuoye
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU
  • Federal University of Technology, Akure, Futa
  • University of ilorin, Unilorin
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Unn
  • Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Funaab
  • University of Jos, Unijos
  • University of Lagos, Unilag
Other universities aside the ones listed above, gladly accept 2nd choice candidates.
Below is the official procedure to apply for the 2014/2015 NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship worth N300,000 Annually 

This is to inform all student in Nigerian tertiary institutions, universities and polytechnics.
Each year, the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) group
offers undergraduate students the chance to study, go ahead
now to apply for the 2014 NLNG scholarship


LGA letter Of Identification
See The Full Details As Shown On Their Official Website
How To Apply For The 2014 / 2015 NLNG
==> Register and create a user account on the
undergraduate scholarship application website
==> Activate your user account from the account notification
mail sent to you.
==> Log on and submit an application on the the
undergraduate scholarship application website
==> Await notification from Nigeria LNG Limited.
==> Print photo cards, locate your exam centres, check your
application status on U-GRAD.
The amount paid by One student in these schools can be used to award scholarship to entire secondary schools in a Local Government Area. There are certain amounts that are just too much to give to another person in the name school fees for education.

Below is the list of six (6) Most Expensive secondary Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees per year.
Here is the list arranged from the six to the highest paying school.….
Please don’t misunderstand this, it is NOT the  sum of school fees of the entire students, it is just for a single students… lol
Enjoy the view

6. Dowen College, Lekki
They charge N2,000,000 annually for a boarding student and N1,250,000 for a day student.

5. Chrisland College, Ikeja
They charge as high as N2,000,000 annually. Fees can be paid annually or termly but on or before the first day of school. These include registration,tuition deposit,accommodation and feeding.

4. Atlantic Hall
They charge as much as N2,270,000 for a student

3. Greensprings school, Anthony
They charge a total of N3,185,200 annually for a boarding student and N1,925,200 for a day student

2. Lekki British International school, Lekki phase 1.
They charge $19,500 + N200,000 development fee. In Naira, a student pays N4,000,300 per session including feeding,school uniform,hostel, sunday wear and textbooks.
  1.  British international school, Victoria island
    They charge $26,750 + N200,000 annually for a student. This includes boarding facilities, feeding, books,uniforms,textbooks etc. which is about N4,480,000 when converted to naira
Bomb scare at the University Of Jos
Bomb scare at the University Of Jos
There was pandemonium at the University of Jos, Plateau State, on Thursday, as both lecturers and students fled the campus following the sighting of an alleged suicide bomber. It was gathered that the suspect was apprehended by the students as he tried to enter the premises.

The alarm raised by the students sent everybody scampering for safety. However, some students summoned up courage to capture the alleged bomber, who was almost beaten to a pulp before he was rescued by the school security, it was learnt.

Immediately the news went round, even students and teachers in lecture halls thought it wise to abandon their books as they took to their heels for safety of their life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A second year University student in China leaped to his death jumping from his 7th floor apartment, after losing more than $3,000 in bets, gambling on the World Cup games.

According to Chinese state media; "the Information Times," the student, identified only by his surname Lin, jumped from the seventh floor of a building on his campus on Monday. A witness told the paper about the incident saying;

"I heard him say 'do not force me' and 'give me two more days and I'll return you the money. He talked on the phone for more than 10 minutes. I saw him hang up and stand up and then all in a sudden he just disappeared."

Lin was rushed to hospital in Panyu in the southern province of Guangdong, but doctors were not able to revive him.

Another student described as a classmate of Lin's said the gambler had lost nearly 20,000 yuan ($3,200) in bets on several World Cup games,

"We heard that he borrowed quite a lot of money and the interest rate was rather high."

May his soul find peace...

The actress said this in a recent interview with ICampus magazine, revealing that during her years at the University of Lagos, she was sexually approached by a female lecturer. Although she didn't mention the woman's name, Ruth said the lecturer made it clear what she wanted. She says, she made the lady stop by getting close to her daughter

"I became friends with her daughter and that was the way out for me".

Ruth went on to condemn lesbianism, saying she can't imagine dating a fellow woman as it is immoral and ungodly.

On relationships, she said;

"There was a time I broke up with a guy, he thought I broke up with him because he was broke, but I broke up with him because he couldn't handle being broke, that's another factor that break up marriages and people don't understand, when you see a guy who has money, he is a jolly good fellow, he meets all your needs, but have you thought about how the guy will handle being broke? Have you thought about how the person manages financial maturity? We need to know that when there is no money, you cannot die from being broke.'"
She also confirmed she is in relationship and hopes it leads to marriage soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

penis NL SHOCKING: Female Student Finds Human P*nis In Her Food [NOTE: Disgusting PHOTO]
Timmy Campbell     June 24, 2014     Education     115   Female student of AAU finds a structure that looks like male pen’is in a food she bought from a restaurant on campus. 

The owner of the buka and the mallam supplying the meat escaped the wrath of irate students as they were whisked away by the police and subsequently detained…

he supposed Pen’is was taken to the school’s pathology lab for forensic

Monday, June 23, 2014

A 35-year-old female school principal, Annie Schmutz Seifullah was sacked from her school, Robert Wagner
Secondary School of Arts and Technology, amid shocking allegations that she had s*x with a guard, an assistant principal and a parent, while classes were in session and kept the bad photos and videos on department laptops.
It was gathered that the principal of the 7th- to 12th-grade school located in Long Island City, was escorted from the school on Thursday as investigators seized computers and other electronics from her office and home.
“We are appalled by these disturbing allegations and acted swiftly to remove the principal while the matter is
under investigation,” a Department of Education spokesman said. Her sudden removal comes after a romance-gone-bad with a student’s parent. It was reported that the angry ex-lover turned over three laptops he obtained while living with Seifullah, including MacBooks containing photos of herself in racy lingerie and in various funny acts, including a threesome.
She was escorted from the school as investigators seized computers and other electronics from her office and home
She was escorted from the school as investigators seized computers and other electronics from her office and home

The student parent, a forty-something entrepreneur, also gave excerpts from a letter he says Seifullah wrote, admitting she hooked up twice with an “old lover”. “The second [time] was a visit to my school that led to a se’xual encounter which included brief oral se'’x in a hidden location,” the letter states. The dad, whose name is being withheld to protect his child’s privacy, said he came forward because Seifullah — the mom of a toddler son — “played me for a fool.” on Facebook last July, she posted a photo of herself with the father, naming him and declaring with a heart icon: “A single dad walked in the office of my school and swept me off my feet.” Seifullah took down her Facebook page after newsmen called to ask about the scandal. “I can’t talk without permission,” she said. Seifullah filed for divorce last summer and moved in with the student’s father. They split up in March and her divorce is pending

Friday, June 20, 2014

21 year old Idongesit Eseneyen is the youngest graduating medical doctor and best graduating doctor in Pharmacology at the University of Uyo. Ido pictured above at her school's Sponsio Academica / Physician’s oath taking of the graduating medical students held on 13th June.

Ido, who she gained admission to study medicine at UNIUYO at the age of 15, said she's trilled to be the best graduating student and is looking forward to serving humanity.
"The award for best graduating doctor in Pharmacology came as a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it but I am happy. I got inspired to study medicine when I was very little due to my frequent visits to the hospital because my mum is a nurse, and also because of the desire I have to make a difference in people’s lives. I look forward to serving humanity"
Beauty and brains. Kudos to her! See more photos after the cut...