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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
, we have all seen out the 10 Types Of Invigilators You Will Meet In The University/Polytechnics Examination Hall, What about the types of students you find in the examination hall?

Below is a list of the types of Students you find in an examination hall (In Nigeria).


The first on the list is the gurus, who are the gurus? this are the type of student that starts writing immediately they are given the Question paper and answer sheet. They don't stop until the Invigilator ask everybody to submit.

Everyone knows them in their Department and regard them as one of the brilliant person in class or the most brilliant but they always end up with bad grades. (Only God knows why).


Who are the Miracle seekers in an examination hall? this are the Students that did not read at all but still walk into the examination hall with an assurance that manners will fall from heaven.

Most of this type of Students will not enter the examination with micro chips but will still write far more than the person they are asking from or sitting with. (I Salute una Faith o).


This set of students depend fully on their friends and even enemies in the same hall with them. Immediately the sitting arrangement is out, you will see them going from desk to desk asking other students where they fall.

Immediately they get to hear that the most brilliant student falls in their hall, they limp for joy and of course they book the space behind the student. (Chai, Una go good for Ultimate Search).


A lecturer once describe this category of student as the smartest among students this is because they manage to get their micro chips to their desk no matter how strict the invigilators are.

Search them from now till next year, you can never find anything on them yet, there are loads of chips with them. (Deris God Oh!)


The list can never be complete without this category of students. From the start of the examination till everyone submit their booklets, Mr Giraffe neck will stretch from one corner of the room to another. (I Hail o).


"Please spell APPLICATION for me" No, i am not the one asking, it is a student in his/her final year asking you to spell Application for him during a GNS examination. (Bros, go learn trade o!).


This set of student can copy anything as long as it is on your answer booklet. They will copy everything including your name, surname and matriculation number. (Blood of Jesus!).


Do i really need to write much about this category? They are in the hall to write the examination for a friend who is sick or the person who paid them to sit for them.

9. THE SU's

Yes, this category of student are the Mummy G.O's and Daddy G.O's who will mind their business throughout the examination.

Call them from today till next week they will not lookup talkless of answering you.


All they do is chew the cover of Biro or start eating biro all through the examination period. (Shey na Hungry abi na another thing?)

Fell free to add your own

Monday, December 29, 2014

This python was shot and killed by the security men of the ondo state university of science and technology(osustech). I took this picture of it and decided to share it here
1. The ones who will praise the first student to submit his booklet making every other students look like they know nothing. Woooooow !!! Do you mean you have finished? They will face other students and say " can see your life oooo?, he finished b4 an hour"
That is a well prepared student

2. The ones who will keep telling you the history of their lives, how they performed excellently amongst their peers when they were in college. They will tell you they were always prepared for any exam & the barely got "C" * if I hear*

3. The ones who will collect your question paper and go through it. They will ask" why sweating profusely for these cheap questions? If I were you I would have finished since *if I hear*

4. The ones formimg James Bond in the hall. They will start giving testimonies of how many students they have caught cheating and have been rusticated **wetin concern me with dat one ?**

5. The ones who will collect your question paper, go through the questions and shake their heads pitifully without saying anything

6. The ones who will glance at your answer booklet and they will ask why your booklet is blank. "Didn't you read 4 dis exam ?" **Abeg swerve go left jhor**

7. The ones who will never accept your apology if you are caught cheating. The moment you are caught cheating, just hurriedly obtain the next available Jamb form

8. The ones who are very sensitive. Try communicate with any student and they will change your seat grin . You keep wondering how smart they really are to have noticed you

9. The ones who are very gentle and friendly. Thirty minutes into they hall they are already sleeping. The moment you are making noise, they will wake up, walk around and return back to their seat. Before you know it they will sleep off grin

10. The ones who will force you to submit even if you still have an hour left. They will tell you "what are you still writing when all your mates have submitted

Feel Free To Add Yours

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Widespread anomie prevalent in Nigeria, occasioned by a virtual dilapidation of the societal ethical and moral framework, has literally squelched any social appetite for comparative sociological analysis of any segment of the Nigerian society and a corresponding segment of any foreign country even if that country is Somalia .  Any such study invariably ends as an exercise in rendition of woes, lamentations and pity. Our country once mighty have fallen and is falling.

