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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So many JAMB candidates have argued and keep complaining that JAMB is to blame for their low scores or non release of certain scores in certain subjects, and have for long feared that there was nothing that could be done about the situation....

Well, has been able to gather exclusive information and some tips from some JAMB officials about a procedure for remarking of scripts of candidates who dare to contest their scores.

These procedures have been hidden for a while due to lack of publicity and the stress involved in taking these steps. However, we believe that if a student is determined to challenge JAMB, they should have adequate information on how to go about the process. Afterall, if you're sure of yourself, it's better spending N10,000 than waiting for the next 1 year to take another JAMB.


1. You should be in ABUJA. Since the Jamb Office in Abuja is the Headquarters for the board, all scripts nationwide are usually sent there for marking. Hence it's only in the Abuja Headquarters that your script can be accessed. So get to the JAMB headquarters.
2. You will need to make a payment of about N10,000 to apply for remarking and a receipt will be issueed to you so it is official.
3. Your script will be searched, pulled out and marked in your presence.

Once your script is remarked, here are the 2 scenarios that can occur;
1. JAMB is correct about the score given; If this is the case, then you go home and either use the score you had or wait for the next JAMB. There will be NO REFUND.
2. YOU are correct about the score given; In this case, JAMB will officially apologize for the error, give you your actual marks obtained and according to Prof Dibu Ojeride on Weekend file interview of 18th May, give you up to N100,000 for compensation.

For the 2013 UTME, this procedure starts as from 3rd June.

So what's your opinion about this? Are you going for Remarking?

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