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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Following the release of the JAMB 2013 Results, lamentations and cries have been coming from candidates whose results have been seized for one reason or the other. Some of the reasons why these results have been held back are as follows;

- No “Biometric Verification”
- No Result Yet
- You have exceeded your allowable five times access
- You were involved in wide spread cheating
- You were involved in using electronic devices

We will now attempt to tackle these issues one after the other, using information provided to us from various sources including JAMB officers.

No Biometric Verification

These are candidates who have been accused of not taking proper biometric (Thumb Print) verification. While some candidates may have been involved in impersonation (invalid thumb print) others were unable to thumb print at all due to any of the following reasons;
- Lack of power for machines
- Lack of Network
- Lack of time to conduct the exercise, ETC.
According to our sources in JAMB, these results are still under investigation. From what We gathered, majority of results under this category will be released as it was clearly not the fault of the candidates.

Our sources disclosed that within the next 2 weeks, all result in this category will be sorted and released. A very small fraction however, will actually be held back if traces of impersonation was detected on an invalid thumb print. Those that will be appropriately screened for impersonation are those where the thumb printing exercise was successfully carried out.

Our advise to candidates in this category is to exercise some patience. If indeed any of the reasons stated above was the cause of not thumb printing, your result will definitely be released within 2 weeks, while some may begin seeing their results by the end of this week so check back by weekend (from 11th May). Please pray hard that your result will not be held back due to human error.

No Result Yet

Those in this category are different from those of biometric verification. While majority of those in biometric problem will have their results released, majority of those in this category were held back due to reports of cheating.

In this situation, only prayer is the key to releasing the result. Only a handful of the results in this category will be released. If you are in this category, you are advised to also check back at least every weekend and mid-week (Wednesday) starting from 11th May.

You have exceeded your allowable five times access

If you're in this category, you have no problem at all. The only issue is that you probably posted your JAMB registration number on a public platform or website and over 5 users of the website(s) have help you check your result (not knowing there was a limit).

There are 2 options available;
1. You can either visit all the platforms where you published your reg. number to help you check and see if there's a reply to your request.
2. You can get your original JAMB result slip.

Our advise for you however, is to take "Option 2" and get your original JAMB result slip. This is because whether or not you like it, you will still need to get your original JAMB result slip as this is the only document that accepted when you go for Post-UTME or Admission Screening because it has your registration passport on it. All JAMB candidates will require this document for Post-UTME.

You were involved in wide spread cheating / using electronic devices / Copying / Absent / etc.

If you see this inscription while checking your result, just forget about the 2013 JAMB. It's either you start preparing for 2014 JAMB or seek other options such as pre-degree or diploma.


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1 comment:

  1. This is very sadden as some guys even came to me and checked but their results are still witheld due to lack of biometric verification. May God have mercy on us in this nation. What is JAMB registrar, Prof. Dibu and his entire board turning into? I just hope they are doing the right things and making steps to address this issue on ground. Thanks and that's my say. Dr. Babs from