The decay is systemic and deep-seated and widespread .  Our political system is heavily infected by corruption and the educational system is strangulated by poor funding. But our education suffers from much more. Teachers groan and moan, deride politicians and claim moral indignation but they are equally culpable for the rot that has beset us.

The university of Ghana and the University of Nigeria have so much in common besides being named after their respective countries. They were both conceived during the colonial era and they have main campuses located on hills, Legon and Nsukka .

Both have very large student population of between 35000 and 38000. They have regional reputations and have produced high quality graduates who have played great roles in their societies.  A brief stay in each university last year afforded me an opportunity to reflect on the two societies through those institutions . In Legon, it was an experience of efficiency, culture and aesthetics. All buildings were painted and all were white and all had red roofs and all windows black. Flowers and hedges were manicured and trees added beauty to the environment. Order was evident and everything showed agelessness because the new and the old abided by a laid down code.

 The library was quaint but noiseless, lacked modern books but had good ambience. The hostels showed they have not lacked care and the newer ones were quite modern. But whether old or new , modern or ancient the colour codes were maintained and all the roofs were red.  The Guest house was sparsely furnished but functional and had good landscaping . Order and serenity were evident. The internet wifi system was good. Nsukka was a different experience. A multitude of Uncompleted projects littered everywhere, grasses had Turned to bushes and hedges were untrammeled, free and wild. Many buildings were pale, washed and battered. Hostels were in shambles .

The Enugu campus that houses faculties of Law and Medicine has no pipe borne water. The state of the toilet facilities in Enugu campus can only be imagined.  A chat with some female students of that campus revealed that students have buckets for defecating.

They defecate in the open, along the toilet corridor, many at a time, facing themselves, into buckets and hurl the contents afterward into the toilet Bowls, leaving trails of feces for the cleaners who come when they wish to effect as much cleaning as they can. The buckets are subsequently rinsed with scarce water ,which they have to buy , and kept in the rooms until when again needed.

Those who cannot stand the bucket idea defecate into polythene bags and fling them onto a heap behind the hostels.

That heap has survived generations . Its pathetic. An Alumni exists but the atrocity has persisted. The Vice chancellors residence is state of the art, new. The vice chancellor has managed to ensconce himself in five star comfort while students are dehumanized .

 Dont ask me who is being groomed there. Perhaps pit toilets , since they cannot have water, may actually restore some dignity. Its that bad. Students learning early how to be wild. The school’s internet network system functions so abysmally slowly that I could not use it . Lecturers and students can hardly do meaningful online researches in that remote location. A senior lecturer told me she sends articles to foreign journals using her blackberry phone. That is the story of Nigeria .

 And ironically the school’s motto reads: To restore the dignity of man. Ghanas 2015 budget is 50 percent donor funded, Nigeria is rich and lives on her own money. Legon is to a great extent insulated from political and local administrative changes because Legon has a tradition. A tradition that all must follow.

That entrenched tradition is the institution. So while projects in Legon are completed before others are started, and buildings are repainted yearly, Nsukka is a picture of haphazardness and planlessness. An environment of order and good tradition will culture , nurture and instill order and virtue in young minds but if you sow disorder , you will reap disorder.

Often Nigerian academics sneer at the politicians claiming they are superficial, flimsy, selfish, shortsighted and wasteful. But Nsukka indicts Our academics. And Its not just about funding. And Nsukka is not alone ,other public universities are perhaps worse. Nsukka is a reflection of our society .University of Ghana indicts all of us. And we shamelessly now troop there in droves in search of better tertiary education for our children.

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Doc 19 11 1000x1526 Video show Commercial Motorcycle Rider Has S  ex With Three Junior Secondary School Girls
One Sunday okwu, a commercial motorcycle rider,a resident of shomolu Lagos state, had been reportedly alleged of having s  ex with three junior secondary school girls.
It was reported that Okwu has known these three girls for several months and these girls would leave their school during the break time changed to casual dress for Okwu’s place in his one room apartment he rented in door spending hours of watching adul t films and put what they watching into practice with Sunday Okwu.

On the day their secure at will be revealed, they went as usual,had s ex while watching the porn films and return to school for their important classwork and mid- term test which is compulsory for them to do.The class teacher who happens to care and examine her pupil came in and went around as usual, as she got the seat of those three girls she stopped to examine the three girls and notice a semen on lower part of one of the girls. After the several punishment by the school authorities and possible ejection from school, they confessed the illicit affairs.
Application for the 2015 University of Aberdeen scholarship for Nigerian/Ghanaian nationals to pursue full-time taught postgraduate programme in two colleges has commenced. Beneficiaries can pursue PG programmes at either the College of Arts and Social Sciences or the College of Life Sciences and Medicine. There are only 5 West Africa Merit scholarships available and has a value of £2000 and is awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount.
To be eligible for this award, candidates must hold the equivalent of a First class British Honours degree from a British university or from a recognised Nigerian university/Ghanaian university. Up to 5 scholarships valued atapproximately £2000 each will be awarded.

The closing date for applications is 30 June 2015.

Eligibility for the 2015 West Africa Merit Scholarship:

  • To be eligible for this award, candidates must hold the equivalent of a First class British Honours degree from a British university or from a recognised Nigerian university or Ghanaian university.
  • Candidates must also be self-funded, and not in receipt of any financial assistance from the Nigerian government.
  • To be considered for the scholarship you will need to have applied to the University of Aberdeen and been offered a place starting in January or September 2015. You must also be a privately funded student, and not in receipt of any financial assistance from the Nigerian or Ghanaian Government.
  • The scholarship can only be held by a student of the University commencing study in January or September 2015– it cannot be transferred to other institutions.
  • Priority will be given to students who do not already have additional scholarship funding (student loans excluded) and to those who have firmly accepted either a conditional or unconditional offer for a place at the University at the time the selection committee meets.

More scholarship description

Scholarship Description: This funding opportunity is open to Nigerian students undertaking a full-time taught postgraduate programme in either the College of Arts and Social Sciences or the College of Life Sciences and Medicine. To be eligible for this award, candidates must hold the equivalent of a First class British Honours degree from a British university or from a recognised Nigerian university. Candidates must also be self-funded, and not in receipt of any financial assistance from the Nigerian government.

How to Apply for the scholarship

A completed application form, transcript and one academic reference should be emailed or posted.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

The closing date for applications is 30 June 2015. All applications for the 2015 West Africa Merit Scholarship at University of Aberdeen in United Kingdom must be submitted not later than the stated date.

I don’t know why men who call themselves university lecturers can’t leave people’s daughters alone.

The lady was said to have allowed him just so she will pass his exam. Lecturers need to stop doing this!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

2 LAUTECH Students had been accused of stealing laptops , Iron & Home Theater according to Close Source, One of them is said to be 500L Student of Accounting writing his Final Project, Also Former SUG aspirant for Welfare popularly know as Holumcouch ….
Source make it known to us that this are the big guys that do intimidate other Students with Lots Of Cash but Thank God the Source of there wealth has been revealed..

The guys were beaten mercilessly and stripped by guys in the area.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The third  and the highest level of tertiary education in Nigeria is the University. 

There are presently 124 universities with Federal and State government controlling 37 each while the Private sector controls 50. Applicants have over 570 courses to choose from each categorized into Faculties.

There are some courses that have enjoyed consistent preference; I have used both Applicants’ choices in both JAMB 2013 and 2014 to show some of these courses. These obviously would help those still in Secondary schools and future JAMB applicants know how competitive a course is before finally locking their choice down on it.

From my findings; Medicine & Surgery is the most sought-after course in the whole of Nigeria universities.

Also, out of the whole 124 universities; only 35 offer Medicine & Surgery, 16 Federal, 14 State and 4 Private universities respectively.

Other top 15 courses are 
1) Accounting 
2) Economics 
3) Business administration
4) Mass Communication(CLA)
5) Computer Science
6) Law
7) Political Science 
 8) Microbiology 
9) Biochemistry 
10) Nursing/Nursing Science
11) Pharmacy
12) Mechanical Engineering
13) Civil Engineering 
14) Public Administration
15) Elect/Elect Engineering
16) Petroleum Engineering
How awesome would it be to have one of these 21st Century Libraries in a Nigerian University! Wishful thinking? OK, maybe an African University.
Maybe… Just maybe…
The Guardian UK recently documented pictures from some of the world’s best libraries in University campuses. From the USA, to UK to Dubai, readers sent in these breathtaking photos of the reading, learning and research facilities available in their Universities and we just had to share it.
Hopefully, this would motivate our leaders to invest more in infrastructural development of our Universities. Afterall, this is the 21st century. We are tired of those dusty and archaic library structures and outdated books found in most of our Nigerian University libraries!

From the uber-traditional to the downright quirky, here’s a selection of pictures featuring some of the most interesting designs:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

All that glitters is not gold. Similarly, a popular Igbo proverb says that because all lizards lie on their stomach, you will never know the one(s) that have running stomach. I wonder if lizards do have running stomach but that’s just by the way.

What’s my point?
OK. There are so many students in schools but then, there are students and there are students.

It could also be hard as well as confusing to identify those who are really qualified to bear honorable status of student i.e. those who are really the serious and those who aren’t.

What spurred me into this direction?
Just the other day, I was chatting with a very worried parent whose child seem to be unable to graduate from the university 3 years after the normal duration of his 5 year course. 

I was alarmed because I immediately knew why this parent was going through…for the past three years, maybe.

I really felt for him because his worriment really showed. How could I tell him that pooty things like that can happen…? I mean, how can I tell him that it was partly his fault that things are the way they are now simply because he rather left it too late with regards to checking up on his boy’s academic progress up

until now…? How can I tell him that there is thing called “carry-over” which is course/s that his boy must have failed and must pass before he can graduate…?

When he said that he is even more confused now than ever
because he is tired of hearing different version of the almost impossible mumbo-jumbos his boy was regularly spitting out, I knew I just had to tell him.

That was because I sensed it from something he said and from the way he unknowingly hinted me that he now suspects his boy was an unserious student.

In case you are in the same boat like this parent, or maybe you really want to rate your wards, or your friends and/or even yourself to know if s/he is a serious student or not or to know how serious you are with your academics, I will try to help you do so by presenting you with some of these pointers with which
you can base your serious-student evaluation upon.
This is how.

A serious student…

1.Knows his/her Grade Point Average (GPA)
I don’t know any other better method than this with which to instantly identify a serious student. In fact, I think it is the fastest way to identify a serious student on the spot!

Your GPA is the standard used in ranking and rating students’ performance in college so any serious student is supposed to be aware of this very important score.

Granted, it is not always possible for many students to know the exact figure, but then when you come across any student who does not even have any slightest idea what his or her own GPA figure is, like this sophomore student that even asked me “what is GP?”, take it from me, you are looking at a confirmed unserious student.

So do you know your GPA? You see?

2.Knows the nature of the question of any upcoming

This is so true because any serious students must have done his or her assignment thoroughly and must have mastered all the “tricks” which the lecturer or examiner is going to adopt in the exams proper.

A serious student knows that the exam questions are not going to be very much different from those of the assignments and past question papers and as such s/he have familiarized as well as prepared himself very well with them so well for the sake of what lies ahead.

3.S/he is never taken unawares because s/he is always prepared.

In fact, the real serious students are known to be able to complete ALL their major school work one or two month’s ahead before the examination timetable comes out! This is one of the reasons why some very sharp students who don’t seem to be reading (that much) still stay tops in the class at the end of the day!
But if you come across any fidgeting student who is confused and sometimes completely lost (most especially on the exam day just some few hours before the exams start), simply because s/he does not have any inkling what the exam questions may look like, my two cents, s/he is a very very unserious student.

S/he has failed to plan by preparing early enough and as such has failed already unless “help” in the form of exam malpractice comes from “somewhere”.

One other thing, a serious student usually has an idea of his examination score even before the papers are marked once he is through with that very paper.

I can almost hear you say, “…and so does the unserious student too!” but then I know you know what I am talking about.

4.Knows where to get help.
A serious student knows where to get help. The help I am about here is not “expo” or “runs” which is just the slang terms used for examination malpractice in Nigeria.
S/he has no need for such distracting things. S/he knows that there’s dignity in labor and so s/he will always strive to achieve excellence through honest labor.

Most times, you see some students complaining that they don’t know what to read or where to get the reading materials they think they need.

The serious students don’t usually fall into this group.
And that’s because they already know how, when and where
they can get easily help. They know when the textbooks they need is available in the library. They know the willing students and/or lecturers who might be kind enough to give them such materials should the need arise.

They know how to make use of the internet to solidify their knowledge in a particular subject rather than wait for the lecturer to carry the whole class usually at his ‘slow’ pace.

4.Encourages others to succeed.
This is usually because any serious student knows that there is no pride in mediocrity. You may be tempted to think that being the best amongst many who don’t know anything is good but is it?
There is no challenge. There is no zeal or need to keep pushing yourself up to the limit. There is nothing to stimulate the brain. No way to measure how good you are getting. Simply put, there is no fun in studying anymore.

So to avoid this, a serious student will have no other choice than to encourage others to succeed. S/he normally does this either by organizing tutorials or discussion class for a group of people or even the whole class. He will also tell those students who are
seeking in truth where to get help.

This will help him kill two birds with one stone. First other students will succeed and they will have no other choice than to attribute this success to him. Secondly, he will have his real reason to be on his toes, up and doing, knowing now that backsliding is not an option.

Besides, by teaching others, s/he is able to learn more.
I have heard many students who are often times complaining that the serious/intelligent students will not easily want to disclose the information on how to get through to others because s/he normally wants to succeed alone.

In as much as I will not want to deny the possibility of
selfishness that could sometimes arise, I still know that such students complaining may just be doing so for the sake of excuse. They might not have even tried enough to get this help from the serious ones.
I have this to say to them.

Why are you complaining? Aren’t both of you students or are some students more equal than the others now? See my friend, stop complaining. Stop waiting for that intelligent student to come to you and help you out because most likely, it won’t happen. S/he is not in school because of you. If you need help, go out and seek it. 

Get off that high horse of yours right now and put on the toga of humility and grab the all help you need
from him now that you still have the time…

5.Knows the full details of “what’s next?”
Many students don’t have any idea why they are in school. Some think it is just normal to be in school while many others think they are doing their parents some form of favor just by doing that.

Many others have come to the conclusion that going to school equates to getting a good paying job in the end.
Yes. I don’t know why you are in school but one good advice I always give to people is to always try as much as possible to identify the reason/s why they are in school or why they want to go to school in the case of those who are still seeking admission.

By doing this simple check and evaluation, one can easily put him or herself in the path of becoming a serious student by putting everything in perspective in less than a minute!

This single action will also expose any student who really wants to succeed in life (after school) to that very open secret that school is not all about academics alone. It will also enable him to realize that really “all work without play makes ….”

6.Never takes pride in missing lectures.
When he misses his lectures, he normally feels like he has let him down. She knows the importance of lectures. He knows that some tricky lecturers normally base their examination questions on what they said in class more than what you copied down in your notes or what you can find in the textbooks.

Quite unlike his opposite who even rejoices with the news that lectures have been postponed or won’t even hold at all, a serious student never takes pride in missing lectures.

Using Nigerian case as a very good example, school systems and academic calendar are normally haphazard or disorganized because of frequent disruptions mostly from labor strikes.

The unserious student is usually looking forward to such strikes so as to ‘relax’ his brain.

Please don’t make me laugh, okay…? But these strike normally cause the school academic duration to be much reduced such that courses that should have ran for
three months or more are rushed through in two or three weeks!

Lecturers may have to adjust by telling students not to cover the whole study area they would have normally covered had it been there was still time…
Hooray! says the unserious student!

This may cause many exams to clash with many students having to write more papers than they could normally handle. And sometimes to ease things off, such papers could be postponed.

Another pleasing news to the ears of the unserious student who doesn’t even know or care that useful time is being wasted.

But all these bother the serious ones. And that’s because s/he knows that s/he is the one at the loosing end!

So with all these aforementioned, do you now know how to
recognize an unserious student? Or better still, are you a serious student?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

female students prostitute-omogist
These Kenyan girls were caught red-handed on hidden camera by some security agents who saw when they were changing their school uniform
to some normal wears so they won’t be recognized as students.

So the security men silently followed them to their secret hide-out, and behold some men were already waiting for them there. But so unfortunately for them, before they could start engaging in their ungodly act, the security men busted them.
So during an open confession, the 2 female students uncovered how it all happened;
students strip inside classroom-omogist

Too bad! Moral decadence in our contemporary society is on the rise! Something should be done about this, seriously!

Friday, December 19, 2014

A secondary school student in Oshodi area of Lagos threw decorum to
the wind yesterday, when he stabbed his father in the right eye for failing to
buy him Christmas clothes.
The boy, a Senior Secondary School (SSS3) student, who was identified
simply as Ikechi, was said to have held his father, Anthony, hostage for some
minutes in their apartment on Arowojobe Street, Osodi, before committing
the dastardly act, because the man failed to buy him Christmas clothes.
According to family members, Anthony was said to have explained to Ikechi that he had only “small money” which barely paid for the Christmas clothes of his three siblings, but all appeals made by his father fell on deaf ears.

Ikechi’s cousin, Ukachukwu, revealed that Ikechi was so livid that he quarrelled with his father through the night, insisting that he must get his Christmas clothes, because he wanted to wear it to the birthday of a friend at one of the beaches along the Victoria Island-Epe Expressway, on Sunday. According to Ukachukwu, when Anthony, who works as a guard in a hotel, wanted to leave for work, his son would not let him leave.
Of the 246,853 candidates who sat for the November/December 2014 West African Senior School Certificate Examination, only 72,522 candidates, representing 29.37 per cent, obtained credits in five subjects, including Mathematics and English Language.

This puts the percentage of failed candidates at 70.63 per cent.

However, the Head of the Nigeria National Office, the West African Examinations Council, Mr. Charles Eguridu, said there was an improvement when compared with last year’s 26.97 per cent (amounting to 80,135 candidates) who obtained five credits in five subjects, including Mathematics and English Language.

Announcing the results in Lagos on Thursday, Eguridu said there was a marked reduction in examination malpractices.

He attributed this to recent measures, including the introduction of biometric registration and customised mathematical sets with inbuilt calculators, taken to curb the scourge.

Notwithstanding efforts made to curb examination frauds, Eguridu said WAEC withheld results of 28,817 candidates.

He said the results which represented 11.67 of the number of candidates who wrote the examination, were withheld for “various cases of malpractices.”

The cases, according to him, are being investigated with the reports of findings expected to be presented to the National Examination Committee for consideration.

The examination agency had withheld 38,260 results, equivalent of 12.88 per cent of the total number of candidates who sat for the examination in 2013 for similar reasons.

Short of the total figures are 5,691 candidates (about 2.3 per cent) whose results, Eguridu said, were still being processed for errors he blamed on the candidates and cyber café operators.

He said, “Of the total number of candidates that sat for the examination, 75,313 candidates (30.5 per cent) obtained credits and above in six subjects; 110,346 candidates (44. 7 per cent) obtained credits and above in five.

“In addition, 145,036 candidates, representing 58.75 per cent, obtained credits and above in four subjects while 177.177 candidates, representing 71.77 per cent, obtained credits and above in three subjects. A total of 205,090 candidates (83.08) obtained credits and above in two subjects,” he presented.

The total number of candidates that sat for the examination this year is 61,364 short of the 308,217 candidates that wrote it last year – a decline of about 20 per cent.

There was also a shortfall of “blind candidates” enrollment. The figure fell from 82 recorded the previous year to 48. And while 17 of the category of candidates obtained five credits in 2013, four achieved similar feat this year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

October, 2014 made it 8 years I successfully graduated from the university. I still vividly remember some of those unnecessary fees, dues and levies we had to pay in order to obtain that 'overrated paper' called certificate wink The truth is that most of these fees paid by university undergraduates are highly defrauding. I don't know if some of them still exist or if more have been added to the ones I have always known of. Here we go:

1. Accreditation fee: What the heck does this mean? Instead of sincerely apologizing to me for collecting money from me as tuition fee, when the university or department I have been admitted to lacks legality, how dare you turn around and ask me to fund the accreditation exercise? Nigerian universities would not use money collected as accreditation fees from students to purchase facilities that would aid academic and scholastic pursuits. The monies end up in private pockets. Prof. Ezekwe should rot in hell grin

2. Acceptance fee: Accepting or rejecting admission should be done simply through written letter or any other form that can act as a formal notification. Collecting 5k to 10k (don't know if that's the current fee) as acceptance fee is fraudulent! I often wonder why students pay to accept an admission offer

3. Students' Affairs dues: Another fraudulent fee! What does this department do? Students' affairs units in our universities are not relevant to the socio-economic issues students face on daily basis on campus. All through my days in the Ivory Tower, I was a fervent payer of Students' Affairs dues yet I fought all my problems myself what ever form they came. So what does our money do as dues? A student who couldn't pay medical bills was allowed to suffer, yet a fervent payer like myself.

4. Post UME forms and Scratch Cards: Why sell forms or cards when you know the capacity of the school will not be able to accommodate the teeming youths seeking for admission? This is fraudulent. Nigerian universities lower their cut-off marks just to attract desperate candidates. They need people to purchase cards and forms when in essence, these people won't even see or touch the school's matric gown for that academic session. Jambites, next time a friend tells you that Migwor University or University of Vrendo accepts 150 as cut-off mark, you might just be one of the steps on the ladder for that university to make serious money!

5. In all, selling of handouts, unnecessary and low-standard books to students, useless old rusted machines in faculties of Engineering, old and outdated computers in Computer Science dept. are all fraud! That's why we have been producing elect/elect Engineers that cannot connect lamp-holder, talk less of manufacturing wrist-watch cheesy Pls, feel free to add yours.

Anita Trivedi, a 23-year-old Kings College medical student, hascommitted suicide by jumping under a moving train afterfailing her exams.Daily Mail reports that Trivedi, from Newham, East London, wasdepressed after having to resit her fourth year at medicalschool.Before the suicide, Anita suffered from mood swings, eatingproblems, hair loss and even attacked a classmate in the toilet.

The victim told a Southwark Coroner’s Court that Anita attackedher for no reason.“She turned her head towards me and just lunged at me andstarted attacking me.“She put her right fist out and started to attempt to punch meand I kept putting my hands out to stop.“Then she hit me really hard on the left side of my head. I bentover the sink because I would have fallen over if I hadn’t put myhands out.
girl propose to guy-omogist

is’nt life full of suprises ? This happened in DELSU! Is there anything wrong with what the lady did?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In my opinion, it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for students to make first class in these institutions:

1. Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)
2. University of Ibadan (UI)
3. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
4. University of Benin (UNIBEN)
5. University of Nigeria (UNN)

What’s your view?

This is the photo of the four young classmates killed in the Peshawar attack yesterday morning. This was the last pic took together before they were brutally murdered by Taliban militants who stormed their military run school. May their souls rest in peace..Amen.